Gigi Hadid Reebook
Gigi Hadid Reebook | Foto: Gigi Hadid Reebook

Reebok x Gigi Hadid Capsule Launch

Por: Karen Limón

6, December, 2021 en Sports Mode

February 4, 2019 – Reebok and longtime brand partner Gigi Hadid are taking their unstoppable partnership to new heights! Following their 2018 capsule collection, the duo proudly presented the complete Reebok x Gigi Hadid apparel collection, now officially available on

The collection is an exploration of past and present, combining Reebok’s authentic heritage with Gigi’s unique background in fashion and sports. A former volleyball player and equestrian, Hadid is passionate about the sport. Gigi’s bold stripes, colorblock patterns and ’90s-inspired designs ensure her love of volleyball shines through every element of the collection.

Gigi Hadid Reebook
Gigi Hadid Reebok

For the launch of her collection, Gigi held a party at the DREAM Charter School in East Harlem. Many of her high school volleyball teammates and coaches were present at this event, as were students and teachers from DREAM currently involved in volleyball activities. Additionally, attendees were given the opportunity to learn about volleyball firsthand from instructors. Furthermore, designers from Reebok helped Gigi with creating her collection at their headquarters in Boston.

About Reebok

Is a footwear and clothing manufacturer that was formed in 1958 by Jeff and Joe Foster. The company is owned by the sports brand Adidas. Reebok’s headquarters are in Boston. The name Reebok is inspired by the african anthelope rhebok.