Jade Aschermann: Be Beautiful, Be You

Por: Karen Limón

20, January, 2022 en Slinky

Jade Aschermann has a stunning face that commands attention, but underneath her striking features is a strong-willed, confident woman who encourages people to dare to be yourself under any circumstances. Granted, Jade’s beauty shines brighter and farther than your eyes can see.

As a child, Jade dreamed of becoming a model. “My good friend and I grew up contemplating joining ‘Germany’s Next Top Model’ and we would pretend to walk down the runway wearing different clothes.” She smiles. Jade learned early on that being a model and working in the beauty industry didn’t only require good genes, but strength and perseverance as well.

Jade was born in America, but she and her family moved to their hometown in Germany when she was an infant. Upon turning two years old, her parents divorced and Jade and her brother lived with her grandparents and their hardworking, fun and loving father. While divorce is known to affect children, Jade prefers to embrace the positive side of that matter. “This was an amazing opportunity that not a lot of children get to experience. My brother and I spent every other weekend at our mother’s house,” she shares.

Most of Jade’s childhood meant playing outdoors with her brother and friends. “My favorite activity during the summer was to swim at a swimming pool or a lake. Growing up in Germany was no different from growing up in America. I believe the only difference refers to the mentalities, yet most people are nice and have good intentions.”

Although Jade enjoyed her time spent in Germany, she also faced some obstacles. “Even if I was able to graduate at sixteen years old, I was bullied a lot for being too skinny. The kids would mock and pressure me to eat more. However, people who truly know me are aware that I eat a lot.” She grins. After graduation, Jade and her father moved to the San Francisco, Bay Area where her father enrolled Jade in a public high school in the hopes to improve her English. “I became known as the ‘German girl’ and the kids would give me weird stares. Eventually, I met some great people and was lucky enough to experience two different schools with diverse cultures.”

Jade Aschermann for S&G Mag
Jade Aschermann for S&G Mag

Jade pursued a career in the beauty industry where she obtained her Cosmetology license and is currently a hairstylist for a prestigious salon in Danville, CA. “I believe that styling hair is a form of art. You can create assorted artistic flairs with hair that allows you to express yourself through an array of hairstyles and shades to bring out the best in you. Every hair type or texture is beautiful, and I love the variety that comes with styling hair,” she relays.

Despite containing its perks, a hairstylist also faces struggles that involve using a specific technique and ensuring that your client is happy with the outcome. “I have learned that practice makes it easier. Whenever I faced difficulties, I continued to practice my craft until I witnessed improvement and was comfortable with the results.”

As a budding model, Jade fancies the different looks that can be created. She also appreciates the behind the scenes of how a model can carry the outfit, find the right facial expression or pose to exude a powerful statement. Yet beneath the glamorous side of modeling, Jade also faced rejections and wanted to prove to all the people who teased her for being too skinny that she is fully capable of fulfilling her dream. “The biggest pressure lies in the judgment because people are always going to be scrutinizing you and may not agree with your actions, but that’s okay. Others will discourage you from succeeding, but don’t ever let them stop you from doing what you love. Despite the skeptics, I am grateful to those who have supported and believed in me along the way,” she says.

Jade values the importance of maintaining good habits and her professionalism is evident in her work. “I believe in cleanliness, safety and working with intent and precision. Being in the limelight and working as a hairstylist has allowed Jade to accept herself, overcome her self-consciousness and build her self-confidence. “To tell you the truth, a hairstylist and a model are not so different. Everything that inspires me about hair also inspires me when I dress up and pose for the camera,” she reveals.

Jade Aschermann for S&G Mag topless
Jade Aschermann for S&G Mag topless

Before the quarantine, Jade had a full balanced schedule which involved waking up at six am and heading to work after breakfast. Her daily regimen was combined with exercise, sunshine and good sleep. But the lockdown proved to be difficult for Jade. “I felt a bit lonely and restricted with what I could and could not do. I was used to going to so different places and was suddenly forced to stay at home. Exercise helped me physically and also improved my mental health. Not to mention, my sweet indulgence—Green Tea Mochi which helps beat the loneliness.” She winks.

While Jade blossoms into her career as a model and hairstylist, she hasn’t forgotten who has helped her along the way. “Through the beauty salon where I work, I had met a wonderful photographer named Vincent Gotti who asked me to be the model for one of the posters at work. I agreed since this was an amazing opportunity and that first photoshoot gave birth to many more opportunities in the industry.” She beams.

Based on her experiences and career, Jade proves to radiate the powerful essence of beauty. “Beauty equates to self-love and accepting yourself because you are beautiful just the way you are. Beauty is a form of self-expression.” While Jade continues to embrace the beautiful work that she does, she believes in never giving up. “I keep pushing because eventually, it will always get better.”

In this millennial era, Jade may not always agree with what technology has to offer which can sometimes be difficult to keep up with, yet she is grateful for the opportunities life has presented for her. Jade deems that hard work and determination will carry her through as she evolves in her career. Nothing will stop Jade from reaching her goals and she hopes to own a business and have her own family when the time is right. Jade concludes her interview with a powerful message. “Don’t let anyone put you down for not being who they want you to be. Be beautiful, be you.”

Photographer: VINCENT GOTTI