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Alan Do cover for showbiz | Foto: Alan Do cover for showbiz

Alan Do: a creative and talented florist

Por: Karen Limón

30, November, 2021 en Showbiz

Alan Do was born to a small business family in Vietnam. At the age of fourteen, he started practicing on his own hobbies such as painting, editing photos, making artificial bridal bouquet that he copied from Vogue bridal magazines. He realized his love for design is big enough to pursue a long-term career. Alan attended and graduated from the University of Architecture, a flagship university in architecture, civil engineering, and design education in Vietnam, as a salutatorian in year 2009. During his college years, Alan worked as a freelancer in the role of a stylist, photo assistant for local fashion and interior design magazines. After his graduation, Alan moved to San Francisco to pursue his bigger dream of getting MFA Interior Designer from the Academy of Art.

Alan had faced a few important life turning points that led him to a sad ending of his education dream. After his grandpa’s death and new culture shock, Alan finally bid a farewell to his dream school.

Alan Do flowers for Showbiz
Alan Do’s flowers for Showbiz

“Goodbyes makes you think. They make you realize what you’ve had, what you’ve lost, and what you’ve taken for granted.” Alan realized the change is important for him. Alan worked at different local flower shops in San Francisco. He simply wanted to live a normal quiet life. He slowed down the speed and treasured every precious moment. During this time, he learned more techniques from professional florists on YouTube and the one he had chances to work with. A famous retired florist adored talented Alan and is willing to mentor and guiding him to the next level. After going through many more difficulties in life, Alan believes the success is not created by money or fame but the inner peace and happiness. He believes the flower industry had chosen him and opened a new opportunity for him at his most desperate time. He treasures it and continues to thrive. Alan has been working with many talented floral and event design teams for events at San Francisco galas, 5 stars hotel lobbies, museums and weddings.

Alan thinks the flower life cycle is very similar to human life cycle. One of his philosophies is not creating funeral flower arrangement. According to him, we should send beautiful flowers to loved ones when they are still alive and be able to enjoy the beauty of it.

Photographer: VINCENT GOTTI