Kayla Dihn and one of her pomeranians
Kayla Dihn and one of her pomeranians | Foto: Kayla Dihn and one of her pomeranians

Kayla Dihn: a dog’s purpose

Por: Karen Limón

29, November, 2021 en Luxury Trending

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic and uncertain times, it’s comforting to note that furry friends are always there to come to the rescue, allowing us to escape from reality and acknowledging that they make life more significant, meaningful, and fun.

Kayla Dinh was born and raised in Vietnam and is the owner of K Café Patisserie & Tea house―an Asian-French cuisine restaurant located in San Jose and K on-the-go, a boba takeout store located in Union City, California. Creativity, hard work, and determination drive an empowered woman like Kayla Dinh to succeed in everything she puts her heart into. Yet, beneath all that success is a woman who has a soft spot for dogsPomeranians. “I adore fluffy objects and the minute I saw this type of dog breed, I fell in love with them. Goldie is an eight-year-old male with a foxlike face, while Boba is a two-year-old female who has a bearlike feature,” she shares.

As a busy entrepreneur, Kayla wears multiple hats and spends long hours overseeing the entire operations and team, managing and marketing her signature brand, and developing an avid clientele for her café and boba store. But as soon as she’s done with responsibilities and tasks, Kayla gears up to see Goldie and Boba who provide all the love, affection, and laughter she craves from a hard day’s work. “Even though they’re toy dogs, they serve as good watchdogs with loud barks when they sense something seems off in the house. Pomeranians are extremely smart and they’ll alert you if someone is at your doorstep. They’re loyal, playful, and energetic. I love them so much.” She beams.

Like other dog breeds, Pomeranians exude so much love and touch the core of the human condition. When Kayla encountered a falling out with her father and urged her to leave home, loneliness crept in as an unwelcomed friend and this compelled her to search online for a puppy. “I found Goldie from a small breeder in Sacramento and she was a breath of fresh air who gave me the comfort I needed,” she confides.

Two months later, Kayla returned home and she was grateful that her dad accepted Goldie despite being hesitant about having a pet. Six years later, Kayla was blessed to find Boba who serves as a bundle of joy. “Barely six months old, Boba was an amazing birthday gift shipped from Thailand. My heart thumped as I waited for her at the San Francisco International airport amid a damp and blustery day. There she was looking so meek and fragile, tucked inside a cage with her food, water, passport, and airline ticket. I stood still, lost in her gaze and all I wanted was to love and protect her,” Kayla expresses.

Kayla Dihn and her white pomeranian
Kayla Dihn and her white pomeranian

Pomeranians may appear to be feisty with their spontaneous barks, but they also possess the ability to light up a room with their candor. Goldie and Boba are opposites but they complement one another and provide ample love and attention to Kayla. “Goldie is a very friendly dog who is curious and loves to spend time outdoors. He loves to eat meat and refuses to eat dog food. Like an older brother, Goldie is over-protective of Boba, and each time she is frightened or does something wrong, he leaps from his seat, ready to defend her,” she reveals. “Boba, on the other hand, loves to eat and never refuses food as long as it’s edible. She’s quite attached to me and is the sweetest dog when I’m around, but doesn’t allow anyone to touch her except for some close family members. Boba is pretty aggressive when meeting strangers and only follows me to feel safe. Like little children, it’s difficult to tell how they will grow up. We just need to accept them no matter how they will turn out to be,” she adds.

As a devoted, loving mother to her two Pomeranians, Kayla has developed a daily ritual for them. “I wake up next to them every morning and they go potty right after they get out of bed. Small dogs are easier to take care of compared to big dogs as they don’t require as much exercise and can just run up and down the stairs. Since I go to work pretty early in the morning, Goldie and Boba sit and wait until I leave. They always bark and run around the room when they see me slipping into my clothes and applying perfume. This is their way of pleading me to stay home,” she quips.

Before Kayla opened K Café Patisserie & Tea house, she owned a salon and would cut and style hair. She understands that Pomeranians require grooming and proper hygiene.“Pomeranians have very thick coats which need to be brushed often. Years ago, I took Goldie to the salon, but unfortunately, the groomer was not careful and had left marks and scratches on his tummy which hurt him for weeks. I believe that dog owners should conduct their research and find a reliable place for their fur babies. I groom Goldie and Boba’s hair and it’s much more convenient and simpler to achieve the ideal haircut because they are comfortable around me,” she relays.

