Mary Anne Athens photoshoot for Luxury Trending Magazine cover
Mary Anne Athens photoshoot for Luxury Trending Magazine cover | Foto: Mary Anne Athens photoshoot for Luxury Trending Magazine cover

Mary Anne Athens: A Mirror to Your Soul

Por: Karen Limón

29, November, 2021 en Luxury Trending

Mary Anne Athens dared to follow her dreams as she emerged into this world for a greater purpose—to help, heal, and emanate light so she could provide a reflection to one’s soul.

With dreams of becoming a lawyer and a journalist, little did Mary Anne know that she would discover her mission―to help people. “When I was seven years old, my mom kept a video stating I want to be a lawyer. In high school, I was the Editor-in-Chief of our school newspaper and also active in many theatrical and extra-curricular activities about media,” she shares. Growing up during the 80s where technology, gadgets, and innovation were not the center of the universe, Mary Anne truly enjoyed her childhood. “I’m a pre-millennial or what you call Generation X. Boredom without technology wasn’t a thing of the past. Creativity is at its peak when you live at the moment and acknowledge your surroundings,” she adds.

With thirty dollars in her pocket and a suitcase filled with dreams, Mary Anne bid the Philippines goodbye and migrated to the United States. “I am your small-town girl who believes in God’s purpose and hard work. It was quite difficult to be away from family and start my professional quest for adulthood and independence, yet amazing opportunities knocked on my door one step at a time,” she connotes. Although Mary Anne has lived in the San Francisco Bay Area for fifteen years, she has never forgotten her Philippine roots and traditions. “I practice the legacy my mom has always taught us involving charity and family traditions with food preparations, holidays, and events which matter a lot to me. Strong family ties and respect for elders are important and I have passed on the values and traditions to my kids,” she adds.

As a registered nurse for the past fourteen years, Mary Anne values hard work, professionalism, and dedication to her patients. “Before I got married, I juggled two jobs and experienced working in different departments. In the Intermediate ICU, I now work in Step Down Unit/ TCU and floated around the Critical Care department. Nursing has allowed me to discover my purpose which is to help and heal people in need. Through nursing, I have been able to extend my kindness, compassion, and care,” she reveals.

Mary Anne Athens photoshoot for Luxury Trending Magazine
Mary Anne Athens photoshoot for Luxury Trending Magazine

Although Mary Anne has established herself in a lucrative profession, challenges do exist. After hearing countless stories from her co-workers who only come home to see their children when they are asleep not realizing the rat race they are trapped in, this proved to be a wake-up call for Mary Anne who questioned where is she going and who is she following. “I am grateful for my nursing profession and will always be a nurse. However, I knew in my heart that there is so much more I could do in this lifetime. We create doors where walls exist and that’s the kind of tribe I thrive with. I believe in the energy of creating and you command manifestation when you believe it,” she affirms.

While nursing has proven to be Mary Anne’s first love, Aesthetics also bears a soft spot in her heart. “I can’t have one without the other. Both careers have granted me to bring a positive change in their lives. The link that connects me between my nursing profession and aesthetics passion is my entrepreneurial hat which has helped me transition and fulfill both careers with hard work, love, and dedication.” She smiles. “I have always been interested in venturing into the beauty and skincare industry. In 2012, I conducted some research and was blessed to meet a special woman who inspired me a lot in venturing into the aesthetic industry. For the past seven years, she handled my skincare with remarkable expertise. I have become a fond follower and believer of her amazing products—all of which became the bridge for subscription and deep study. Smitten by the beauty and transformation I witnessed on my skin initiated my passion,” she divulges.

Mary Anne devoted her time to research despite juggling long hours at work. “Too much hospital work got me burnt out, and in 2013 I started looking for other ventures to diversify my portfolio. I happened to be at the airport in Charlotte when I questioned if I was happy with my career and this compelled me to attend business conventions.” While working the night shift, Mary Anne was immersed in direct sales and marketing and vied for a Senior Vice President position while creating 2136 accounts within ninety days, and also received multiple achiever awards. “This sparked the entrepreneurial spirit in me. I knew there were more ways to find the right leverage to not exchange my time for money. I attended more business conventions from the likes of Robert Kiyosaki, John Maxwell, and Tony Robbins so I could learn more about how to be an entrepreneur,” she says.

The research and quest to open a medical spa in California, a state with gray areas that could hamper real client treatment proved to be a challenge for Mary Anne and her husband but driven by passion and determination, their dream transformed into a reality when they launched Pallas Athena Skin Care/Aesthetics, at Fremont, California in April 2021. “After searching on Google, I stumbled on the name Pallas Athena from the olden literature which is the modern depiction of the goddess in every woman who strives for beauty in and out, wellness, comfort, and a luxurious life in between her daily challenges,” she proclaims.

Pallas Athena Skin Care/Aesthetics offers two signature products namely Pallas Athena SPF 80 and Collagen Toner and Collagen Toner. The medical spa also contains a variety of services like Stem Cell Infusion, Mesotherapy with Infusions, Oxygen Ceutical Facials, Modified PASCA Facials, Procell Therapy, IV Drips, Underarm Whitening, Diamond Peel, Melasma Treatments, Wrinkle Lifting Therapy and many more. “We take pride in the thorough researched products and services that we offer and cater to different skin types and needs to provide the daily Athena every person needs,” she informs.

