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Behind the mask: the making of adidas face covers

Por: Karen Limón

14, December, 2021 en Sports Mode

Performance sportswear incorporates innovations to expand what is possible for athletes. This imagination is the main focus of the Advanced Concepts team. A dedicated team of seasoned footwear and apparel designers, marketers, developers and sports scientists working together to accelerate the application of groundbreaking technologies within two to four years.

But in the face of a global pandemic, years quickly turned into weeks. During a six-week sprint in brand new conditions, the Advanced Concepts team made much-needed face shields a reality. Creative Director Marc Dolce and Design Director Ashley Anson tell the story of how they made it all possible.

As the COVID-19 situation began to escalate, and scientific and public health groups in many countries began recommending some form of face covering, we felt there was a need for a comfortable and reusable face covering when people returned to the community. We immediately started sketching, making and prototyping at home. The entire process from conception to production took less than a month, making it one of our fastest production products ever.

Adidas blue and black masks
Adidas blue and black masks

We then worked with our factory development team to develop a rapid prototyping and production process that was able to create models overnight, with material selection meetings held virtually and team members helping to provide initial equipment. We are fortunate to have teams on every continent and almost every major city, so we are able to structure project teams so that when one person finishes their day, they can pass the baton to another who can finish from where they left off The place goes on and on and on.

It all happens with the collaboration of all our brands: Adidas and Reebok. This shows us that we can work together very quickly and efficiently and see every obstacle as an opportunity. At Face Covers, we’re currently exploring what the next generation of products will look like and how it should work. We examine movement and performance concerns to keep athletes protected and comfortable during physical activity.