Jay Chou cover for Tudor
Jay Chou cover for Tudor | Foto: Jay Chou cover for Tudor

Tudor announces Jay Chou as new brand campaign ambassador

Por: Susana Beltrán

7, December, 2021 en Watch Ambassador

Tudor is Born to Dare

Tudor’s Born To Dare campaign reflects both the history of the brand and what it stands for today. Brave people have long chosen the Tudors for their extraordinary achievements on land, on ice, in the air and underwater. It also refers to the vision of Tudor founder Hans Wilsdorf, who created a Tudor watch that could withstand the most extreme conditions, a watch made for the most daring lifestyle. In the end, it tells the story of the unique way that Tudor has become known around the world, leading the major trends in the watchmaking industry.

The Tudor’s “Born to Be” spirit is reflected in a campaign manifesto (below) and backed by ambassadors around the world, whose success in life comes directly from taking a bold approach to life. Jay Chou is one of them, and Tudor is proud to welcome him into his family.

“We are devoted to the classic. But reject the status quo.

We keep the best of the past, the best watchmaking practices, the best designs.

And push the boundaries of what’s new.

Born for a purpose. Field-tested to the extreme.

For those who are up for anything.

For those who face their fears.

For those who reinvent themselves every day a Tudor is born to dare.”

Devoted to the classic

Jay Chou grew up in a family of teachers in Taiwan, and after showing an early talent for music, he was introduced to the piano at the age of four. He later took up the cello and still calls Chopin his favorite composer to this day. Jay Chou, a man of both taste and culture, wears the new Tudor 1926, a highly refined yet understated mechanical watch that combines traditional watchmaking aesthetics with modern high-performance watchmaking.

Jay Chou wearing a Tudor watch
Jay Chou wearing a Tudor watch

Pushing the boundaries

In 2007, Jay Chou founded his own record company, JVR Music, which pioneered the cross-cultural integration of electronic music and Asian pop music. The talent factory has proven time and time again that its approach as a producer is exactly what young people in much of Asia want.

In addition to composing, composing, and producing music, he has directed numerous music videos, including his own. As a successful commercial director, he is recognized in both the Asian and American directorial circles as a successful commercial director, in these short films, he fully expresses his mood among fans and the deep and personal message he conveys to the crowd inspiration.

Up for anything

Jay Chou plays the piano, cello, violin, guitar and various percussion instruments. He began his career in lyrics and composition, and put those talents to better use when he began his singing career in 2000. He took the lead in combining European music styles such as R&B and electronic music with Asian classical music and invented the Chou style. After releasing several albums, all of which sold millions, he started performing.

In several Asian mega-productions and blockbusters, as well as major Hollywood productions, he has proven that he is as comfortable in the cinema as he is on stage. His film credit also includes writing and directing two critically acclaimed feature films. Of course, music played a big role in both of them. While serving as an actor, director, screenwriter, etc., he never gave up his first love, music, and each new album topped the Asian charts and traveled the world

TUDOR Geneve Silver watch
TUDOR Geneve Silver watch

Reinventing himself

Jay Chou is also a well-known philanthropist and public welfare advocate. After the 2008 Wenchuan earthquake and earthquakes in Taiwan over the years, he stepped up to provide important support. He is an ambassador and donor to the Fubon Charitable Foundation, which is dedicated to the cause he cares most about, caring for and educating poor, underprivileged and disabled children. In 2016, Jay also joined WildAid in a new campaign to combat rhino horn, shark fins, ivory and other products that are destroying wildlife around the world.

About Tudor

TUDOR is a Swiss-made watch brand, offering mechanical watches with refined design, proven reliability and unique value for money. The origins of TUDOR date back to 1926, when ‘The Tudor’ was first registered as a brand on behalf of the founder of Rolex, Hans Wilsdorf. He created the Montres TUDOR SA Company in 1946 to offer watches with the quality and dependability of a Rolex, at a more accessible price point. Throughout their history, TUDOR watches have been chosen by the boldest adventurers and seasoned professionals alike. Today, the TUDOR collection includes emblematic lines such as Black Bay, Pelagos, Glamour or 1926. Since 2015, it has been offering mechanical manufacture movements with many diverse functions.