Gaile Moreno cover
Gaile Moreno cover | Foto: Gaile Moreno cover

Expanding Horizons with Gaile Moreno

Por: Karen Limón

24, November, 2021 en Luxury Trending

From the penthouse, I was captivated by a bird’s eye view of the sun lingering toward the horizon, and had the wonderful opportunity to chat with Property Director, Gaile Moreno, who is as amazing as the residential property she works for. Nestled in the heart of the metropolis, Horizon Homes is the epitome of a luxurious lifestyle. “Horizon Homes is an exclusive residential building which is integrated with the Shangri-La hotel at Bonifacio Global City.” She beamed with pride. Horizon Homes is located at the corner of 3rd Avenue and 30th Street.

When I asked Gaile if she was scared of heights, she winked. “I dreamed of becoming a flight attendant, but this was the closest thing I got.” She pointed to the picturesque view of the Manila Golf’s 18th hole surrounded by skyscrapers. “I was fascinated with the idea of being able to travel to foreign countries and have been blessed with a family and a career which has shaped me to where I am today.” Although Gaile mostly keeps her feet on the ground, she’s not intimidated in engaging in high-risk sports. “I’m an adrenalin junkie,” she quipped. “I went sky diving and bungee jumping in New Zealand to tick off items in my bucket list.”

Gaile Moreno views of Horizon Homes
Gaile Moreno views of Horizon Homes

Gaile is the only girl among three siblings who learned to play rough with her two older brothers. Now an empowered, career-oriented woman, Gaile has 17 years of experience in property management and can almost do her job with her eyes closed. Gaile manages the common areas, security, housekeeping, finance and engineering and reports directly to the General Manager of the whole Shangri-La hotel complex. “I usually start my mornings with an operations meeting where we go through a recap of what happened and what needs to be addressed, followed by attending to the client’s concerns. We also prepare projects on how to upgrade our services,” she said.

Working for a stellar, topnotch residential property like Horizon Homes has not only been a prestigious job for Gaile. “My work enables me and gives me the privilege to influence my colleagues. When I was starting my career and hardly had the idea or skill to deliver what was expected of me, there were people who guided me and became my mentors. I will always be grateful for their patience and efforts which helped me reach where I am now. This is what inspired me to give back and share what I have learned and provide guidance to others who are starting their careers and want to achieve their goals. I’m grateful to be working for a company that values you and treats you like a professional.”

Gaile Moreno Horizon Homes Director
Gaile Moreno Horizon Homes Director

After concluding our interview, I took one last look at the property that swept me off my feet. Horizon Homes is not just a dream home, but a lifestyle destination. “I consider managing the most luxurious property in the Metro today an achievement and almost a dream come true,” Gaile disclosed with a radiant smile plastered on her face. “Along the way, having received commendations and awards while on the job was also a feather on my cap. I believe that success is not only what you have achieved but being fulfilled and have peace in what you do.”

Aside from offering an exquisite lifestyle of fine living in the city, what makes Horizon Homes special are the people behind it. Gaile Moreno is an enigmatic, hard-working and passionate woman who greets you with her dazzling smile and is there to provide residents with the magical experience they sought for. Although Horizon Homes truly made an impact on me, a big thanks to Gaile who added the vigor and spirit of an unforgettable experience.