Mirella Cesa photo for Tune Up cover
Mirella Cesa photo for Tune Up cover | Foto: Mirella Cesa photo for Tune Up cover

Mirella Cesa Presents New Single And Video “Linda Farewell”

Por: Karen Limón

1, December, 2021 en Luxury Trending

The theme is a farewell dance in the Andipop style co-produced for the first time by Mirella Cesa New York, New York; Friday, April 23, 2021.- The Ecuadorian singer-songwriter, Mirella Cesa, makes her debut as a producer with the premiere of her new single and video “Linda Despedida”. The new song is a catharsis written by Cesa where the singer-songwriter writes from the most vulnerable of her being and returns to a place where memories make sense and everything she left behind had its moment and its reason for being, admitting that it is no longer . From this starting point his new single “Linda Despedida” was born. The new single and video is available on all streaming and digital platforms.

“Cute goodbye” is a very personal song that marks the artistic evolution of Cesa, so she did not hesitate to get involved in the production together with Joshua Abudeye (with whom she also created the music) and Marcel Ferrer. The song marks the first time that the Ecuadorian singer, winner of a Silver Gaviota, in Viña del Mar 2018, dares to be a producer. 2nd “Saying goodbye is never easy and I feel that the most beautiful way to honor a love or a stage in life is doing it in a beautiful way,” says Mirella, who adds that this is her way of seeing games, “The fact of having to close one stage and open another, because that is saying goodbye, it does not mean that I am going to see the past as something I hate, but rather I am going to see it with gratitude for what is to come”.

The story and script of the video developed by Mirella Cesa, shows us a freer woman and this is related to the facet she is living. The video clip was directed by David Mancilla and produced by the brothers Génesis and Luis Castillo. The singer-songwriter confesses that after the confinement and the pandemic, which has affected the whole world, what she now pursues is “to be happy, have peace and do what she loves.

Mirella Cesa photo for Tune Up Magazine
Mirella Cesa photo for Tune Up Magazine

“For the recording of the video clip, the singer worked with a corps de ballet, directed by contemporary dancer and choreographer Peter Ronquillo. In addition, he sought to include musical instruments along with the dance, so all the dancers had seeds added to their costumes, popularly known as chachas, which have a very particular sound, which is also heard in the song. As expected, her own wardrobe was intervened by both her and the fashion stylist Karla Paredes. It should be noted that, as on other occasions, Mirella returned to her own closet to reuse and transform, creating unique pieces and letting us see her aesthetic evolution, in which styles, native fabrics, fabrics and colors with which she identifies are mixed. “How nice to be able to merge in the visual part what my music represents, because soundly I have those shades of Ecuador, so it is beautiful to be able to project it too,” says the singer-songwriter. “I’m happy, I think it’s a song that shows the stage I’m going through. It reflects the work of many years and crystallizes that desire to want to tell this story to people, but it also reflects a lot what is indigenous, what is Ecuadorian ”, says who many know as the queen of Andipop. The roots of the singer-songwriter sound in this melody through the cununos, the quenas, the zampoñas, the requinto and the charango, typical musical instruments of the Andean area, which in turn are mixed with the pop beats that she enjoys so much , as well as the electronics and synthesizers. In this authentic way, it rescues those vernacular sounds that are being forgotten by the new generations but that are a treasure and the pride of all the cultures that inhabit the country where it was born. Recently, the singer-songwriter was in charge of creating the female empowerment jingle for the Telemundo network’s women’s month, “Here we are.” Mirella Cesa is promoting her latest single “Linda Despedida” and continues to work on new music to present soon.


Born in Guayaquil, Ecuador, in the cradle of a family, where creating and designing runs through the veins, Mirella Cesa grew up seeing and admiring beauty like an artist, only she transformed it into letters and sounds . He took guitar lessons at an early age and with the passage of time he would continue with his musical studies abroad, to later return to his land and start what we now know as the andipop, a musical genre that mixes Andean sounds with music. pop. Her first album called Mirella Cesa included songs such as: “El amor es”, “No seré para ti”, “Enfréntate a me” and “Manantial de caresses”. Over the years, other titles came: “Say what they say”, “The drawer question”, “I wish granted”, “Give you my love with kisses” … many of which led her to hear words from her audience that they have filled his heart. “It is connecting with different people that generates the greatest satisfaction that an artist can obtain,” he admits.

In 2009, representing Ecuador, she was the first female artist to win the Los 40 Principales award in Spain. In 2010 she received the recognition for “Best Artist with International Projection” at the MBN Ecuador Awards, and was also nominated for the “Proudly Latinos” awards. He received nominations for the MTV Europe Music Awards for Best Latin American Central Artist 2014, and as New Artist 2015 for the Heat Latin Music Awards.It was with the song “The current” that he performed in 2018 in front of the “monster” of the Viña del Mar Song Festival, getting his first “Silver Gaviota” and the award for Best Performer.Among his latest songs is “Una vez más”, a song composed with the Ecuadorian singer Pamela Cortés while they shared a coffee. This meeting of two friends would take them on a joint tour that began in 2020 and continues in 2021.

In Italy, she presented her musical show at the “Latin American Festival”, Milano 2018. Her music has led her to be present on stage in countries such as: Colombia, Venezuela, El Salvador, Peru, Chile, Argentina, Puerto Rico, United States, Italy, Spain; among others.Nominated as “Revelation Artist”, “Best Female Artist” and “Best Andean Artist”; by the HTV video chain.

His track record includes:

– Winner of the “Silver Gaviota” as best performer in the international category Viña Del Mar Festival. (2018)

– Winner of the “Los 40 Principales” award in Spain, Best Artist Ecuador (2009)

– Nominated for the EMMY ‘s New York Chapter awards, for best composition with the Christmas jingle“ Ding – Dong ”(2016-2017)

– Elton John’s opening theater in Panama (2012)

– UNICEF AmbassadorNominated as “Revelation Artist”, “Best Female Artist” and “Best Andean Artist”; by the HTV video chain

– Nominated as “Best Center Artist” by MTV LatinoWithin the United States,

He has participated in various festivals:

– Calle Ocho Festival in Miami, Florida

– South by Southwest SXSW, Austin, Texas.

– Latin Alternative Music Conference LAMC, New York, New York

– 5 de Mayo Festival, New York, New York.

– Ruido Fest, Chicago, Illinois

– Ecuadorian Music Fest, New York, New York

– Copa Univision, New York, New York

– La Kalle Festival, Los Angeles, California

– Latin American Fest, Charlotte, North Caroline

– Hardes Latin Fest, Virginia Beach, Virginia.