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Dalia Ceja’s Vineyards Success

Por: Karen Limón

24, November, 2021 en Luxury Trending

What do you think is the secret to success of Ceja Vineyards?

I’m a 3rd generation Latina working in our family business and I’ve seen my parents overcome all odds to go from vineyard workers to award winning vintners within less than 40 years. Our hard-work ethic, drive, passion and understanding of creating a high quality product and experience for consumers has placed our business in a unique and succesful platform in the wine industry.

What did it feel like to have been named the woman of the year in 2011?

Ecstatic, proud and humble. It felt empowering to be able to share my experiences, challenges and success stories with other women.

What do you consider the soul of Ceja Vineyards?

Family is everything. Embracing our rich Mexican heritage and intertwining our culture in all aspects of our business as been crucial to our success. Our motto at our wine tasting room is “nuestra casa es su casa,” if we don’t leave on hugging terms with our guests then we aren’t doing something right.

What was your best experience as a backpacker when traveling through South America?

Being able to travel to six countries, experiencing new cultures, traditions, cuisines and meeting people from all over the world. I not only grew as a person but I learned unforgettable lessons about soul searching and following your passions.

What has been your best culinary experience?

Having the opportunity to cook alongside both my Abuelitas and Mom learning their authentic Mexican family recipes. One of my favorites includes my Mom’s Jalisco Style Mole Poblano recipe!

What has been the biggest obstacle in your career path and what have your learn about this experience?

Being a young Latina woman and working in a pre-dominantly Caucasian and European male dominated industry. Education has been the fore front of my excellence to suceed and I pride myself with receiving a higher education learning the key elements of business. Having the tools and confidence to hold my own and be a wonderful face and ambassador to our brand has been empowering and enlightening.

To be a leader in this business, what do you recommend to an entrepreneur when starting his own wine company? Surround yourself with positive, driven and inspiring mentors. Don’t allow other people’s negative judgments and opinions cloud your decisions. Don’t hesitate to jump into starting a business. The hardest part is to take the leap of faith in yourself.

What has been the key for you to attract customers and mark their loyalty with the company?

Ceja Vineyards is 100% family run and operated. We have a different approach. We make customers feel like family while embracing our warm culture and love of pairing authentic Mexican cusine with our styles of wine.

How important is customer service for a business like Ceja Vineyards?

Customer service and hospitality has been crucial to the success of our business. Ceja Vineyards wouldn’t be where it is today without us having a great understanding (and reputation) of customer needs in relation to wine tasting experiences and having a great product to sell. It’s all about creating a connection and personal relationship with consumers.

What is your best childhood memory at Ceja Vineyards?

Growing up in the middle of our Pinot Noir vineyards. Harvest was a always a magical time of the year and my contribution as a little girl would be following my Dad and Uncles and vineyard crew picking up the fallen grape clusters and throwing them back in the yellow bins on the moving tractor. Even though I was a young girl, I knew what we were doing was something pretty special.

What motto do you love and live by?

My personal motto is tattooed on my forearm in Thai script that says, “live your passions,”and I intend to do so everyday.

How do you visualize the future of your family and your company?

This is just the beginning for our family and business. We are finally on the brink of breaking ground to build our Mission inspired wine production facility at our Napa Estate Vineyard. We want to pay homage to how wine was introduced to California via the Missions of Mexico while also highlighting our Mexican culture. Reflecting on my grandparents/parents journey of how they immigrated from Mexico with nothing but dreams of pursuing a better life for their children and then surpassing all barriers to build a winery. That is what I consider to be the ultimate American Dream.