Kayla adores and treats Goldie and Boba like her own children who need love, attention, and care. “It feels more like a human relationship with them as my kids. We spend so much time together and they love going out. I take them to work with me at K Café sometimes and they love socializing and being around other humans. Each time I travel, I try to find hotels or places that are dog-friendly so they can always be my constant companions. I provide unconditional love for them and would do anything to make sure they’re happy and healthy,” she states.

Dogs communicate in a language directly to one’s heart and Kayla truly resonates with the saying that, “A dog is a man’s best friend.” She affirms that they have brought so much love, joy, and meaning to her life. “Goldie and Boba never judge me and are always happy to see me or the family. Each time I feel blue, they look at me with their innocent puppy eyes, sensing that something is wrong. They never leave my side with matching licks and kisses. And when I’m filled with joy, their very presence celebrates the milestone and moment. Their loyalty and bond have built a strong foundation. As I provide them with food, shelter, and love, in return I receive great company, loyalty, unconditional love, and affection,” she says.

Kayla Dihn and her brown pomeranian
Kayla Dihn and her brown pomeranian

Halfway through 2019, Kayla faced a challenging situation when Goldie disappeared without a trace. “Goldie is the type of dog who stays close to me even without a leash. One night, when I was sitting outside my store in Union City, I took Goldie outside to go potty and he strode toward a nearby bush like he always does. Assuming Goldie would return shortly like he always does, I was alarmed when he didn’t,” she voices out.

This transpired during the construction of K Café Patisserie & Tea house. “We were about to work on the mural where Goldie & Boba were going to be drawn and I couldn’t do anything except cry all day. We spent the next few days posting flyers, stopping by every business, gas station, school, church, and even knocked around nearby neighborhoods to ask if they had seen Goldie, but nobody knew his whereabouts. We spent a lot of time and money for online posts/ads with a two thousand dollar reward for whoever found Goldie,” she continues.

After five days, Kayla received a text and photo at midnight from a person who recognized Goldie. “I drove almost an hour to their huge and fancy house. The son of a nurse and dog owner was the one who found Goldie. From our store camera, we saw and recognized that he was the one who took Goldie, but only contacted us because he saw an online post about the reward money. Had I not been able to post multiple ads and provide the reward money, there’s a huge chance I wouldn’t be able to get Goldie back. Bad situations happen when you least expect them so it’s always good to be prepared. After exchanging the reward money, I was so relieved to get him back safe and sound. It was indeed a miracle to be reunited with Goldie. He was with me since he was a baby and I plan to take good care of him for the rest of his life,” she declares.

Although not everyone shares the same fondness for dogs as Kayla does, we can’t deny that they provide a life filled with purpose and give more than what they ask for. “The patience, responsibility, and commitment needed in owning a dog transform us into a more well-rounded person. A dog owner should be able to commit to taking good care of the dogs emotionally and financially. Dogs are expensive and crave attention just like babies who need care and playtime with their humans,” she verbalizes.


With her constant companions, Kayla is never lonely. Each time she comes home, Goldie and Boba bring a bright smile to her face. “Goldie and Boba make me so happy. I’m so used to having them around. It doesn’t matter how awful my day is, but once I get to cuddle and play with them, I can guarantee my mood will change instantly. Dogs make your life fun and less isolated. They will never stop loving you, nor will they desert you,” she conveys.

Kayla concludes this interview with advice for dog lovers like her. “First of all, get a puppy, since they’re more likely to get attached to you. Secondly, teach them tricks and potty train them right away because this will make your life so much easier. Thirdly, make sure you have enough time to spend together. Dogs miss their humans and can wait all day for you to come home. You don’t realize how happy they are to see you at the end of the day. Last but not least, give them all the unconditional love they deserve. Dogs don’t share the same life-span as humans, so every moment is precious.”

Kayla Dinh didn’t have to search far to find unconditional love, unadulterated bliss, and significant life. The strong bond she shares between Goldie and Boba truly defines a dog’s purpose and so much more.