Daisy Nguyen for Luxury Trending Magazine
Daisy Nguyen for Luxury Trending Magazine | Foto: Daisy Nguyen for Luxury Trending Magazine

Daisy Nguyen – The Voice of Beauty

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23, March, 2022 en Luxury Trending

The Voice of Beauty

by Geraldine Zialcita

Daisy Nguyen emerged into this world to bring beauty, joy, and confidence to every person she meets. Her keen eye, fervent touch, and endearing personality made headway to becoming a beauty specialist and eyebrow artist who has good intentions, understands your needs, and empowers you.

Born and raised in South Vietnam, Daisy’s childhood dream was to become a model since she admired how they dressed and marched down the catwalk. My parents were both doctors—my father was the director of the Medical Center and my mother was the head of the Obstetrics department— both had served in hospital for thirty-two years. Although the pay was less than the big hospitals, my parents chose to serve patients in a small town where there was always a shortage of doctors and medical resources. It was just enough for them to pay the bills and their heart was to treat patients in need. After school, I spent more time in the medical staff room than at home Although my parents didn’t spend too much time with me while growing up due to their schedule of treating so many patients who were in bad shape, I took great pride in their profession of helping others. Even though I didn’t become a doctor like them, their good example has inspired and motivated me to help other people.

Daisy Nguyen for Luxury Trending Magazine
Daisy Nguyen for Luxury Trending Magazine

Daisy moved to America in 2013 with minimal funds and without speaking a word of English. “My parents saved up all their money to send me to America. The value may not be worth much here, but it was their life savings composed of blood, sweat, and tears. I am very grateful to my parents for raising me to become the person I am today. Migrating to America proved to be challenging in terms of learning to adjust to a different culture and way of life. I used to be a shy, rather quiet person, but worked on my communication skills and acquired knowledge so I can adapt to American life,” she shares.

During the start of 2015, Daisy and her business partner invested in a beauty salon and she learned the ropes of the business. However, after six months. Daisy’s business partner quit and left her to run the business by herself. “Anxiety washed upon me since I was fairly new and didn’t have much knowledge or experience to operate a business. I also had to deal with many factors like my landlord, taxes, attorney, licenses, and permits. On top of that, my staff didn’t respect me because they thought I was silly and lacked experience,” she discloses.

Yet, that hiccup didn’t stop Daisy from obtaining all the necessary qualifications to practice on her own. She gathered her confidence and gained the courage to push the envelope forward. Within six months, Daisy completed all license and permit requirements so she could manage her business. “I worked ten to twelve hours a day, sometimes more. I would eat a quick lunch in my car so I could get back to my tasks and responsibilities. I often cried due to loneliness and exhaustion,” she reveals.

Despite the challenges she faced in living in a new country and presiding over her own business, Daisy continued to forge ahead. She learned and enhanced her beauty skills and focused on other services she could provide like manicures/pedicures, facials, waxing, eyelash extension, and permanent eyebrows. She also traveled to Europe and pursued online classes to hone her craft. “I have been practicing my craft and have gained a lot of customers. While permanent makeup has been popular in Asia and Europe for a long time, it has been a new trend in the US for five years now,” she informs.

Daisy Nguyen for Luxury Trending Magazine
Daisy Nguyen for Luxury Trending Magazine

Daisy was drawn to the beauty profession because it is a lucrative career, but witnessing the joy and transformation from her clients proved to be more meaningful. “I feel like I bring joy to many people by helping them learn to be more confident in life. It saves them a lot of time every morning, and instead of having to spend fifteen to thirty minutes to draw and shape their eyebrows, they can accomplish more rituals like savoring their coffee, catching up on their sleep, or being with family. Most of my clients have thanked me for their permanent brows which they confirm has changed their life and given them the reason to keep coming back for my services. This motivates and encourages me to work harder.” She smiles.

After two years, this relentless woman launched her second company called, Brows Studio which is located in Palo Alto, California. They provide eyebrow services which include microblading, microshading, ombré powder, etc. They also offer cosmetic services like lip blush and eyeliner. Other additional services are scalp microblading, eyebrow tattoo, eyebrow reshaping, eyebrow correction, and eyebrow maintenance. Daisy has a long list of clients who have referred her to their family members, colleagues, and acquaintances who have sought information. “We offer a free consultation during the initial visit and I always go the extra mile to exceed my client’s expectation. My goal is to provide luxury and comfort which can amplify their aura from within.” She beams with pride.

Daisy Nguyen for Luxury Trending Magazine
Daisy Nguyen for Luxury Trending Magazine

Since each person has different structured eyebrows, Daisy’s work of art is specialized to fit their needs. “I apply my understanding based on their preference, their natural eyebrows structure, and act like a little scientist to ensure the long-lasting effects on their natural skin with minimal risk or ramifications. Based on my client’s favor, I create a natural look with the right shape and color for their eyebrows. Each time they wake up in the morning, they feel confident and ready to face the day with their perfectly shaped eyebrows that can complement their style. It’s waterproof and looks great when swimming at the beach or pool,” she states.

Her services offer the benefits and convenience which enables you to spend more time doing the things you love. “My lip blushing and eyeliner services are semi-permanent makeup which enhances their beauty. I can match their lipstick to a fresh and natural look and the eyeliner can awaken and brighten one’s eyes. All of my pigmentation and permanent makeup supplies have been tested and used in more than two thousand procedures and have not produced any allergies or side effects. I also have other products like the eyebrows pomade which can create a natural eyebrow look, 3d eyebrows, or laminated brows looks. My team, clients, and I have also used the eyelash extensions for years,” she explains.

Daisy Nguyen for Luxury Trending Magazine
Daisy Nguyen for Luxury Trending Magazine

Blazing the trail and inspired to share her knowledge and skill, Daisy launched Daisy Nguyen Permanent Makeup & Academy where she offers a microblading and nano-shading plus ombre training course for three days from 11:00 am – 8:00 pm. Daisy believes that this is her way of empowering other women and giving back to the community. “I acquired students who wanted to learn the craft. My core team increased and kept growing. My clients became my students and my students became my assistants. I treat them like family and make them feel like the company is their home. They come to work feeling inspired, valued, and blessed,” she conveys.

Daisy’s definition of success doesn’t refer to how much money she makes, but about the ability to gather a group of positive, talented, ambitious, and supportive women together, to make miracles happen. “I base my achievements and success on the relationships I’ve established across the years. This involves helping the people I meet—clients, employees, friends. I aim to make their lives easier, increase their confidence, let them feel good about themselves, make them more attractive, be happier, and teach them to practice self-love each day. Working to pay your bills doesn’t contribute joy, but being surrounded by people who I can share, support, and laugh with brings true happiness and is what I live for,” she imparts.

Daisy Nguyen for Luxury Trending Magazine
Daisy Nguyen for Luxury Trending Magazine

This dynamic woman has never forgotten her humble beginnings and has kept her Vietnamese principles and values comprised of loyalty, thoughtfulness, and caring for loved ones. “ I really had nothing when I came here—no money, no family, no home. Yet, what I brought with me was a belief in myself which has carried me a long way from where I started. If I can do it, so can you. Never give up on your dreams,” she concludes.

Daisy’s resilience, unwavering spirit, and determination paved the way to a favorable outcome. As she evolves in her career, she wants everyone to know that beneath every eyebrow she contours, eyeliner she applies, or lip that she colors, is a remarkable woman who has your back, empowers you, and brings out the best in you. Daisy Nguyen serves as The Voice of Beauty.

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