DR. DANIELLE LANE, A Beacon of Hope

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8, June, 2022 en Business Concept

A Beacon of Hope

Geraldine Zialcita

Every decision bears a consequence that leads you to a path you may or may not appreciate. Most women face predicaments regarding motherhood and a career with the option of choosing one over the other for reasons they sometimes regret. But what if they can have it all―be a mother and still have an enriching career—and be good at both? Dr. Danielle Lane works behind the scenes to make this possible―to determine solutions designed for a woman’s needs—to equalize a woman’s role―to live the best of both worlds.

As a child, Danielle had a clear perception of a woman adept at embracing a career and a family. “I contemplated on what it would be like to be a badass career woman and a homemaker. Martha Stewart was my role model where I wanted to create crafts and host the perfect birthday parties while balancing a career,” she shares.


Danielle grew up in a traditional African American household during the 80s in Shakers, Ohio. Sharing a fondness for Math and Science, Danielle studied at McGill University before completing her medical training at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine, followed by her residency at Yale-New Haven Hospital and her fellowship at the University of California, San Francisco. “My parents built a strong foundation for me while growing up. My father was an engineer, and my mother had a Ph.D.—they forged the path for me to dream big and succeed. I went to an all-girls Catholic school, and while in med school, Women’s Health fascinated my interest. I wanted to help solve teenage pregnancy because those were the common issues back then. I found my true calling involving fertility for working moms,” she relays.

Danielle launched the Center for Reproductive Health at Kaiser Permanente in Napa-Solano in 2005, where she gained a broad knowledge and experience with fertility. Pushing the envelope, in 2009, Danielle established Lane Fertility Institute which now has more physicians and a revolutionary embryology laboratory. The center offers fertility treatments, IVF treatment, fertility preservation, IUI, ICSI, Embryo Cryopreservation, Alternative Family Planning, and PGS/PGD. “We live in a society where people are made to believe that we can have it all. It’s an American concept that is quite rare in other countries, yet biologically that’s not possible. I founded Lane Fertility Institute with a vision of serving as the gateway for women to achieve their goals. The preservation of eggs and embryos, acquiring a surrogate, and egg donations allow us to do that,” she states.

Lane Fertility Institute’s mission embodies teamwork and collaboration to assist women and serve as a bridge toward their fertility path. Danielle has written numerous scientific and patient articles. Her research interests consists of refining patient-sensitive protocols, fertility preservation using oocyte vitrification, ethnic variability in IVF response, and cultivating fertility awareness for women ages 25-35. Lane Fertility Institute consists of an embryology team, a clinical team, coordinators, and an administrative team with two branches located in Novato and San Francisco.

What Danielle loves most about her profession is the ability to provide women with options. Since her demographics consist mostly of career women, Danielle has defined the potential of balancing a career and motherhood. Lane Fertility Institute’s personalized and intimate setup enables them to build strong relationships with their clients. “I love that we can provide women with options. Lane Fertility Institute customizes an ideal treatment parallel to our patient’s needs. I aim to help a lot of people achieve their goals, so if they walk out with a baby that’s amazing. Positive results mean a lot to me,” she describes.

Danielle uses her voice as a channel to convey her practice integrated with gentleness, compassion, and integrity in a fostering environment. She listens to her client’s challenges and provides the best method to cater to their needs and goals. “The fertility industry is mostly male-dominated and there are only a handful of African American doctors. Since that categorizes me as a minority, I didn’t fit the role of what people were looking for. During that time, nobody wanted to hire me since they had different expectations. Yet, I kept a steady focus on my vision and discovered my voice which compelled me to open my own practice. Lane Fertility Institute signifies my love and commitment to help women define their fertility goals,” she imparts.


Going the extra mile, Danielle uses her platform to educate women about preserving their fertility. She strives to provide awareness and accessibility to working moms. “We are not a mass clinic and the people who come to our clinic understand our vision. I’m very active on social media like Tiktok and Instagram to reach out to as many women as I can,” she indicates.

Pegging away, Danielle initiated an egg donor agency when a rise in the demand for African American egg donors. “While searching for African American egg donors, I was surprised to learn there were none which compelled me to open my own egg donor agency. Our egg donor agency accepts all races, and 30% are women of color,” she explains.

Danielle is successful in raising a family and managing an important career. She values maintaining a harmonious and healthy relationship with her husband and is a proud mother of five kids. “I’m fortunate to operate my own fertility practice, have my own egg donor agency, be an African American woman to spearhead a fertility institute, and have the flexibility to be there for my husband and kids, especially during important occasions. Family always comes first, and I’m grateful for their support.” She smiles.

Despite the triumphs Danielle has accomplished through Lane Fertility Institute, she has encountered some challenges. “Although we aim for our services to be accessible for every woman, not all of them can afford what we offer. I decided to tieup with Invocell, a company that can provide financially-challenged women affordable packages for IUI and IVF treatments,” she informs.

Although Danielle is accomplished in her field, she understands the certain limitations of operating a business-oriented medical practice. Yet through her hard work, dedication, and commitment, Danielle has managed to establish her vision with the help of her stellar team. “I wish I pursued an MBA degree to empower me to delve deeper in learning the ropes on how to oversee a business. Being equipped with more business knowledge allows you to exercise better decisions, yet I’m always learning ways to improve the institute. It has taken people longer to appreciate what I do or take me seriously compared to my peers, but I believe I’ve proven my worth. I hope the next generation won’t have to work so hard to achieve their goals and be accepted by society,” she unveils.


While Juneteenth is designated to be a federal holiday, Danielle believes that this provides an opportunity for African American stories to be shared in a positive light. “Growing up in the US, where American history has been narrated through a singular lens provided limited information about African Americans. They hardly feature the accomplishments of African Americans and focus more on slavery and being poor victims. Juneteenth is a celebration for all the African Americans, and I wish this gives the ability for our children to navigate a different path,” she says.

Danielle hopes that Juneteenth brings awareness to the African American future and paves the way for a better tomorrow. “I’m aware of where we come from, how we got here, and where we are today. I always strive to keep doing better, to do greater, and to gain acceptance in our field. We need to have a representation for various fields and be accepted that we are fully capable of being professionals in society. History is important because it allows us to document how we continue to grow into space and how we can be successful,” she declares.


Danielle goes above and beyond her advocacy for fertility by inspiring the youth about their choices. “I speak to 5th graders about fertility and encourage them if they want to pursue a medical degree. I also educate college students about freezing their eggs in case they want to delay their pregnancy due to a career. I find ways to mentor other African American women who wish to follow the same path and inform them about the resources we have,” she briefs.

As she evolves in her career, Danielle will continue to focus on her egg donor and Invocell program and bring like-minded providers so they can provide their services all over California. More than anything, Danielle believes in being passionate about what you do, working hard, and doing what you love best. “We want to continue to provide access and awareness and hope to open a new lab and facilities. I always believe in being true to yourself. No matter how complicated life gets, you need to make the right decisions for the right reasons. Our field is difficult and some people may just be focusing on the benefits, but I want to help people,” she concludes.

Defying all odds and staying committed to her vision, Danielle has been instrumental in helping numerous women achieve their fertility goals. Danielle provides every woman with options and a chance to have it all with a greater purpose. Dr. Danielle Lane is a beacon of hope.