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Cherie Gil for Showbiz cover | Foto: Cherie Gil for Showbiz cover

Cherie Gil: A Legendary Star

Por: Karen Limón

30, November, 2021 en Showbiz

A scoop of sophistication drizzled with tantalizing eyes coated with a bewitching character equates to Cherie Gil who has paved her way to entertain, inspire, and capture the audience’s attention. Yet, beneath her glamour, lies a delightful, charming, and admirable woman who never settles for anything less and always aims for the best in all her endeavors.

Born and raised in the Philippines, Cherie, who started acting at nine years old is the epitome of creativity and has been in the entertainment industry for forty-eight years embracing various roles in film, TV, and theater. She has raised the bar for Philippine cinema and television, best known for her dramatic roles in more than forty TV series’ and a hundred movies. Cherie won several Best Actress awards for her talent, craft, and performance in the industry. “My main objective is to always strive to excel in my craft,” she shares.

With parents and siblings who also share the limelight like her and have played an influential role in her life, this enchanting woman believes she was born to create and be a part of something bigger than she already is. Some of her most sought-after movies are Oro, Plata, Mata, Bituing Walang Ningnig, and Sonata which she co-produced. She is also known to have played astounding roles in various TV series’ like Dolce Amore, Muling Buksan ang Puso, and Gulong ng Palad. Cherie has also appeared in Theater, namely Master Class, Full Gallop, and Angels in America portraying four varied roles.

With all the accolades Cherie has achieved, this unstoppable woman has forged ahead to the top and reached the pinnacle of her career. Through her movies, TV series, and plays, this phenomenal woman has left an impact on her fans and struck a chord in their hearts. But when the COVID-19 pandemic struck the world, Cherie wondered what the future meant for her. This compelled Cherie to fly to the US and settle in New York where she is currently based at the moment. “The world had paused and a lot of people including myself questioned how we would like to spend our lives. I’ve lived the majority of my life in the Philippines and it has served its purpose. This pandemic was a wake-up call to remind me that time is precious and I need to be closer to family,” she confides.

Cherie Gil photoshoot for Showbiz by Vincent Gotti
Cherie Gil photoshoot for Showbiz by Vincent Gotti

With Cherie’s children residing in New York, this stage in her life has enabled her to spend more quality moments with them and to value the essence and currency of time. “This is the third chapter of my life where I have come to terms with everything that I have done. I’m learning to be still and live in the present. I wish I had this consciousness when I was younger. Being surrounded by nature, eating healthy, and possessing the right mindset provides the balance I need beyond all the chaos, confusion, and fear we are encountering now,” she states.

While some people go through a mid-life crisis or transition, Cherie believes that she is traversing through a hero’s journey where her inner struggles serve as a bridge to fulfill her purpose in life. “The moment you are stuck in a rut with no progress means you’re not growing. I’m not getting any younger and can only define my calling by stripping away layers that don’t serve my higher good,” she imparts.

After spending many decades in the public eye portraying multiple roles and constantly being on the go, Cherie has chosen a more solemn pace to live life. “Although people view my career as part of the entertainment industry, I consider it as a service industry as well since we are catering to the viewers. I will always be an actress because that’s all I’ve ever known, but I wish to explore, expand, and evolve to deepen my craft in being a creative person,” she relays.

As a relentless woman who likes to discover her potential, Cherie has developed a fondness for screenwriting where she is pursuing a course taught by screenwriter and producer Greg O’Connor known for the TV series Payday and movie Pride and Glory. “As an extrovert who spent most of her life engaging with an audience, I find the idea of being in solitude with my thoughts quite daunting.” She winks. “Coming to terms with my own company and transforming quiet time to find moments to write proves to be challenging. This is a whole new world for me where I’m learning to develop characters, write scenes, and dialogue,” she informs.

Cherie Gil photo for Showbiz
Cherie Gil photo for Showbiz

Writing has provided another channel for Cherie to diversify her skill and be innovative. Although writing and acting complement one another, they contain a different flavor to expressing one’s creativity. In the process of writing, Cherie has broadened her imagination, connected deeper into her soul, and found healing. “I am expanding my knowledge and craft. There are so many stories I wish to explore and write. I wish to be the voice of inclusivity to bridge the gap between the division of borders and race,” she conveys.

Over the years, Cherie has learned to take baby steps and let life unfold organically. Like the character roles she plays, Cherie has proven to be a versatile and dynamic woman. “My son jokes me that I’m like Benjamin Button,” she laughs. “At fifty-eight years old, finding myself and true authenticity is a process and this is the right time to come to terms with ‘Cherie’ and the ability to be me,” she declares.

While Cherie has always exuded confidence, she considers herself to be more calm and self-assured in this phase of her life. The triumphs and challenges she encountered have provided growth, depth, and wisdom developing her to be the empowered woman she is today. “I would have advised my younger self to save money and learn more about accounting.” She smiles.

Cherie concludes this interview with a tad of wisdom. “Don’t be like anybody else―be yourself. Be kind to yourself and do not self-sabotage. With the current global warming, economic crisis, and pandemic situation that continue to haunt us, let’s choose to be grateful, not sweat the small stuff, forgive, and spread the love so we can express the core and essence of humanity,” she proclaims.

With an unwavering spirit and willingness to explore her maximum potential through acting and writing, Cherie has chosen the best time to reinvent herself, welcoming the opportunities with open arms so she can continue to entertain, inspire, and shine brighter. Cherie Gil unlocks her creativity to emanate the essence of who she truly is―A Legendary Star.

Photographer: VINCENT GOTTI @vinniegotti