Svetlana: The Colors of Success
Svetlana: The Colors of Success | Foto: Svetlana: The Colors of Success

Svetlana: The Colors of Success

Por: Diego Cerón

22, September, 2022 en Luxury Trending

World traveler, successful CEO, and confident businesswoman Svetlana is intentional about cultivating happiness in her everyday life. From the vibrant colors in her wardrobe and home, to the rainbow of flowers in her front yard– Svetlana optimizes her life for happiness.

Waves of confidence cascade into the room as she enters. Adorned in a high end ensemble and genuine smile, she sits. Aromatic whafts of designer perfume dance in the air around her. But it’s not her style that grabs and holds attention– it’s her happiness.

Happiness radiates from world traveler and successful CEO Svetlana.

This confident businesswoman is intentional about optimizing her life for happiness. And for her, happiness equates to color.

“Colors connect us to the world. If there are bright vibrant colors, I think the world is a happier place to live.”

Svetlana: The Colors of Success
Svetlana: The Colors of Success

Svetlana’s colorful home reflects the importance of joy in her life. Her personal style conveys an affinity for the finest things. And her fond memories of traveling the world, which is her all-time favorite thing to do, suggest time is as important an investment as capital.

By prioritizing and cultivating joy in her everyday life, Svetlana teaches all of us that personal happiness is worth investing in.

Your company was named one of the top 100 companies in California, as well as one of the top 500 women owned businesses in the U.S.. What has it been like being a woman in your industry?

To tell you the truth, I feel very good as a woman. I feel powerful.

Being a woman in this career is great. I don’t feel like I was a minority because I feel that there’s a lot of women in my industry and they’re all successful. I even have certificates because I’m a minority and our clients value that. A lot of clients are looking for minorities. It hasn’t been difficult.

I think it’s given me more opportunities as a woman to build a business.

What’s the one business challenge that you struggled the most to overcome?

Oh boy. Everything was a challenge in the beginning.

The challenge was, it was too much business to grasp in a short time– especially in the beginning when business started coming and coming.

I was saying, “How am I going to handle it? How am I gonna do it?” so that was a little bit challenging, but I was able to succeed.

I hired more people, trained more people. And then after that I was thinking “How am I going to be able to pay salaries?” right? Because I have consultants, I have people on my payroll. So that was a little bit of a challenge because I never ran a business in my life.

No one taught me how to run a business. I was self made, you know?

Then the first year things got smoother. I pretty quickly figured things out. During the first year it started working out smoothly.

Svetlana: The Colors of Success
Svetlana: The Colors of Success

If there was a group of women in your industry trying to make it, what would you tell them?

Number one, do not give up. That’s number one, you know. It’s a very tough field. Very competitive. Very competitive.

So in order to succeed you just have to continue and continue at it and not give up. When I put my mind on something I know I can definitely accomplish it.

You have to think confidently in life and work.

And never give up– always move forward.

Your life has changed exponentially since you moved to the United States. What was your life like before living here?

When I moved here I was young. I don’t remember a lot because I was little.

Where I grew up things were not great. Everything to me, how I remember, you know, everything I remember is gray. The weather was gray, the buildings were gray, the school was gray… that’s my memory.

My parents didn’t have much money so I went to public school. We lived in a one bedroom apartment. It was tough times for my parents.

I knew no English. I started middle school and had to learn really quickly, and all the courses were taught in English. It was difficult learning everything from scratch, but I learned English pretty quickly. So my childhood was okay, but I saw my parents struggling, working to make some money.

It’s basically… I don’t think I was a happy child, but as a child I didn’t want to continue to be there because I would not succeed.

And that’s how I remember, you know. It was all kind of gray. There were no beautiful cars, houses, and clothes. No, nothing like that. I don’t foresee me having anything like that back there.

If I had not come to the United States I don’t think I would have become who I am here.

My parents brought me here and I’m extremely happy. They made life good for me and good for themselves. I’m very happy.

Svetlana: The Colors of Success
Svetlana: The Colors of Success

Your life used to be gray, yet today you’ve cultivated a colorful life for yourself. Please tell us more about color in your life.

I love colors because I feel that they bring happiness and creativity. I’m drawn to beautiful colors because they make me feel happy.

Colors connect us to the world. If there are bright vibrant colors, I think the world is a happier place to live.

When I see a bright beautiful painting or a house that has been decorated with beautiful, vibrant colors– it shows the taste of the person. In my house when guests come in, the rug’s purple. So you can tell that I like purple.

Your house is colorful and alive. Tell us about designing your home.

I love design! If I retire, maybe for fun I might design homes because I really love it!

I’m not afraid of the color. I like all the best things in life.

I basically admire when I see a beautiful home or when I go to someone’s house. Or when I see someone in beautiful clothes. I admire the beauty, yes. I just love beautiful things and it makes me happy.

The front yard of our house, you know, the designers designed it. And every time I look at it I just enjoy it. I come out of the house and I enjoy looking at beautiful flowers.

We have people that every time they come to our house, they take pictures of the flowers!

And we have a gardener so I work with him. I tell him let’s blend this, let’s blend that. So it’s all together, the color, the design, the garden, the house, everything. It should match.

Beauty is important to me and the most beautiful things in my life is to see beautiful art exhibits, gorgeous flower arrangements, art deco homes, designer clothes, and extravagant fashion shows.

Which outfit makes you feel the most confident and powerful?

Wow! I love fashion! I love beautiful clothes, beautiful bags, and beautiful jewelry.

It’s always cold so boots are number one. I love my high heeled toed boots. I love beautiful Bulwark leggings and I put on a designer jacket, either Dolce & Gabbana or Versace, and that would be my powerful outfit.

You know, boots, leggings, beautiful jacket, nice watch– that’s my favorite. And maybe a nice Valentino belt. And a nice, small, going to dinner or going to a meeting purse to match.

On an everyday basis I wear more black and whites. For events I like more color. Red and purple are my colors. Especially purple!

I wear bright colors for gowns and cocktail parties.

Svetlana: The Colors of Success
Svetlana: The Colors of Success

What do you enjoy the most about living the luxury lifestyle?

I like traveling. That’s my favorite thing.

The first time I traveled internationally I was very young. Everything looked spectacular, luxury, colorful… The people were very friendly. The food was amazing, even if it was just a fast food sandwich. It was such an amazing experience to me. The women there dressed extravagant– beautiful dresses, high heels. Men were wearing suits and ties and white shirts. It was a very different experience to see people walking on the sidewalk dressed like that.

These days you’ve traveled all over the world. What differences do you notice now compared to when you were new to traveling?

The difference I notice now is that I can go to more different places. I experience more luxury, see different art exhibits, go to different restaurants, taste different food and wine. I visit different wineries and explore luxurious resorts and spas!

I enjoy visiting high designer boutiques and atelier houses where they make the gowns.

And I love traveling to Europe. It’s one of my favorite places in the world. But Paris and Europe, when you get back then you need a vacation!

When I want to relax we like to go to Turks and Kakos. I like Cabo because it’s very close to us. If I want a short weekend getaway, Cabo would be the best to go to a luxury resort. That’s where I would love to go every year, at least once a year, because that’s where relaxation is.

How did you become such a confident person?

You know, I grew up earning everything myself and that’s why I’m proud. I think I was always confident in life and work.

I feel confident because I know if I put my mind to doing something I can definitely accomplish it.

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