Mary Anne Athens Photoshoot
Mary Anne Athens Photoshoot

Since each person’s skin is unique, Mary Anne developed various skincare lines to complement all skin tones and textures. “Knowing that every skin type is different compelled me to search for better ingredients, vendors, and suppliers. This created enough leeway to identify the best skincare product customized for each client. Our services and regimen provide a personalized treatment plan according to the client’s needs and lifestyle,” she states. After witnessing the dramatic change in her client’s skin, Mary Anne always feels a sense of gratification. “The compliments I receive are truly rewarding and this motivates me to keep going. As an advocate of skin transformation, I believe that great skin increases one’s self-confidence, and being able to accomplish that is truly a blessing,” she adds.

With the stereotypes of how society dictates beauty standards, Mary Anne acknowledges that vanity may pose as a superficial layer in the skin industry. “Although beauty is skin deep, I believe in the importance of self-care and self-love. While pure beauty radiates from the inside, how you take care of your face and body is revealed in your skin. Aside from treating your skin, my goal is to heal the scars that haunt you from the inside. When you look good, you also feel good and want to do good. We become productive human beings who promote our purpose as good stewards of life,” she declares.

Mary Anne draws inspiration from God, her mom, her family, and her personal experiences that have helped her grow as an individual. “Good moments are fleeting and I live for the feel-good moments,” she affirms. This multi-faceted woman cherishes the fact that she is her own boss which includes the freedom and flexibility her business offers. “I love how I can tweak my time and juggle accordingly to maximize the help for my family and community. I am a non-conformist who lives life by design. It is not for the love of money that we came here for, but for the dream that money helped achieve—money is not everything but it is very impactful,” she adds.

With the skincare industry evolving throughout the years, this versatile woman has discovered her voice to be unique and stand out from the rest. “We patronize our well thought out and reviewed approach merged by beauty and science, customized per client’s needs and thorough and conscientious research. We live in an era that offers the freedom to promote anything and everything directly to the consumer, yet our personalized approach with love and favorable relationships with our clients have defined our trademark and set the standards of how we operate a fostering environment and professional business.” She beams with pride.

Mary Anne Athens Photoshoot for LTM
Mary Anne Athens Photoshoot for LTM

This dynamic woman who wears multiple hats knows the importance of a work/life balance. As a husband and wife team, the couple acknowledges their priorities. “We are in the beginning stage of our adventures and have learned along the way that while it’s important to be the best in our chosen careers with him as the Head Administrator and I as the Executor of Plans, a work/life balance is equally significant. We call it a combination of love and business, which means no phone calls after nine PM and lots of cuddle time with the kids,” she denotes. With a six-year-old daughter and six-month baby, the couple is fortunate and grateful to have their aunt living with them and taking care of the kids while they work. “Ever since my mom passed away, she has been my second mother. We trust her to watch my kids and manage the household each time we are away,” she adds.

The couple lives by integrity, opportunity, freedom, and respect for others. “My husband and I know how difficult it would be to propagate a business during the formative years of our kids and there will be lots of sacrifices to be made, but you need to identify why you hustle. A mentor once said ‘You are who you allow yourself to be with today, ten years from now. If you go with five tired people every day, you are going to be the sixth. Do you like what (who) you follow? What’s the highest achievement in the line you are following? What lifestyle DOES your paycheck give you?’ I live outside the box and love to design my day. During challenging days I always acknowledge Psalm 46:10 Be still and know that I am God,” she says.

Throughout the years, Maryanne has learned the power of networking and building relationships with her clientele. This also allowed her to discover more about herself with each day providing an opportunity to make her a better person. “I believe that we are all but fragments of what we have experienced, who we were given in life to deal with, what culture we were brought upon in this world, and with that, I am very thankful for all of the people I have met in this journey and for giving me the greatest lessons along the way,” she relays.

Mary Anne has always followed her heart gravitating toward the direction that brings her joy. “As a hedonistic person, I live for passion knowing this will take me to the next level of achieving my dreams. I believe in failing forward, and with progress and success, there is room for rest and recreation. There will be many obstacles along the way, but always do your best and pray over it―it’s always his battle, not yours,” she conveys.

She concludes this interview with a tad of wisdom. “Be yourself, be happy, be the best in what you do, and don’t forget to always put God in the center of everything. Always shoot for the moon, and if you fail, then at least you land among the stars. Aim high and hit the mark.”

As Mary Anne continues to evolve in her nursing career and medical spa business, she remains humble, hoping to spread more light using her non-invasive approach by transforming the exterior so she could heal the interior. Mary Anne Athens dedicates a mirror to your soul.

Pallas Athena Skin Care/Aesthetics is located at 3100 Capitol Ave, Suite C Fremont, CA 94538 and can be reached at (510) 588-1090 and (510) 828-3950.