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Eugenia Kuzmina cover for Showbiz | Foto: Eugenia Kuzmina cover for Showbiz

Eugenia Kuzmina: Footprints of Love, Kindness, and Laughter

Por: Karen Limón

30, November, 2021 en Showbiz

Supermodel, actress, and comedian, Eugenia Kuzmina has captivated the hearts of many with her beauty, charm, and grace. Yet, beneath her dazzling looks is a benevolent woman who exudes humility, emanates compassion, and is delightful to be with.

Born and raised in Moscow Russia, Eugenia’s ultimate dream was to be an astronaut. “When I was eight years old, Christina McAuliffe’s parents came to our school to spread the word about their daughter going to Space. She was a visionary, a down-to-earth schoolteacher with a bold dream.” She beams with excitement. Despite the enthusiasm Eugenia experienced, she learned that sharing her dream with others wasn’t encouraged. “I was told that girls don’t normally go to space, so I kept it a secret and publicly settled with a dream of becoming a flight attendant. Though I always knew my dream was to travel outside the box,” she adds.

While most young children were read bedtime fairytales of Cinderella, Snow White, and Sleeping Beauty, Eugenia’s bedtime story was about innocent people who were affected by radiation without any knowledge due to the current regime and politics. “My dad was a nuclear scientist and one of the first responders to the Chernobyl disaster. As a scientist and humanitarian, these were matters he couldn’t divulge in public and this greatly affected him. The most important lesson he taught me is to be compassionate and curious over anything else,” she shares with pride.

Eugenia’s father played an influential role in her life, but unfortunately, she was forced to become an adult after he passed away. “I was fifteen years old when Nathalie Agency offered me a modeling contract requiring me to live in Paris. I had to learn how to pay the rent, sign contracts, create a corporation, and invest in stocks. Being far away from home was intimidating, but this opportunity helped me pay the bills of my family,” she confides. Before her modeling stint in Paris, Eugenia’s face already graced the limelight a week after her mother had just given birth. She was featured as one of the Soviet babies at a Russian newspaper. Thirteen years later, Eugenia embarked on her modeling career and also acted in an episode called Eralash which is the Russian version of Saturday Night Live. “One day of work actually paid more than my father’s salary.” She winks.

Eugenia has marched the runway, appeared in prestigious magazine covers like Vogue, Elle, and Marie Claire, and was also featured in a Billboard in Time Square, New York. She has fulfilled campaigns for Hermes, Dior, L’Oreal, M&Ms, RC Cola and has starred in various films and TV shows, Bad Moms, Castle, New Girl, Game Changer, Castle, The Gentleman by Guy Ritchie, and many more. The once shy teenager has transformed into an adventurous globe trotter, learning about different cultures, and expressing her creativity.

Since she is constantly seen in the public eye which can attract scrutiny, Eugenia confirms that words have power, and beauty ought to be about kindness. “We have to be careful of the things we say to people and ourselves because words carry weight. Like, ‘I’m not good enough, I’m too old, or too young to do this. You don’t portray how a picture should be in a magazine or social media.’ It’s something to experience when a person takes care of a human being without any motive. It’s beautiful—it’s unconditional love !” She smiles.

Transitioning from modeling to acting developed organically for Eugenia. “I believe I was always an actress, even as a model. It boils down to storytelling. . . Why this person is wearing these clothes, what her eyes are communicating, why is she here? This involves a story captured in a click of a camera. The irony of it all is that if you look at magazines, the eyes of the models are not the center of attention, but in acting, eyes are the key to the soul. This is a powerful discovery I stumbled upon during my transition from modeling to acting. I learned not to be the object of the story, but to be compassionate,” she states.

Eugenia Kuzmina photoshoot by Gotti
Eugenia Kuzmina photoshoot by Gotti

Eugenia draws inspiration from the power of storytelling and human connection which she believes is one of the most healing endeavors that unites us. “I’m inspired to try to open up Hollywood to welcome diversity and not be limited to a one-line narrative. It’s been quite a journey and this motivates me to tell complex female storylines and always push doors for minorities or stories and voices that are silenced,” she relays. Eugenia discovered her voice and fondness of Stand-up comedy and continues to break out of her comfort zone by playing a singing role in an upcoming film in 2021. “I believe that people’s voices and authenticity matters. This propelled me to conduct speaking engagements to support other people’s dreams.”

