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New Range Rover world premiere

Por: Karen Limón

3, February, 2022 en Luxury Trending

Tuesday October 26, 2021, Whitley, UK –Land Rover has unveiled the new Range Rover at the Royal Opera House in London. The next generation defines modern luxury through design, offering more sophistication, customer choice and personalization possibilities than ever before.

Thierry Bolloré, Chief Executive Officer, Jaguar Land Rover, said: “The New Range Rover is a superb manifestation of our vision to create the world’s most desirable luxury vehicles, for the most discerning of customers. It writes the next chapter in the unique story of pioneering innovation that has been a Range Rover hallmark for more than 50 years.”

As the original luxury SUV, the Range Rover has led by example for 50 years, combining serene comfort and composure with all-encompassing functionality. The new Range Rover is the most coveted vehicle ever built, effortlessly combining stunning modernity and aesthetic elegance with advanced technology and seamless connectivity – with room for up to seven adults for the first time.

The fifth-generation luxury SUV takes Land Rover’s modernist design philosophy to the next level, creating an incredible design statement with a modern interpretation of its brand identity.

Prof Gerry McGovern OBE, Chief Creative Officer, Jaguar Land Rover, said: “It is possible to respect your DNA and still project forwards – and that is what we have done. The modernist nature of our design philosophy doesn’t follow fashion or trend. It’s free from superfluous detail, resulting in a form which speaks to modernity, yet is full of charm and delivers new levels of emotional engagement. The new Range Rover is quite simply the most desirable ever created.”

The New Range Rover can trace its origins back through the generations; the falling roofline, strong waistline – with its horizontal emphasis – and lower rising sill.

The typically short front overhang, sculpted front end, upright windscreen and typically stern, tapering off in plan, are key elements that define the Range Rover’s proportions and convey its unparalleled presence.

Flush elements and tight tolerances are hallmarks of the new Range Rover, and design-ready technologies contribute to its refined, robustly machined appearance, including flush glass, hidden lumbar rail finishes and a seamless laser-welded roof connector. The distinctive taillights, which remain hidden until illuminated, were also critical to the success of the design and became a Range Rover signature.

new range rover 5th generation interior
New Range Rover 5th generation interior

Also unveiled at the Royal Opera House, the New Range Rover SV will give customers even more scope to create a truly individual vehicle when it goes on sale in 2022.

The SV model perfectly embodies the luxury and individuality of the Range Rover, embodying exceptional craftsmanship. Materials that feature unique Range Rover SV design details include shiny gold-plated metal, smooth ceramic, intricate mosaic inlays, and a choice of premium leather or sustainable non-leather Ultrafabrics™. Other design themes, including the SV Serenity and SV Intrepid, introduce contrasting two-tone interior colors front and rear, while the luxurious four-seater SV Signature Suite offers feature upgrades, including a power extendable club table and refrigerator.

The hand-built model will be the first to feature the new Ceramic SV round and naming strategy and will simply be called the Range Rover SV. SV Roundel represents Special Vehicle Operations’ passion for design and engineering for modern luxury, performance and capability. Going forward, SV Roundel will identify all new Land Rover vehicles introduced by Special Vehicle Operations.

Combining advanced technology with modern luxury to provide each occupant with an experience of unparalleled refinement, the new Range Rover is the first model to feature Land Rover’s new flexible modular longitudinal architecture.

MLA-Flex is suitable for combustion engines, plug-in hybrids and 100% electric drives. It represents the next step in Land Rover’s strategy to simplify architecture to provide greater powertrain flexibility and set new quality standards.

It has a choice of efficient mild-hybrid and plug-in hybrid powertrains, as well as four-, five- or seven-seat trim configurations in standard and long-wheelbase body styles. The all-electric Range Rover – the first all-electric Land Rover – will join the range in 2024.

New Range Rover world premiere
New Range Rover world premiere

The all-electric new Range Rover will be the first in the all-electric Range Rover range. By the end of the century, every nameplate will be powered by pure electric propulsion, helping Jaguar Land Rover achieve net-zero carbon emissions from its products, operations and supply chain by 2039.

The range-extended plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV) powertrain offers CO2 emissions below 30g/km and a WLTP-certified all-electric range of up to 100km (62 miles). They provide an expected real-world all-electric range of up to 80 kilometers (50 miles)—enough for a typical Range Rover customer to complete up to 75 percent of their all-electric range.

A host of innovative technologies brings unparalleled comfort and elegance to the new Range Rover. The new third-generation Active Noise Cancellation technology makes the cabin one of the quietest on the road. It is based on a sound-dampening and sealed body structure that creates a personal zone of quiet for the occupants of the car by using microphones on the outside of the vehicle and headrest speakers on the inside – similar to high-end active noise cancelling headphones.

The new Range Rover offers intuitive voice control via integrated Amazon Alexa. Using natural language commands, customers can manage everything from preferred infotainment features and music track selection to navigation or phone contacts, all while keeping their hands on the steering wheel and keeping their eyes on the road.

Enhanced comfort and well-being, the Cabin Air Purification Pro combines Dual-nanoeTM X allergen reduction and pathogen removal technology to dramatically reduce odors and viruses, while CO2 management and PM2.5 cabin air filtration improve air quality. Advanced nanoeTM X technology has been scientifically proven to significantly reduce viruses and bacteria, including the SARS-CoV-2 virus3.

Sustainability goes beyond choosing efficient powertrains, incorporating innovative materials and processes to reduce the environmental impact of building and driving the new Range Rover. This includes Kvadrat™ Remix wool blend available as a leather-free interior. Its wool blend is warm and soft, making it the perfect fabric for Ultrafabrics™ technology material, which has all the touch of leather but is 30% lighter and has one-quarter the CO2 emissions.

Land Rover’s ground-breaking Integrated Chassis Control System, which controls the most comprehensive range of chassis technology ever in a vehicle of this type, provides the power and composure that a Range Rover is accustomed to. All-wheel steering provides increased high-speed stability and the tightest turning circle of any Land Rover, while the advanced electronic air suspension uses eHorizon navigation data to react pre-emptively to the road ahead. New Dynamic Response Pro technology provides responsive electronic roll control for improved composure and agility in all environments.

Engineered, developed and engineered in the UK, the all-new fifth-generation Range Rover will be exclusively produced on a new state-of-the-art production line at Land Rover’s Solihull manufacturing facility – the historic home of Range Rover. The investment in the factory will improve quality as efficient mild-hybrid, plug-in hybrid and pure electric versions of the new Land Rover will be assembled on the same production line.