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From the city of Tokyo to the World! Festival of light

Por: Susana Beltrán

4, February, 2022 en Luxury Trending

TOKYO LIGHTS was launched as a “festival of lights” to illuminate Japan’s Eminent Cosmopolitan International city, Tokyo and deliver hope to the world through entertainment and art. The event will be held from December 9 (Thu) ~12 (Sun), 2021, at the Meiji Memorial Picture Gallery and Rubber-ball Baseball Ground in MEIJI JINGŪ GAIEN and the
softball field at MEIJI JINGŪ GAIEN General Ball Ground.

The inaugural TOKYO LIGHTS event will feature a completely new form of visual and light expression, combining realistic performers, video technology, and cutting-edge fiber beam technology, created by the team behind「1minute Projection Mapping」, Asia’s Largest International Projection Mapping Competition, and the Futuristic Fireworks Entertainment 「STAR ISLAND」. This year’s International Projection Mapping Competition features 246 entries from 54 countries around the world, from which 19 finalists were selected through a rigorous criterion process. The Meiji Memorial Picture Gallery will be used as the canvas for the presentation of the outstanding works
selected from around the world. On the final day, the Grand Prix (Tokyo Governor’s Award) and other award-winning works will be announced at a public screening.

Tokyo lights
Tokyo lights

An iconic installation that embodies the concept of “Light from Tokyo to the World” will also appear at the venue, including a 100-meter-long laser tunnel and a symbolic pillar of light, where visitors can enjoy the extraordinary experience of walking slowly through the light, surrounded by illusory and mystic light and sound.

TOKYO LIGHTS is scheduled to host approximately 35,000 spectators over the four days. On the final day of the event, Sunday, Dec 12, the International Projection Mapping Competition will be open to the public, and the event will be broadcast live to the world. TOKYO LIGHTS is a festival of light that fuses the real with the virtual, using the latest technology on the stage of Diversity Tokyo, a city that has evolved and developed its own unique culture.


Launched in 2012, Asia’s largest international projection mapping competition, 「1minute Projection Mapping」, will finally make its Tokyo debut at TOKYO LIGHTS. The top 19 finalists have been selected from the world’s most impressive 1-minute (1 minute to 1 minute 59 seconds) works, and will be projected onto the canvas of the Meiji Memorial Picture Gallery of Art. Voting for the “Audience Award” will also be held on the website. For the opening special video, all participants will be required to wear 3D glasses to experience the new projection mapping with a 3D effect.


A 100-meter-long laser tunnel and symbolic pillars of light will be installed in the Meijijingu gaien Rubber-ball Baseball Ground, expressing illusory and enigmatic light with laser lights. An entertainment show combining performers with the most advanced fiber beam technology will also be featured.