Tatiana Alvarez Biography
Tatiana Alvarez Biography | Foto: Tatiana Alvarez Biography

Tatiana Alvarez for Willowy Magazine

Por: Diego Cerón

13, September, 2022 en Willowy

Tatiana Alvarez was born in Medellin, Colombia on June 28, 1992. She is a content creator currently living in the city of Medellín, but much of her work is done in Mexico, where she is most recognized in the medium. Tatiana studied business administration and 3 years later she made the decision to create her own company.

Tatiana Alvarez Biography
Tatiana Alvarez Biography

Tatiana’s greatest hobby is traveling, she promised to know each of the corners of her country, she has also been outside, she likes to know new cultures and make new friends since she thinks that each person is a world to discover.

She loves animals, for this reason her company is dedicated to veterinary medicine, she wants in the not too distant future to have her own foundation to help all those little animals that abandon and hurt. She likes to share with her family, she loves those moments of being with the people you love and who love you, they are unique.

This beautiful Colombian also likes to party and have fun, like any girl her age, but without a doubt her favorite day is when she is lazy at home, spend the day watching Netflix, whether it is a series or a movie. She loves to eat, her favorite is Mexican food and “bandeja paisa” (of course). One of her desires is to travel around the world and in every place he will record content for his followers.

Those who know her describe her as a good friend, with very good energy, with good feelings, a very hardworking and intelligent woman. Despite the adversities that may arise, always try to put on a good face and move on. She dreams of being famous and being recognized all over the world. Se considers herself a very disciplined person and everything he proposes he fulfills.

Tatiana Alvarez Biography
Tatiana Alvarez Biography

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