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Jennifer Paredes black and white picture | Foto: Jennifer Paredes black and white picture

Jennifer Paredes: a Gateway to Inspiration

Por: Karen Limón

24, November, 2021 en Maxhealth & Beauty

Some people discover what they want in life at a later age, while others know deep in their hearts early on.

Jennifer Paredes was born to be a star. As a child, she knew that either singing, dancing, or modeling career would position her to be in the limelight. “I wanted to be engaged in the entertainment industry,” she shares. “Each time my mother sewed a dress for me, I would put on matching shoes and pretend to walk on a runway with a big smile on my face. The feeling was euphoric and to this day, my mother has kept all the childhood photos with different poses.” She winks.

Jennifer grew up in a single-parent household with her mother and sister in Sonora, Mexico. They moved to the United States when she was four years old. “The kids bullied me in elementary school for not speaking English as well as our classmates,” she confides. The bullying continued in middle school. “A group of girls ganged up on me for wanting to start a modeling career. They called me ugly on the photos I posted on social media. I wanted to give up on my dreams, but the strong fire to pursue modeling burned inside and compelled me to rise above these challenges.”

Despite the bullying she faced, Jennifer took her dream to the next level by representing California as the first-ever competition, Nuestra Belleza USA. “Watching Nuestra Belleza Latina as a little girl created a huge impact on my life.” The modeling industry can be competitive, yet Jennifer knows how to navigate the game. “The best validation is when people say they look up to me for chasing my dreams regardless of the discouragement I received from others. I’ve learned and grown so much from that experience,” she divulges.

Jennifer Paredes Nuestra Belleza California
Jennifer Paredes Nuestra Belleza California

Jennifer faced additional obstacles while pursuing her modeling career. “There were times when my sister would drive me to a photoshoot and her car would break down on the freeway. We’d have to pull over for a couple of hours and end up late to the photoshoot. I also struggled by not having enough money to join pageant entries, buy dresses and makeup,” she discloses. Regardless of some hindrances, Jennifer feels extremely blessed that her mom and sister have done everything they possibly could to support her career and help her get established to where she is today.

Being in the limelight requires a healthy lifestyle and Jennifer starts her day with a morning workout after eating breakfast. “I love sweets so much that at times it can be difficult to discipline myself, but thanks to a supportive sister who cooks healthy, delicious meals and reminds me to workout daily.”

Aside from balancing exercise and a nutritious diet, Jennifer focuses on keeping a healthy mind. “I concentrate on my mental health having struggled in the past and letting myself go. After finding myself again and getting back to my ideal weight, I realized how important it is to have a healthy mind,” she says. Jennifer strongly adheres that a fit lifestyle starts with a healthy mindset. “To be physically healthy means you also need to be mentally stable. When you feel emotionally happy and healthy, everything else just falls into place.”

Jennifer Paredes
Jennifer Paredes

With the recent COVID-19 pandemic, Jennifer embraces the quarantine period using her love and passion for makeup. “Makeup proved to be a perfect distraction from everything that is going on in the world,” she quips. When the quarantine period ends, Jennifer plans to pursue a dental program and continue helping first graders with homework and other extra-curricular activities.

Jennifer learned to appreciate and love herself for what she truly is and wants the youth to know that everything is possible as long as you have determination and ambition. “No dream is too big! And that’s coming from a girl who thought she’d never been able to make it as far as she has in the modeling industry due to her background,” she concludes.

Jennifer Paredes knew from the start that she had a calling, but to fulfill her dream meant encountering hurdles along the way. She never wavered and kept moving forward knowing that beyond her beautiful face, is a gateway to inspire young women who wish to fulfill their dreams like her.