Actress Katherine Kelly Lang
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Actress Katherine Kelly Lang

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12, April, 2022 en Showbiz

Actress Katherine Kelly Lang is best known for playing Brooke Logan on The Bold And The Beautiful, but she has also appeared in countless TV series and movies, such as, for example, Magnum P.I. Happy Days, and The Young And The Restless and Lonesome Dove, where she had a recurring roles as well. Not only has she become a household name in America, she is also famous worldwide, especially in Australia and Italy, where her line of kaftans is in very high demand. In addition to kaftans, she created a brand of swimwear and jewelry, and is opening a store in Beverly Hills which makes Benheart luxury Italian jackets and accessories finally available here in the US.

You come from an entertainment industry family. What was growing up like? Did you always want to become an actress?

Katherine Kelly Lang: My grandfather was a famous cinematographer, Charles Lang. His films were Magnificent Seven, Some Like it Hot with Marilyn Monroe, Sabrina with Audrey Hepburn and Humphrey Bogart, to name a few. He has 151 credits to his name. He was nominated 18 times and won an Oscar for Farewell To Arms. He was known to make the women look beautiful. My mother was an actress and appeared in many tv shows, films and commercials. My father was the Jolly Green Giant in the commercials.

Since I grew up in the business it seemed so natural that I would continue in their footsteps in some way. I did commercials and print work as a young child till I was 17 years old, and then started my film and tv career.

As a child, I grew up wanting to have a future with horses. I didn’t want to act until I was on the set of my first movie and fell in love with it.

Actress Katherine Kelly Lang
Actress Katherine Kelly Lang

You are usually either filming here in L.A. or traveling for work. How do you find time for yourself and for your family with such a busy schedule? How do you stay grounded?

I have had a very full schedule with The Bold And The Beautiful for 33 years now; it airs in 100 countries and 35,000,000 people watch every day. I am so grateful. It has helped to open up opportunities around the world in other tv shows and films. I have done a few films in Italy in the last few years and just finished acting on a top Greek tv show. I did 16 episodes. I played an American journalist coming to uncover a secret in the island of Corfu. I also travel and work on different fashion campaigns, collaborations with different lines, and run our fashion companies with my other half, Dominique Zoida. I am lucky to be able to travel with my sweetheart, doing the things we love to do. And when we are home, we make sure we spend time with our families as well. It’s just a matter of scheduling and planning, and time for yourself is always important.

I love to run, swim, and cycle and spend time in nature. It helps alleviate the stress and stay grounded.

Actress Katherine Kelly Lang
Actress Katherine Kelly Lang

What do you enjoy the most about being an actress?

I enjoy living someone else’s life for a moment. I find it fascinating to play another person. And I just love being if front of the camera and creating a story from the written page and making it come to life.

What made you decide to create your own brand of kaftans, and then swimwear and jewelry?

I grew up playing in my mom’s store. She has had different stores for years, starting with vintage clothing, and then going into more of a modern style, she still has a store even today. I fell in love with the fashion from the 1960s and 70’s. All the silks, satins, and velvets and that free flowing bohemian style. I enjoy being creative in many different ways.

Why did you partner with Benheart to bring it to the United States, as opposed to another designer, for example, or creating your own brand of leather fashion?

When we met the owner, Ben, and heard his life story we were fascinated. He migrated from Morocco at age 5 to Italy in his mother’s arms on a small boat. He was living his life in Italy when he collapsed on a field playing soccer. The doctors told him he needed a new heart. He went on the transplant list and thankfully got one. When he received the new heart, it changed him. He had a new zest for life, wanting to make a difference in his life and others’. He started making belts and sold them on the street corner. It didn’t take long before he became very successful with his company Benheart. Now he has stores in Italy, Strasbourg, Kuwait, and Japan. We went to his store and I wanted to buy everything in there. Not to mention all of the people that work for him are so nice, loving, and helpful… Everything in the store is handmade leather goods from Florence. All the pieces are the most amazing styles and quality of jackets, bags, shoes, belts, and wallets and they’re 100% made in Italy. It’s not just fashion, it’s a way of life. We are so excited to be a part of the Benheart family and to bring Benheart to the heart of Beverly Hills. Our official opening is in December 17th. We invite you to take a look at our website at Please come visit us in the store so that we may share some Italian flair, passion, and style with you!

Actress Katherine Kelly Lang
Actress Katherine Kelly Lang

Photos: Isabelle Ruen

Jackets: Benheart

Male Model: Seamus Tuohy

Horses provided by Jenny Alter & Prima Polo Productions.