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Abby Odiamar: Be Happy in Your Own Skin

Por: Karen Limón

26, November, 2021 en Maxhealth & Beauty

Early on, Abby Odiamar-Paclibar’s anchored her vision to make an impact in people’s lives. Through her knowledge, power, and experience, Abby unleashed the beauty from within so she could uplift one’s spirit, increase their confidence, and love themselves for who they truly are.

Born and raised in the Philippines, Abby dreamed of engaging in the medical field. “I initially wanted to be a dental surgeon since my grandfather and some of our relatives are dentists. I spent the majority of my time when I was young, helping my ‘Lolo’ in his clinic, as well as at our dental supply store,” she shares.

Being the eldest and first grandchild, Abby received all the love and support from her family. “They backed me up in all the extracurricular activities I wanted to be a part of. I indulged in playing the piano, joined various school clubs, and modeled as well. My parents and grandparents taught me to always strive to be the best that I can be, whether in school or other things. When my siblings were born, my family expected me to be a role model for them. I ensured that I had the best grades and helped them with their homework. I aimed to be a responsible mentor for them so they could also work hard for their goals. Knowing that my siblings looked up to me motivated me to achieve greatness and do something important. I knew it would take an immense amount of hard work to accomplish anything I set my mind to,” she relays.

After graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in Physical Therapy, Abby’s wish was to travel around the world by herself. She pursued an International Flight attendant career and moved to America after six years to join her family. “With a dramatic change of culture and environment, I still retained the Filipino values I was raised with. Respect for elders, family, and people is one significant value I have passed on to my children. I also teach them to be grateful for all the blessings we receive,” she states.

Abby Odiamar Photoshoot for MaxHealth & Beauty
Abby Odiamar Photoshoot for MaxHealth & Beauty

Abby’s transition to America proved to be emotionally and financially challenging, yet this never ceased her from achieving her goals. “I experienced racial prejudice and corporate culture shock, but this taught me how to be tough and overcome many adversities in life. Unlike the Philippines, where you are surrounded by family and household help, I learned to be independent, diligent, hardworking, self-sufficient, and most importantly, closer to God. This experience propelled me to be my own boss and take charge of my life,” she reveals.

Abby started her career as a Wound Care Specialist and has worked for almost five years at over forty skilled nursing facilities and wound clinics all over Northern California. “This was my first job where I helped patients with wound healing, wound care, and also provided wound care education to nurses in the skilled facilities I worked with. It was such a fulfilling experience to witness different spectrums of the medical field and be able to help,” she informs.

With her frenzied schedule that fostered the care of her patients, Abby realized that she didn’t pay much attention to herself and her needs. “I went home to the Philippines after seven years of living abroad and one of my friends told me that I looked haggard and had aged. Instead of being offended by her remark, I took it to heart with the intent to make a change. I said to myself, ‘Oh my gosh it’s true, I need to start taking care of myself.’ After discussing my concerns with my best friend who owns a medical spa in the Philippines, she convinced me to follow in her footsteps. After my vacation and acknowledging the demand and need in the medical aesthetic market, I pursued further studies in skin esthetics at the W Institute of Esthetics. I also traveled to Asia and Europe to acquire further knowledge with skin enhancements and skincare,” she says.

With more knowledge and training under her belt combined with her relentless spirit, Abby diversified her potential in becoming a skincare specialist. She noticed there were not many options regarding machines, treatments, and skincare of different types of skin, especially with ethnic skin and this gave her the leverage to be different. “My goal involved formulating and creating treatments for all skin types that are safe, innovative, and effective. This career transition ignited my passion for beauty and skincare. I have always taken care of my skin, even as a kid since I had acne in high school. My mom had brought me to a dermatologist to help with my skin issues and this taught me that maintaining healthy skin takes work, dedication, and lifestyle changes,” she declares.

Abby Odiamar wearing a red dress
Abby Odiamar wearing a red dress

With humble beginnings, Abby, who is the CEO and a Licensed Esthetician of Abby Skin Clinic launched her business in a tiny room which she rented from another clinic. She worked hard and dedicated her passion to help people improve the quality of their skin and body. Within six months, her clientele increased and this compelled her to open a clinic in Hercules, California. She started with two rooms and after one year, she rented the space next door to create six more treatment rooms. Shortly after, Abby’s husband and sister joined the business and as a team, they shaped the foundation of Abby Skin Clinic. Forging ahead, Abby Skin Clinic soared and has continued to evolve. “I pinch myself daily and feel really blessed with the progress and success of my business. After a few years, we expanded to Union City and then San Francisco. The growth and evolution of Abby Skin Clinic and FFMS Medical Spa have been astounding.” She smiles.

Abby offers a variety of treatments like facials, acne treatments, chemical peels, non-surgical rejuvenation treatments, skin therapy, hyperpigmentation treatments, weight loss programs, multivitamin infusions, and non-surgical fat reduction treatments using her Western and Oriental technology. “People normally ask me what’s our best treatment and top services and I can safely say everything because every client is unique and requires different needs. We can provide customized treatments and products for skin issues and concerns,” she conveys.

