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Rufa Mae Quinto cover for Showbiz | Foto: Rufa Mae Quinto cover for Showbiz

Rufa Mae: Laugh with Me

Por: Karen Limón

1, December, 2021 en Showbiz

Rufa Mae Quinto is synonymous with excellence. Her very presence commands attention and when she puts her heart into something, she does it with passion and zeal and of course with lots of laughter.

Rufa Mae was born to be a star. As a child, she wanted to be in showbiz but never anticipated her dream to manifest into a reality. “I dreamed to be big. . . Everything got bigger,” she shares. Born in Quezon City and raised in Pampanga, Philippines, Rufa Mae played outdoors and helped with the household chores, but her favorite pastime was to sing and act.

In 1994, the budding teenager modeled for commercials and was featured in magazines before joining the variety show That’s Entertainment. After being discovered for her remarkable talent, Rufa Mae’s career blossomed and she has portrayed different roles in almost a hundred movies, appeared in various commercials, and TV shows. Rufa Mae is also a TV host, singer, and live performer who has performed in concerts. She also has music albums with songs that have hit the top charts. “I compose and sing my own theme song for the movies that I do. I handle all the soundtrack of my lead roles.” She beams with pride. Some of her most sought after songs are Booba (Do The Hustle), Perfecto, Jumbo (Jambalayan), Lupaypay, Super B, and All This Time.

Rufa Mae has proven to be a multi-talented entertainer best known for her wit and humor. “I love to make people laugh and be entertained. I also love that people are laughing with me.” She grins. “I enjoyed all the roles that I played especially in Gloria Gloria Labandera, Booba, Super B Ang Huling Henya, Status: Single, Oh, My Ghost,” she adds. Rufa Mae has won eleven times the Star Awards for Best Comedy Actress. Hard work, dedication, and perseverance are the keys to her success. This unstoppable woman has fulfilled her goals and dreams with vigor and lots of laughter.

Rufa Mae Quinto photo by Gotti for Showbiz
Rufa Mae Quinto photo by Gotti for Showbiz

Rufa Mae has won numerous awards namely:

2018 32nd PMPC Star Awards for TV Best Comedy Actress Awardee for Home Sweetie Home

2015 29th PMPC Star Awards for TV Best Comedy Actress Awardee for Bubble Gang

2014 28th PMPC Star Awards for TV Best Comedy Actress Awardee for Bubble Gang

2013 27th PMPC Star Awards for TV Best Comedy Actress Awardee for Bubble Gang

2012 26th PMPC Star Awards for TV Best Comedy Actress Awardee for Bubble Gang

2009 23rd PMPC Star Awards for TV Best Comedy Actress Awardee for Bubble Gang

Being in the limelight for 25 years has allowed Rufa Mae to express her creativity and excel in her craft. “It has been an incredible journey working with people from all walks of life, visiting new places, and dressing up for the roles. Doing something you love and being good at it provides wisdom, joy, and positivity. I always go with the flow and what is meant for me. Through my career, I’ve learned more about myself and how to deal with people,” she relays.* This information was derived from

As a trail-blazer, an influencer, and a true leader and is best known for her witty remarks that have set the fad, Rufa Mae has provided an impact on her fans and supporters. Her bubbly demeanor can light up a room and capture one’s attention. But most of all, what sets her aside from the rest, is her ability to make people laugh and forget their problems. There is never a dull moment with Rufa Mae.

As the trend is focused on social media and digital marketing, Rufa Mae, who draws inspiration from her family, friends, and fans is on top of the game and innovative in her career. “Never stop learning and keep a strong presence for your fans and followers. Take care of yourself and the people who have supported you and your career, and most of all do everything with love.” She smiles.

Rufa Mae Quinto for Showbiz
Rufa Mae Quinto for Showbiz

Yet, beneath the glamour side of showbiz, Rufa Mae has encountered some challenges. “There are days where I needed to work hard and maintain a strict diet with not much sleep. An actress’s job involves a busy schedule with back-to-back tapings, guest appearances, and promotions which leaves little time for yourself,” she confides. “With the various character roles I’ve played, I sometimes forget my true identity,” she quips. “But I’ve learned to find time to reflect, rejuvenate and rejoice.”

Aside from showbiz, Rufa Mae has introduced us to her entrepreneurial side with business ventures consisting of real estate properties and a private wine label. She is also a movie and concert producer. This woman has proven to be versatile in both her creative and business pursuits and has manifested prosperity as well.

Before the height of the pandemic, Rufa Mae went to America on February 7, 2020, to spend Valentine’s Day with her husband and celebrate their daughter Athena’s third birthday. “I only brought one luggage and had a return ticket for February 25, but was forced to extend due to the lockdown. I never realized I would be staying here this long. It’s like starting a new life but I’m happy to be with my family,” she states.

Living in the San Francisco Bay Area has transformed Rufa Mae’s life from a busy actress to a domesticated housewife. “I have visited many places, tried different kinds of food, and met diverse cultures. My life has indeed changed. I now live in a fast-paced and advanced country where I’ve learned to be independent doing chores like cooking and cleaning. I also have more time to be a loving wife and hands-on mom. I want to be a good example to my daughter,” she says. While Rufa Mae balances her life between her career, business, and family, her goal is to be physically, spiritually, mentally, and emotionally healthy and live the best life ever. “Forty is the new twenty.” she winks.

Rufa Mae aims to be an inspiration for other women by showing them that anything is possible if you work hard and never give up. “Everyone is different and we all have our gifts and talents to shine. I think I’m funny, unique, and unpredictable in my own way. I want to give praise to all the women who dream and want to enjoy and celebrate life. Be appreciative, have patience, and offer kindness. Smile, believe, be excited, and be a blessing to all,” she advises.

Rufa Mae has proven to be victorious in everything she embarks on. Although she misses the Philippines and hopes to return home this year, Rufa Mae continues to live her purpose which is by bringing more joy and laughter to the world. She invites everyone to laugh with her.

Photographer: VINCENT GOTTI @vinniegotti