For her love and inspiration of comedy, Eugenia founded a Stand-up comedy company called “The Nobodies “ (@nobodiesfunnytour on Instagram.) “It is about the power of story over ego or worship of personality. We have performed in front of small and huge crowds in Arizona colleges, Equal Means Equal organization, and Palo Alto Dive Bars. However, due to the pandemic, we are currently looking for ways to switch from 2d comedy Zoom shows to Virtual Reality and other futuristic locations. Space might not be too far out of reach at this point,” she conveys.

Traveling around the world has broadened Eugenia’s horizons but she has never forgotten her Russian roots and traditions. One tradition she is proud of is Maslenitsa which originated from folklore Slavic history and pagans and involves a week-long celebration during the end of winter. “It’s a whole week of fun followed by a sacrifice of the spirit and includes different activities, namely: 1. Monday is when the community uses straws to build the Maslenitsa effigy and decorates it with rags then attaches it to a pole formerly known as Kostroma. The effigy is paraded around while pancakes are offered to the poor. 2. On Tuesday, young men might search for a fiancée to marry after the Lenten season. 3. On Wednesday, sons-in-law may visit their mothers-in-law who have prepared pancakes and invited other guests to their party. 4. Thursday may be devoted to outdoor activities. People may take off from work and spend the day sledding, ice skating or engage in snowball fights, and sleigh rides. 5. On Friday sons-in-law may invite their mothers-in-law for dinner. 6. Saturday may entail a gathering of a young wife with her sisters-in-law to establish a good relationship. 7. Sunday is a time for confession and forgiveness. 8. Monday is a free day where we make pancakes with the kids and eat it for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and also the next day educating ourselves on what we consume as humans,” she informs. You can watch an episode about this tradition on”

To date, Eugenia has achieved many milestones. “I did a Stand-up comedy at the Cannes festival, despite being told by managers that to be a successful comedian, you have to look like you haven’t showered for two days. I was also terrified to sing, yet I agreed to do a singing role in a film (Big shout out and thank you to vocal coach Greg Safel.) I feel blessed to help others in need, take care of the environment, and support non-plastic causes with ‘From the Heart Tribe’ and ‘Cancer Shmancer.’ The best thing that ever happened to me aside from marrying my husband is having two amazing kids. The doctors in Russia said I could never have children because of a uterine abnormality. I was planning on adopting instead, but life is full of surprises and I’m blessed to have them both.”

Eugenia Kuzmina photoshoot for Showbiz
Eugenia Kuzmina photoshoot for Showbiz

Despite the many accolades Eugenia has attained, she encountered some setbacks. “It was and still is a challenge to see diversity around us. I hope to witness a future where our communication is not based on what we can benefit from each other. The first things people ask are, ‘Where are you from?’ or ‘What do you do for a living?’ This method is not a way to connect, but rather define what the other person can do for you and it also carries judgment. I hope conversations can become more personal and in the moment. I’ve been judged and labeled numerous times. They have told me, “You’re a Russian spy. Since you’re a model, a narcissist would be a perfect role for you. You can only play the role of a Russian gold digger. You have a heavy accent. Models can’t act. Why are you starting in Hollywood after having kids?’ There are countless more discouraging comments, but I’ve learned to overcome these obstacles,” she confides.

Eugenia is married to Bill Block who is the CEO of MIRAMAX and they reside in Los Angeles, California together with their children. As a woman who wears many hats, Eugenia humbly admits that being a mom can be challenging and this compelled her to launch to illustrate her experiences in modeling, acting, comedy, and motherhood for anyone who is not afraid to live outside the box. “I would never fit inside a box of being a perfect mom and that’s why it’s a journey. The production cast me in Bad Moms movie without an audition since I fit the role. There’s no perfect recipe for life and I believe in priorities. My kids always come first, but I must admit that I do mess up at times with the scheduling, zooming school in 2020, showing up in an inappropriate T-shirt by accident in school ( it was a jacket from Miramax film Kill Bill and it said ‘Bad Mother.’) I think humor is important to get through busy days,” she quips.

Eugenia emphasizes the value of connecting with your heart and soul. “The outside facade is an illusion and success or failure are merely ideas of the ego. It’s important to pursue your dreams, act on what resonates in your heart, and always be kind. She concludes our interview on a positive note. I look forward to life’s mystery focusing on the present and leaving the ego behind to be of service. Life is a school with never-ending opportunities.”

As Eugenia Kuzmina evolves in her career, she not only defines the essence of beauty but exhibits the purpose of humanity and extends her unconditional love for others. Each day is a gift and Eugenia will always leave footprints of love, kindness, and laughter wherever she goes.


Photographer: VINCENT GOTTI @vinniegotti