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Bob Dylan Universal Music cover | Foto: Bob Dylan Universal Music cover

Universal Music Publishing Group acquires Bob Dylan’s entire catalog of songs

Por: Karen Limón

2, December, 2021 en Luxury Trending

Dylan’s unique work won him the 2016 Nobel Prize in Literature “for his creation of new poetic expressions within the great American song tradition.”

Universal Music Publishing Group (UMPG), the world’s leading music publishing arm of Universal Music Group, today announced that it has acquired Bob Dylan’s entire catalog of songs. The landmark agreement covers more than 600 copyrights over 60 years, from 1962’s cultural landmark Blowin’ In The Wind to this year’s epic Murder Most Foul.

Jody Gerson, Chairman and CEO of UMPG, said: “To represent one of the greatest songwriters of all time – whose cultural significance cannot be underestimated – is both an honor and a responsibility. “The global team at UMPG is proud to be Bob Dylan’s publishing partner, and I want to especially thank Marc Cimino, whose passion and persistence have brought us this opportunity. We look forward to working with Bob and his team to ensure his art continues Influence and inspire generations of fans, recording artists and songwriters around the world.”

Bob Dylan picture
Bob Dylan picture

Sir Lucian Grainge, Chairman and CEO of Universal Music Group, said, “As someone who began his career in music publishing, it is with enormous pride that today we welcome Bob Dylan to the UMG family. It’s no secret that the art of songwriting is the fundamental key to all great music, nor is it a secret that Bob is one of the very greatest practitioners of that art. Brilliant and moving, inspiring and beautiful, insightful and provocative, his songs are timeless—whether they were written more than half a century ago or yesterday. It is no exaggeration to say that his vast body of work has captured the love and admiration of billions of people all around the world. I have no doubt that decades, even centuries from now, the words and music of Bob Dylan will continue to be sung and played—and cherished—everywhere.”

Bob Dylan’s songs have been recorded over 6,000 times by a range of artists representing dozens of countries, cultures and musical genres. His most famous works include the aforementioned “Blowing in the Wind”, “Times Change”, “Like a Rolling Stone”, “Lay Lady Lay”, “Forever Young” and “Knockin’ On”. Heaven’s Gate”, “Blue Entanglement”, “Have to Serve Someone”, “Make You Feel My Love” and the Oscar-winning “Things Have Changed”.

Bob Dylan photo
Bob Dylan photo

Bob Dylan is one of the most influential and groundbreaking artists in our culture. In the decades since he first burst into the public consciousness in the early 1960s through the folk music scene in Greenwich Village, New York, Bob Dylan has sold more than 125 million records worldwide and amassed A unique collection of works that includes some of the greatest and most popular songs in the world. He continues to travel the world every year, giving audiences nearly 100 concerts each year, embracing his new music with the same enthusiasm as his classics. He was awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature in 2016 – the first songwriter to receive such an award – and was cited by the Swedish Academy for “creating new poetic expressions in the great American song tradition”.