Juliana Cadena DJ queen photo for Stare Magazine cover
Juliana Cadena DJ queen photo for Stare Magazine cover | Foto: Juliana Cadena DJ queen photo for Stare Magazine cover

Interview with Juliana Cadena for Stare Magazine

Por: Susana Beltrán

27, January, 2022 en Stare

Can you share with us a little bit of your life and the story of how you got to this point in your career?

It has been 12 years of career of highs and lows of many changes, learnings, decisions some good and others not so good, but above all persisting and resisting.

What interested you during school before your dreams took hold?

I always dreamed of being an actress and even if I tried and did some things on television, I didn’t carry it out, but it’s still among my goals and projects.

None of us can achieve success without help along the way. Is there anyone you’re grateful to who has helped you get to where you are?

Not no, nobody has ever helped me, I have done everything alone and I have had to stand and get up many times, only GOD has been strength me and my true strength

What’s the most important lesson you’ve learned in your life?

Climbing is very easy but staying is the tricky thing. That I should not expect anything from anyone, because that is where the disappointments come from, as well as not expecting to believe either.

Has anyone ever tried to dissuade you from starting your current career?

Yes, it wasn’t really something I thought I would do or what I saw myself doing, someone on the way prompted me to do it and told me I was sure it would be a HIT and so it was not only for me but for all the DJs who came out behind me many who don’t even know me.

Do you miss something from your childhood?

Nothing I didn’t have a childhood to miss

What are you learning right now?

To admire those who are now much better than me and with a humble heart to accept that there will always be someone who has it easier or who achieves it faster and until we see with tranquility without anger and without envy those who have realized my dreams in their lives

Have you faced failure at any time?

Yes, of course!

How have those failures shaped your life?

Well they have taught me to accept that they are given by my decisions, from them I have learned to admire those who are at the top and have made me stronger.

Juliana Cadena aka  DJ queen photo for Stare Mag
Juliana Cadena aka DJ queen photo for Stare Mag

How important is self-promotion in your profession?

Well now with the topic of social media it’s everything

As an influencer, you’ve been blessed with great success in a career path that many have tried, but eventually gave up. In fact, maybe most people who tried to follow a trajectory like yours weren’t successful. Do you have any words or advice for other people who might want to embark on this adventure?

Well I think it’s very important to have a team, invest in your name or brand, create, invent, and do a lot, a lot of publicity, and I actually say this because of what I see in my other colleagues and that have been mistakes that I have made

How much time do you spend a week on your social media?

Very few

How would you define social media in a word?


For you, what are the negative aspects of social media?

The Lie

Has your life changed a lot since you’re in that world?

Yes, of course

What’s the most rewarding job or activity you’ve done?

Bring destitute and recyclers a plate of food in the evenings and see their appreciation for something that may be insignificant to many, but is everything to them

What’s the most poignant thing you’ve had to witness in your life?

See very low-income children cry and thank for a plate of food

Is there anything everyone thinks of you without being true?

Yes total, hahaha, but I’ll leave you in doubt.

You are a busy person with a demanding agenda, can you share with our readers two personal care routines, practices or treatments that help preserve a figure like yours?

The Truth None

Do people want to be your friend because you’re an actress, influencer and/or cover model, how do you feel someone is honest with you when they approach you?

I don’t realize when someone is sincere it’s something that’s not so easy to perceive.

What do you look like in 5 years?

Now retired living in Europe with an animal shelter and a couple of businesses

What’s the best way our readers can follow you on social media? Instagram @djqueenjulianact

Thank you very much for these fantastic answers. We wish you only continued success in your great career!