New Zealand’s national rugby team, All Blacks, Beauden Barrett Ambassadors of TUDOR
New Zealand’s national rugby team, All Blacks, Beauden Barrett Ambassadors of TUDOR | Foto: New Zealand’s national rugby team, All Blacks, Beauden Barrett Ambassadors of TUDOR

TUDOR, the all blacks and Beauden Barrett are #BornToDare

Por: Karen Limón

7, December, 2021 en Watch Ambassador

Since 2017, New Zealand’s national rugby team, the legendary All Blacks, together with their explosive playmaker Beauden Barrett, have been ambassadors for TUDOR and its #BornToDare signature. Rugby is a powerful, uncompromising sport with noble values, a sport for the bold, a true reflection of the spirit that has driven this watchmaking brand since its inception.

TUDOR is #BornToDare

Tudor’s #BornToDare logo reflects both the brand’s history and what it stands for today. It tells the adventures of brave people wearing TUDOR watches to achieve extraordinary achievements on land, on ice, in the air and underwater. It also refers to the revolutionary vision of Tudor founder Hans Wilsdorf, who created affordable timepieces that could withstand the most extreme conditions. In the end, it is a testament to the uncompromising attitude of Tudor that has made the company what it is today: at the forefront of the watchmaking industry, its innovations have now become indispensable benchmarks. The #BornToDare spirit is spread around the world by world-class ambassadors whose lifetime achievements come directly from a fearless attitude to life. Led by Beauden Barrett, All Blacks joins the ranks of extraordinary figures bringing Tudor’s message to new audiences.

TUDOR All Blacks BornToDare Campaign
TUDOR All Blacks BornToDare Campaign

Uncompromising since 1884

Since 1884, New Zealand’s national rugby team, the All Blacks, has won more than 75 percent of the time, making it one of the most successful teams of all time in any sport. Despite being a relatively small country with a population of 4.5 million, New Zealand has a huge talent pool, with rugby flowing through the veins of 150,000 players and many more fans across the country. With world-class training practices from an early age, a bold vision for the sport and enduring values ​​of humility and teamwork, the All Blacks rise above individual stars.

International rugby matches can be extremely strenuous and physically demanding events. That’s why it’s called a test race, because it tests you in every way: it tests your physical fitness, skills, stamina, and mental abilities under pressure. Before each Test match, the All Blacks showed they were ready and willing to do anything by taking part in the world-famous and formidable Maori challenge to the haka. The haka is their logo, their style, their heritage, what they stand for and what they are willing to show off.

As a team, they have taken the game to new heights, with each new generation of players being the guardians of legends. Named after the color of their team kit, the All Blacks jersey is one of the most iconic sports apparel in the world. Decorated with a silver fern on the chest, it is the pride of New Zealand and a symbol of the all-black cultural tradition for whom “never changes”. The players also felt that the jersey that the team really embodies is not theirs: they are only temporary custodians of the jersey, with a responsibility to pass it on to the next generation “in a better position than you find it”.

Tudor x Beauden Barrett
Tudor x Beauden Barrett

Beauden Barrett the bold

All Blacks organizer Boden Barrett was named the best rugby player in the world in 2016 and 2017. He grew up in a family of rugby players and started his career in 2010 at the age of 19. Just two years into his career, he was drafted as a backup for the All Blacks. Four years later, he became the team’s starting No. 10. In 2015, he was a key player in helping the All Blacks win the Rugby World Cup. This year marks another turning point for Beauden Barrett as he prepares for his second World Championships in Tokyo, Japan, in September. Beauden Barrett’s personal style is bold and decisive. He burrows into the smallest cracks in the enemy’s defenses with great speed, surprising his opponents and finding new opportunities. His relatively lean athletic physique doesn’t hinder his ability to play football at the highest level. His tactical skill belies his age. However, he embodies the humility that is the essence of the All Blacks.

TUDOR all blacks Born To Dare
TUDOR all blacks Born To Dare

Another Rugby World Cup for TUDOR’S ambassadors?

The 9th Rugby World Cup – the third largest sporting event in the world and held every four years – will be held in Asia for the first time. Already established in Japan, the sport has experienced rapid growth since the surprising success of the national team at the last Rugby World Cup in 2015. This September, 20 teams will compete for the 2019 Rugby World Championship title, with Tudor serving as the official timekeeper. Teams included the famous All Blacks, who proudly represented New Zealand to three world championships (1987, 2011, 2015) and hope to win the Webb Ellis Cup again. Their collective strength and bold, free-flowing style have made them contenders again this year, but anything can happen at Rugby World Cup 2019: every week is different, and the gap between countries narrows a little bit every year.

Tudor Geneve silver watch
Tudor Geneve silver watch

Black Bay for the All Blacks

All Blacks and Beauden Barrett wore several different Tudor watches, the sturdiness of which reflected their own. The Black Bay Dark is a sporty, retro-inspired “all black” stainless steel watch whose colour comes from the black PVD coating, while the Black Bay Steel is known for its signature red triangle on the rotating bezel, both A common sight on her wrist. Like the all-black collection, tested to the limit, these models represent Tudor’s uncompromising watchmaking philosophy and know-how.


TUDOR is a Swiss-made watch brand, offering mechanical watches with sophisticated style, superior quality and unique value for money. The origins of the TUDOR brand date back to 1926, when “The TUDOR” was first registered on behalf of the founder of Rolex, Hans Wilsdorf. He created the Montres TUDOR SA Company in 1946 to offer watches with the quality and dependability of a Rolex, at a more accessible price point. Over the course of history, TUDOR watches became the choice of daring individuals worldwide on land, ice, in the air and underwater. Today, the TUDOR collection includes flagship lines such as Black Bay, Pelagos, Glamour and 1926. Since 2015, TUDOR has offered exclusive mechanical Manufacture Calibres with varied functions.