Adidas and Ifundwomen team up to support women cover
Adidas and Ifundwomen team up to support women cover | Foto: Adidas and Ifundwomen team up to support women cover

Adidas and IFundWomen team up to support women who are defining the future of sport

Por: Susana Beltrán

14, December, 2021 en Sports Mode

Portland, March 8, 2020: On the occasion of International Women’s Day, Adidas announced a partnership with iFundWomen to help women-owned companies realize their ideas, continuing their focus on empowering women in the sports industry.

iFundWomen provides young entrepreneurs with the tools they need to succeed, from access to funding, crowdfunding and grants to mentoring and support from a community of women entrepreneurs. Through the partnership with Adidas, each founder will receive a grant as well as ongoing mentoring and support to help them take their business to the next level. Adidas believes in bringing the power of its brand to the entrepreneurs who help define a new, more inclusive future for the sports industry. Through this partnership, adidas is unleashing the power of female creators who can truly make a difference in the sports industry and the world.

The businesses were chosen by adidas and iFundWomen for funding and mentoring, and a series of workshops was held in New York City earlier this year. During the conference, the women met with trailblazer Billie Jean King; Paralympic volleyball player Katie Holloway; ultramarathon runner and Peloton Robin Arzon vice president of fitness programs; body positive yoga expert, wellness entrepreneur and writer Jessamyn Stanley; and adidas senior executives Alexa Andersen and Pascha Naderi-Nejad.

Adidas and Ifundwomen meeting to support women
Adidas and IFundWomen meeting to support women

Alexa Andersen, Senior Director, Global Women at Adidas, commented: “Not only is lack of funding hindering women’s entrepreneurship, but the lack of mentors and a support network is considered the biggest obstacle. Through this partnership, we are able to support some of the industry’s most talented individuals through funding, mentoring and more. People excited about female-led companies.

“Together with iFundWomen, we want to help break down barriers for women entrepreneurs in the sports industry and co-create a more inclusive future for all.”

Karen Cahn Founder & CEO of iFundWomen, said: “Since day one, iFundWomen’s mission has been to empower women to realize their visions through capital, coaching, and connections. adidas is all about removing barriers to women and girls in sport by providing support and visibility. We are totally mission aligned.”

“It was only a matter of time before we joined forces to supercharge our respective missions. This partnership is a one plus one equals three scenario, and we cannot wait to see the massive impact it has on women and girls’ lives.”

Adidas and IFundWomen Meeting
Adidas and IFundWomen Meeting

The first women and businesses supported by the partnership are:

  • Francesca Brown, Goals4Girls (London)
  • Marisa Hamamoto, Infinite Flow – An Inclusive Dance Company (Los Angeles)
  • Hélène Guillaume, WILD.AI (San Francisco)
  • Brittany Edwards and Khiana Lowe, Incorp[HER]ated (New York City)
  • Alex Taylor, Hoop York City (New York City)
  • Susan Sullivan, the Women Sports Film Festival (San Francisco)
  • Jasmina Srna, Safe-Hub (Berlin)
  • Mariana Pajón, Pedaleando por un Sueño (Medellín)
  • Kelly Bessis, Dada (Paris)

To jump-start the next wave of women leaders in sport, adidas and iFundWomen are not stopping at the initial nine women selected to be part of the program. Between now and March 31st, in celebration of Women’s History Month, the two brands are launching an open call for more women to submit their industry-changing ideas and apply to join the program and receive financial support and expert business coaching. To find out more, visit