Abby values being heedful and attentive to her skin affirming that great skin does not only make you feel beautiful outside but also within. “Feeling wonderful about yourself is deeper than just appearance. I did experience a lapse in sustaining my skin because of a busy schedule, but this reasoning has vanished. Yet, this is something I want to embed in my client’s minds. Taking your skin for granted due to a hectic schedule, is not an excuse. We must incorporate that in our lives,” she pronounces.

During the summertime, Abby received numerous inquiries regarding fat reduction. Her clinic offers a range of machines consisting of Coolsculpting, which uses cryolipolysis technology to reduce fat, and Trusculpt that utilizes radiofrequency heat to destroy fat cells. “Each machine caters to specific type and depth of fat on the body in which our medical experts provide proper consultation to address the best treatment for every client,” she comments.

Abby Odiamar wearing a pink dress
Abby Odiamar wearing a pink dress

Abby has trained her staff to provide her clients the best recommendation of treatments, skincare instructions, and follow-up care within each one’s scope of practice. “Setting the right expectations for clients, educating them with proper and adequate information are key elements for them to successfully reach their skin goals. Do not get me wrong, certain skin issues that go beyond our practice. Given that situation, we ensure our clients are aware, informed, and are welcome to seek consultation from other similar skin providers. We never sell treatments, we educate them,” she reports.

This dynamic woman goes beyond achieving her goals and values witnessing first-hand the progress and daily skin transformations in her clients. “This is not only evident in the before and after pictures, but the changes in the client’s attitude and personality become apparent. Some clients come to the clinic with skin insecurities, but as soon as they witness the change, they overcome these barriers and embrace new confidence.” She smiles.

While others may perceive that self-care and skincare equate to vanity, Abby deems that this is equivalent to practicing healthy life choices. “The skin is the largest organ in the body and without proper care, it loses its vitality, glow, firmness, and can trigger other skin conditions, such as hyperpigmentation, aging, acne, dermatitis, and many more. I am an advocate of taking ample care of your skin, that routine catapults to your overall body and self-care. When you look good, you feel good. Skincare does not just consist of product regimen and treatments, it also includes watching what you ingest in your body, taking supplements, eating healthy, regular exercise, and nurturing your mental health. Various factors that affect our skin, which is why every skin is different. My goal for every client is to achieve their best version of themselves with a customized treatment plan and regimen and to continue maintenance and prevention,” she voices out.

Abby has gained recognition for the amazing products and services she has provided for her clients. Now anchoring her own segment, Skinability in the TV show, Adobo Nation featured by The Filipino Channel (TFC) viewed internationally, Abby’s role is to inform and educate her viewers about how to properly care for your skin. “I feel blessed for this opportunity because it has given me the chance to meet people from far away who made an effort to travel to our clinic and call us for recommendations and products. It extends our company’s reach to help others with their skin.” She beams with pride.

What motivates Abby to keep improving and innovating is the inspiration she derives from her family and staff, who have supported her from the beginning of her career. Her diligence, dedication, and commitment have touched the lives of many people. Being surrounded by successful Filipino women paved her way to achieving success and recognition in the Bay Area. “I believe that empowered women do empower women. Success is not achieved by selfishness, but by being selfless, providing support, building each other up, and not tearing down one another. Incredible things happen when people genuinely help each other,” she affirms.

Abby Odiamar by the pool
Abby Odiamar by the pool

Despite all her accolades, Abby encountered some challenges in the beauty and skincare industry, yet, her professional demeanor, personalized approach, and ability to always go the extra mile for her clients cemented the roots and produced a harvest.“People often ask how do you become successful in this market when it is oversaturated and something new always comes up. I personally do not focus on competition or being better than the rest. That mentality leads to destruction because you take for granted what your consumers really need,” she confides.

What sets Abby Skin Clinic apart from the rest of the skin clinics out there is Abby’s constant focus on how to improve and provide better, effective, and safe treatments for her clients. “Knowledge is power and you need to be an expert in your field. Cliché’ as it may sound, but it is imperative to know the science and every ingredient and detail you provide for your clients. We never offer services that we are oblivious of because it’s all about building that trust and rapport with your clients. Sincerity and honesty weigh more than the efficacy of the treatment,” she advises.

Being a skincare specialist and operating a business sums up to a full plate, yet Abby has found the time to maintain a work/life balance. “I am beyond thankful and appreciative that I am blessed with such opportunities and have my family’s incessant support, even my children, who I miss when I must work long days. This is why I find quality time to spend time with them, whether on vacation or during Sundays at home,” she conveys.

As Abby evolves in her career, her goal is to grow and expand the business so she can be a channel of blessing to her family and staff. With her family as her biggest priority, Abby concludes this interview with a profound impact. “I wish to leave a legacy for them to cultivate and extend to their own future families.”

A combination of love, passion, and commitment symbolizes Abby Odiamar-Paclibar who has found her true advocacy and continues to live by her purpose of making a difference in people’s lives so they can feel beautiful, confident, and happy in their own skin.