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Executive Movie Producer Dr. Suzanne Yu

Por: Karen Limón

23, November, 2021 en Luxury Trending

You might think that famous people like celebrities, sports stars, and models live completely different lives from the average person. While there are lots of perks to having this status, famous people still think about many of the same things that regular people do. Dr. Suzanne Yu has entered the World of Hollywood as an Executive Movie Producer on an A Lister film “The Comeback Trail” starring Robert De Niro, Morgan Freeman and Tommy Lee Jones, 3 Oscar Award winning actors. Dr. Yu who is quite the beauty and fashionista shared with us is her personal Wardrobe a closet full of Chanel, Gucci, Carties, Van Cleef & Arpels, Tiffany & Co and more. Suzanne recently shot with Fashion Photographer Antoine Verglas in his NYC Downtown Studio for our August Cover with a full team of professionals by her side of which consisted of Julia Garcia the Director of Publicity & Events with Tiffany & Co. who lavished Dr. Yu with jewels valued at over 6 figures for our cover shot, fashion stylist Angelo Tagliaferro who dressed Suzanne in her personal Wardrobe of fashion brands for our photo shoot. Dr. Yu owns Real Estate in NYC on Park Ave, a Water Front Property in NJ and the Penthouse of the W Residence in Miami. We had some questions for her about her Modern Trending Lifestyle.

Do you feel style defines who you are?

Yes absolutely I do my best to be Classy and elegant.

Name some of the fashion brands you have in your closet?

My favorite brand name of fashion has always been Chanel, Oscar de la Renta, Dior, Prada, Valentino,Louis Vuitton,Gucci, Fendi and Loveshackfancy.

You’re a natural in front of the camera with energy and inner happiness that shows in your photos. Have you ever modeled or thought about modeling prior to your recent success as a coverGirl?

Thank you! Years ago, I was scouted by Wilhelmina Modeling agency and One face modeling agency on the street in New York city. I would have loved to give it a try, but my hectic work schedule as an anesthesiologist would not allow me to manage to be a model. I hope now is the time to fulfil those wishes.

What is your appeal of how certain clothes and jewelry make you feel? Finding the perfect dress? Finding a sexy pair of shoes, or adding any piece of jewelry that makes you smile?

I grew up with a sense of taste in clothing. I remember that when I was only 6 year old, one day my mom dressed me in a brown skirt. I did not like the color of the dress at all, and put up a good fight not to wear it, since that day my mom would put my opinion into consideration when buying new clothes for me. Fashion has become a part of our life. Wearing the fashion you love is important for people, especially for women it makes us feel fantastic and confident. I prefer the simplistic and elegant styles such as Coco Chanel, Oscar de la Renta , Louis Vuitton, Dior, Fendi. They are very classy and elegant. I love to mix up dresses with different styles of Jewelry such as Coco Chanel and Tiffany.

Suzanne Yu
Suzanne Yu

Where do you like to shop for clothes in Miami, New Jersey, and NYC? Would you go as far as Europe or Asia for the perfect shopping spree?

Luckily I live in New York, Miami and New Jersey, the best fashion cities in the World. People from all over the World travel to New York and Miami to find the most trendy and fashionable clothes. In New York City I love to go to Madison Ave, East Village , SoHo, and Fifth Ave. and In Miami, I love to shop in the fashion district, design district, and Lincoln Road. Too much routine for too long makes us numb, it is hard to challenge yourself with all the things you do over and over. I would squeeze time from my busy work schedule to travel, to explore new things in life, to discover new cultures and the things you would have never known. I have travelled to many countries in the east and west. In Europe. I love Italy, especially the cities of Roma and Milan and Switzerland , Zurich. I also like Shanghai and Hong kong in the east. When I travel overseas, looking for fashion is a part of my favorite activity, I enjoy discovering new clothing and jewelry.

What designer Sunglasses do you wear?My number one choice has always been coco Chanel , then Fendi and Dior. What is your favorite Handbag?

Coco Chanel

Tell us about your travel Luggage?

My travel Luggage is from Louis Vuitton

What about your Interior Design of your homes? Do you collect Art?

I do my own interior Design of my home. The home is a very personal and intimate living space. I like mixing some colorful mid -century modern style into the modern home design, with all of the white wall interiors, amazing furniture pieces and angular designs mixing with curved lines and rounded edges, both of which can add some personality to a home. a home needs to feel warm and inviting. What advice would you give our readers on how to look your best? Looking your best means thinking out what’s attractive about you and showing that side to the World. It is about highlighting the qualities that make you exceptional and unique, honing a sense of personal style, and putting energy into keeping yourself healthy and fit. To look the best, to feel the best is a very important part of living , in the modern World today no matter if you are professionals or non-professionals, living a healthy lifestyle, dressing and feeling the best is our own responsibility . work on figuring out what style of clothing makes you feel the most like yourself and the most confident presenting yourself to other people. Finding a style icon, knowing your color, you can start incorporating similar pieces into your wardrobe. It doesn’t matter what your style is, as long as it’s an expression of your personality, you will be able to rock it . Let yourself stand out from the crowd.