Juliet Amelia cover for Vitality
Juliet Amelia cover for Vitality | Foto: Juliet Amelia cover for Vitality

The life of Juliet Amelia

Por: Susana Beltrán

27, January, 2022 en Vitality

I was born in London and moved to the US about 16 years ago. I’ve had a very eclectic life. As a young teenager I was selected to dance on British TV and I was trained in ballet at the prestigious Royal Academy of Dance in London. I’m a licensed massage therapist and have been president of a bank, just to name some of my achievements, before devoting full time to my modelling career.

I began modelling about 8 years ago. I started by building my portfolio, social media presence and network. I realized to do my best work I had to work with the best photographers. I am grateful to have travelled and worked with many great creative talents.

I’ve also been featured in oil paintings and have had the honour of being painted by world renowned surrealist artists David Bowers and Jim Warren.

Juliet Amelia by the sea photo for Vitality
Juliet Amelia by the sea photo for Vitality

I’ve a disciplined diet and work out three times a week with my personal trainer. I practice yoga daily. I love to travel and have shot all over the world with Hawaii being my favorite location.

In the last 2 years, I’ve increased my Instagram following by over 300,000 followers. There are thousands of visits to my web-site every month. Here fans see my latest photo and video work. Autographed magazines, pictures and wardrobe worn on shoots are purchased from my store.

I’ve been featured on the covers of over 60 different magazines including LUXURY TRENDING, LAVISHLY STYLE, STARE, VITALITY, SLINKY, 7SINS, QUINTESSENZA, FHM, Playboy and was Playboy Playmate of 2020 for Sweden.

Much Love,

Juliet Amelia

Instagram @julietamelia

Web-site www.julietamelia.com