Cara photo for Tune up Magazine cover
Cara photo for Tune up Magazine cover | Foto: Cara photo for Tune up Magazine cover

Cara: The Music Interview

Por: Karen Limón

1, December, 2021 en Showbiz


What does Music and Style mean to you?

I believe music and style intertwine as one and they are two of the most ultimate forms of self expression. In this editorial I’m wearing ALC, Givenchy, Chanel, Versace and Louboutin. Ten years living in Manhattan gave me a natural love for true high fashion. Combining fashion with my music as art is both freeing and exhilarating for me. If we don’t have our personal freedoms of self expression and art, then we have NOTHING. I personally must self express throughout my life in order to mentally survive, especially during these tumultuous times in the world. I feel sick for every human life that is not allowed to self express or make art. It hurts my soul deeply.

What is the inspiration for your new song?

My musical inspiration for my entire upcoming album, “CARA KUSH KRONICLES” comes from inside my grow room. It’s about my journey growing cannabis and building my cannabis brand CARA KUSH, along with the trials, tribulations and wins that have come along with that. I want to let cannabis speak for itself through my music.

Cara in a pool Photo for Tune up Magazine
Cara in a pool Photo for Tune up Magazine

Surrounding yourself with a good team is the key to success. Who completes you?

A good team is absolutely the key to success. Where do I begin? From my long time music partner, executive producer and manager Darwin of “Darwin World Media” to my incredible executive producer powerhouse Wendy Starland, my glam artist Rocío affectionately known as “Ro” who co creative directs with me, to my long time publicist Victoria who I also co creative direct with, I could not do all this without their glorious team effort, not to mention so many more talented people! They are all each amazing and talented in their own right, understand me so deeply well and I consider each and every one of them a true friend. A great team has been the foundation of figuring out what works best for me as a person, artist and business woman on many levels, so I can expand on that and reach my ultimate and most truest potential. Without a good team who are we all really? Team work makes the dream work! Let’s not forget my baby girls, my dogs East and Hazel. @eastandhazel They are most definitely a part of my dream team! So is my champion personal trainer, pro boxer Elvina White. You are who you surround yourself with! A very special team member is Nick Hrisomalos who inspires us all with his creativity. THANK YOU to my DREAM TEAM.

Who inspired you to get into music?

I was surrounded by music as a child by various family members on both sides of my family and was a 1st chair flutist myself in school. I also play piano and was trained by pianist Oksana Kolesnikova. I’m not able to live a full life if I’m not writing and creating music in between life happening. It’s a part of my natural state of “being”.

Do you have a tik tok?


Will your new music by on Apple Music? Spotify? And iTunes?

Yes, yes and yes!

Cara for Tune Up Magazine
Cara for Tune Up Magazine

Tell us how your songs are written?

My songs come from emotions and experiences in my life. My usual process is mapping out the melodies and lyrics that come to me. Sometimes they come in fragments and sometimes I can hear full-on songs. With that being said, that doesn’t mean all the lyrics are there or the entire song melody is there. I use whatever comes as a starting point and expand from there. Usually I hear a melody with my lyrics but sometimes I’m just hearing a melody or a beat on it’s own which it’s been like for me since birth. I’m trying to learn how to use my new equipment so I can put down my melodies and beats when they come to my head, or lay out my vocals right then and there. I then take my song that I’ve written and bring it to my executive producers so I can get their feedback, then to co-writing so that we can add new color and dimension which will only work to enhance as well as choosing the most fitting producer for the art, especially because I co-produce.

What is Cara Kush?

Cara Kush is my brand of cannabis flower and cannabis products. My flower is grown deep water culture hydroponics which is new for the commercial market and extractions industry. The official launch date for CARA KUSH across the State of California will be announced soon. You can follow our Instagram at @carakushog for launch updates and cannabis education.

Where can we find you on Instagram


What links would you like us to follow?

My site has all my links in one place.

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