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The Power of Communication

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24, February, 2023 en Luxury Trending

The Power of Communication
by Geraldine Zialcita

If you’re a night owl hoping to end the night by gathering valuable instant news, switch the channel to KPIX 5 (CBS) where general assignment reporter, Betty Yu courageously unfolds significant stories to capture your attention, increase awareness, and create a powerful statement.

The Power of Communication © Copyright PLPG GLOBAL MEDIA 2023
The Power of Communication © Copyright PLPG GLOBAL MEDIA 2023

Betty was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area in a traditional first-generation Chinese American household. Her mother immigrated to the United States from Taiwan in her early 20s, and although her father was born in America, he spent his formative years in Taiwan before returning in his early 20s. Like most immigrant stories, Betty’s parents sought greener pastures, hoping to achieve the American dream. “My parents acknowledged the endless possibilities America offered, and they were able to meet their goals through hard work and dedication. They always read American and Chinese newspapers daily, and my grandfather used to study the dictionary to learn and improve his English. My parents emphasized the value of education, and I made learning and schoolwork a priority,” she shares.

When Betty was in high school, she shared a strong fondness for journalism and joined the speech and debate team. Reserved by nature, Betty stepped out of her comfort zone and learned the power of public speaking skills. Her mom often joked that Betty wasn’t too talkative as a toddler, although she did exhibit a natural curiosity that has been constant throughout her life.
While she pursued a degree in Political Science and Rhetoric at UC Berkeley, Betty wrote for the campus paper, The Daily Cal. She would observe TV reporters on campus and often wondered what their profession was like. Drawn to this occupation, Betty became an intern at KTVU and instantly knew this was her calling. “My parents didn’t consider journalism a safe, pragmatic, or traditional path, yet they never imposed anything on me. However, like many Asian American parents, they would have most likely preferred that I pursued a career in Medicine or Law. They weren’t as familiar with the media and journalism industries, yet I knew my longing to explore and inquire so much about the world meant so much to me. I’m grateful that they have always supported my passions and ambitions,” she relays.

The Power of Communication © Copyright PLPG GLOBAL MEDIA 2023
The Power of Communication © Copyright PLPG GLOBAL MEDIA 2023

Betty acquired her Master of Science degree in journalism from Columbia University. She worked for four years as an anchor and reporter for a 24-hour cable news station called News 12 The Bronx and Brooklyn, covering New York City politics, crime, sports, and severe weather. Shortly after her stint at News 12, Betty was employed for two years as a reporter at WTVJ, the NBC-owned station in Miami. In November 2013, Betty joined KPIX 5 (CBS) as a general assignment reporter and has been working for the company for almost a decade. In 2012, Betty was distinguished as an anchor on the “Best Single Newscast” from the New York Press Club. In 2017, she won a Northern California Emmy Award for her coverage of the deadly Oakland warehouse fire.

While Betty shares stories about various significant events and people, her favorite story that inspires her the most is how her parents came to America in search of more opportunities and to provide a fulfilling life for their children. “They worked hard to assimilate into a new culture, learn a different language, and adapt to an unfamiliar lifestyle. I admire their love and loyalty to the family. They are my role models who have taught me the values I treasure—integrity, kindness, loyalty, perseverance, service, and compassion,” she states.

As a reporter, Betty draws inspiration from the community, people she meets on the job, and the ability to share their stories. “I feel a sense of responsibility to create a positive impact, change, and awareness. My goal is to remain objective when reporting a story. I’m open-minded and listen to multiple viewpoints. I always stick to the facts and present a balanced story. Often there are more than two sides, but I try to encompass as many facets of the story as I can,” she informs.

Being in the limelight requires Betty to work behind the scenes to prepare for the smooth and seamless delivery of the news. “My daily roles and responsibilities include pitching story ideas that are timely and realistically feasible to accomplish within my shift. After an editorial meeting with the producers, I set up the story, conduct interviews, write the content, and present it live for the 11 P.M. news. At times, the story can change multiple times a night, depending on breaking news,” she describes.

The Power of Communication © Copyright PLPG GLOBAL MEDIA 2023
The Power of Communication © Copyright PLPG GLOBAL MEDIA 2023

Betty shares a deep passion and love for her job, enabling her to acquire first-hand experience of what is transpiring locally and internationally. She has covered movie premieres, sporting events, the Grammy Awards, and many more. What makes her job exciting is that every day is different and never a routine. “I have met so many inspiring and engaging people I probably would otherwise not have crossed paths with if not for my career. I love covering all kinds of events and people. I also love that I can use my platform to amplify stories of underrepresented communities in the San Francisco Bay Area,” she conveys.

During the height of the pandemic, Betty delved deeper into covering stories and incidents of the Asian American community. With an increase in high-profile crimes and attacks, most especially toward the elderly, Betty used her platform to highlight the victims’ stories. “I have consistently advocated for stories of communities that have often felt unseen by mainstream media. Since there is a lack of Asian representation on TV, both on and off the air, I used my influence to ensure AAPI or marginalized communities are not overlooked. I want my content to reflect the diversity of the community we live in so we can increase engagement and trust with our audience. Sharing stories of my community can often help bring change, create awareness, and make a positive impact. I perceived how our community galvanized and united in an unprecedented way. I witnessed true activism, and that meant speaking up and marching, but also just supporting one another through volunteering, donating, and amplifying stories on our social media,” she voices out.

Aside from her success in bringing fresh and engaging content directly to people’s TV screens, Betty encountered challenges in her career. “Asian Americans are underrepresented in TV news across the country, and subtle and overt racism still exists today. One of the most public challenges I faced was when I became a victim of a viral verbal attack, wherein a commentator said I had an aggressively Asian face. To qualify and contextualize his shock and disgust, he said that he was only used to Americanized Asians. I remember telling my mom about what happened, and her first instinct was to just let it pass and ignore it, which is something that is so deeply threaded in our culture. Asian Americans are used to not making waves, internalizing trauma, and being othered. Since I was so outraged and felt a responsibility to call out the casual racism and fetishization, I did speak out in a TV interview about it. Immediately following the attack, I received a flood of support on social media and I’m grateful to use my voice for all the other victims whose experiences are often ignored,” she unveils.

The Power of Communication © Copyright PLPG GLOBAL MEDIA 2023
The Power of Communication © Copyright PLPG GLOBAL MEDIA 2023

After all the years of being in the media industry, Betty has learned that the business has evolved so much since she first started, yet people’s interest in stories has remained the same. “We live in an age of limitless information, and news is disseminated differently across platforms, but people still want to be connected,” she acknowledges.

When she’s not working, Betty spends her time running and doing Pilates. She is involved in numerous San Francisco Bay Area charities and organizations, which include the Warriors and The Asian American Foundation where she serves as a host, moderator, and emcee at galas and events. “It feels impactful to have a role in raising funds for meaningful causes in our community.” She smiles.

Betty concludes her story with nuggets of wisdom for people wishing to follow the same path as hers. “Journalism is a marathon, not a sprint and it’s important to be flexible, adaptive, and open-minded because the industry is fast-changing. There is also a myriad of factors that are out of your control when it comes to navigating the industry, but you can manage your talent, preparation, and work ethic.”

Staying true to her career and purpose, Betty hopes to maintain her status of telling compelling stories and demonstrating people’s humanity. Betty believes that every story told has a reason, purpose, and action to be rendered. She uses her voice to open the eyes of the viewers, enabling them to think, feel, and remember. Betty Yu aspires to be an instrument for creating impact and change in the community, symbolizing The Power of Communication.


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