Rachel Anese cover for Quintessenza
Rachel Anese cover for Quintessenza | Foto: Rachel Anese cover for Quintessenza

Rachel Anese aka Rachel Anese Flemming BIO

Por: Karen Limón

27, January, 2022 en Quintessenza

When and where were you born?

I was born on the coldest day Jan, 16th. which makes me a true Capricorn.

Where did you grow up?

I grew up in Canada on the flat, cold, and very windy prairies, our winters are extremely cold. And our summers are way too short lasting 3 months. Not a place Id ever choose to live, unless your a farmer, which Im not. If I had the choice, I’d prefer to live by the ocean where its summer all year long. I’m often told I look like i’m from far away countries, this started as a small child. Im part Italian, part Irish, part Scottish, and part English. I resemble my father’s mother who was born and raised in Italy, so thats where the dark features come from. I don’t look like my family members, and my son doesn’t even look like me.

Did you get into trouble?

No I think I was quite obedient as a child, I had a militant upbringing, chores and responsibilities started by age 5. Always had rules to abide by and follow.

Do you have any siblings? What were they like growing up?

I have one older brother, he’s 4 years older. We were never close, but we share good memories. We laugh about childhood stories, but are 2 opposite types of individuals, but one thing we have in common is we are both extremely driven with a very strong work ethic.

Did you have a nickname? Yes, Ray-chee, How’d you get it? My father.

How would you describe a perfect day when you were young?

A day with my family either tobogganing, or going to the beach, or holidays together.

Rachel Anese photo by the sea for Quintessenza
Rachel Anese photo by the sea for Quintessenza

What did you think your life would be like when you were older?

I honestly had no clue what I wanted to be, I was never set on one thing which explains my drive as an entrepreneur.

I call myself an artist or a creator because Im a creator and artist of many things. My passion is vast in beauty, I own my own business for almost 18 years now called Bellissima By Rachel, which focuses on aesthetic services to women. I love to make someone feel good about themselves, wether it be makeup, lashes, and all things beauty. As of Jan. 2020 I took a big leap of faith and decided to launch an online store, creating and selling my very own branded produced to consumers. I just recently launched my 4th product. My products are BBR Beauty, which stands for Bellissima by Rachel and can be purchased online at www.bellissimabyrachel.com The time and effort to actually create a product and launch it was a lot of work, there were days sometimes weeks, I pulled all nighters, putting in 14-15 hour long days, and for someone to launch 4 products in 5 months by themselves, and building an online e-commerence store is unheard of. But due to my passion and work ethic I knew I could do it, I never announced this until I launched my first product. The rest is history. I set out my intensions into universe, and once I send them out I manifest them into fruition, but people don’t realize the work and time an effort (all the in between stuff) it takes to actually get there.

Besides your career what other passions do you have?

As a multi published model, I absolutely love doing photo shoots, as an artist a lot of people don’t realize when they see my professional photos, that I am the one who comes up with the design, the outfit, the style, the hair, the makeup, its like a piece of art, your trying to get an image across that has some sort of backstory, but without using any words. I love it!! It’s truly the way I escape from reality and everyday stress. When I post my pictures on my platforms such as Instagram @rachel.anese.fit.model I always do a big write up beneath it. That is yet another passion of mine. Writing. I started writing poetry at age 15, and I still have a thick binder of my poetry that Ive never shared with anyone to this day. It was usually what I was going through at the time in my life, but very deep and meaningful.

My biggest passion by far, is my son. I’ve raised him by myself. I’m his advocate, his eyes, his voice, his everything. My son is special needs, or has physical disabilities, not mental disabilities. My son and I have a bond so tight I know what he’s thinking or wants or wants to communicate to me. He’s very happy and very loved. I started a youtube page for him 6 years ago in hopes to change societies views on people with disabilities. It shows, the good, the bad, and the in between. He is my teacher. Im blessed to have him. I want to give a voice to the people who don’t have a voice, and sometimes I have to holler.

Favourite activities;

All things travel, the more I can travel the better and more educated I feel. The gym is a very big part of my life, and lifestyle, I do this for mental clarity, and this is my therapy for my mind, body and soul. Im also very spiritual, as i’m a true empath, which is a blessing and a curse. Reading things of interest, trying new activities or foods, exploring new locations. I look forward to what the universe has in store for me next, and Im always open to new opportunities.

Online storefront www.bellissimabyrachel.com

My Vision My Passion

The word “Bellissima” means bella or beautiful for a woman in the Italian language, which is a small part of my heritage. My goal has always been to empower all woman of all ages and races, and to lift them up and make them feel beautiful. Each woman is unique, which I want to emphasize so they stay true to themselves. We must remember to be unique is a beautiful thing that no one can take from you, its what makes you beautiful. ~Rachel~

History of my Company

I have been in the beauty industry my whole life. I started out as an Esthetician, (Which I still am) in 2004, then I became an Esthetic’s Instructor to young students, (one of my top favourite things to do was educate others on what i’m passionate about) and at the same time I started a home based business for my clients as well. This led me into learning and understand product knowledge more clearly, and the effects and long term benefits of each and every product we put on and in our bodies. Over the years I’ve educated so many clients about ingredients and there powerful effects, I decided to put my knowledge to good use and finally share with the world my secrets, and why they work and why I believe in them with full confidence.

I truly hope I can inspire anyone out there in some form to truly believe in themselves, no matter how hard life gets, look within and do something you are truly passionate about. Each day is a blessing knowing that I can wake up just to share and educate others on things that are truly my soul purpose. ~Rachel Anese Flemming~ CEO / Founder BBR