Balanced Dog Grooming cover for pedigree
Balanced Dog Grooming cover for pedigree | Foto: Balanced Dog Grooming cover for pedigree

Balanced Dog Grooming: A innovated Take On Pet Grooming

Por: Susana Beltrán

17, January, 2022 en Showbiz

Balanced Dog Grooming has taken the affluent Marina Del Rey neighborhood of California by storm. Within a year of opening, they’ve managed to become a regular in the neighborhood. Her innovative approach to animal care transformed the community; their motto was “Create a More Comfortable Community” and they did! With Doordash and other door-to-door services, owners Torina Yamada and Andrea Gutierrez think the beauty world can do the same. They are luxury apartment complexes and hotel facilities, although they do show that all are welcome. They offer apartment complexes and hotels the opportunity to market and promote pet amenities as one of the luxury items, and Balanced Dog Grooming has the privilege of having the opportunity to cater to pets in the building. The success in such a short period of time is due to the love the owners have for their employees.

Balanced Dog Grooming photo for pedigree
Balanced Dog Grooming photo for pedigree

Balanced Dog Grooming’s love and care for each animal is second to none. It’s showcased through the one-on-one time each pet gets, through the USDA-approved organic line of 4-Legger products, as well as organic human dog treats. The relationships they have built in this community go beyond traditional customer-supplier transactions; you have become family to many. “I wanted to build a business where we could give a population of people, who are at times overlooked, unheard or judged, the forum to love their pets without any discrimination. Many people in the area either have adult children or are not in a place in their lives to have children, so for many their pets are their babies, and we take that love very seriously.” – Torina Yamada.

They demonstrate the concept through an animal-focused community event. They just have a Halloween mixer where people are invited to a puppy pawrade, receive puppy giveaways, and take pictures with their puppy or friends. “You brought a whole community together. You gave people a reason to come together, celebrate, mingle, and they came! Because of you and what you built with Balanced” Sasha – client. They also have Christmas parties that bring real snow to the community, a first or Christmas miracle for many Southern California dogs and some people. It’s safe to say that this company is just starting to gain traction and will one day be a household name across the country.