Bespoke Chiron Pur Sport cover
Bespoke Chiron Pur Sport cover | Foto: Bespoke Chiron Pur Sport cover

‘Bugatti Sur Mesure ’ : Official Customization Program Begins with Bespoke Chiron Pur Sport

Por: Susana Beltrán

24, December, 2021 en Luxury Trending

112 years after Bugatti’s birth in Molheim, France, three defining elements remain at the heart of the brand’s customer service: tradition, innovation and the finest craftsmanship. With the world’s best engineers and designers, a new performance paradigm combined with an unprecedented level of personalization, today – in response to growing customer demands – Bugatti is formalizing its bespoke customization program: “Bugatti Sur Mesure”

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Translating to “bespoke”, Bugatti Sur Mesure builds on the brand’s distinguished history in body construction, handcrafted interiors, paint, embroidery and bodywork, and brings together the collective knowledge of its experienced designers and engineers to Develop a completely new program to meet the growing customer demand for hyper-custom designs, materials and finishes. As part of the official program, with the personal support of the Bugatti Sur Mesure team, customers will be guided in the world of possibilities open to them. The number of exterior colours and leather finishes when configuring a Bugatti is virtually limitless, but for those who want to go the extra mile and create a truly unique piece of personalised automotive art, the Bugatti Sur Mesure is available. From the initial design concept From vehicle production to final delivery, customers get the full Molsheim experience.

Expanding upon excellence

In recent years, Bugatti has demonstrated the ability to personalize its supercars. The Veyron collection “Les Légendes de Bugatti” set new standards in 2013 with the launch of six exclusive models, each personalized with a unique exterior and interior, celebrating the brand’s individual heroes.

In 2019, the “Zebra 1 of 1” was launched – a special order for Qatari customers. Featuring an intricate colour scheme of Titanic Blue and Fire Grey, the supercar was hand-painted over three weeks by Bugatti’s talented craftsmen.

In 2021, the now-famous “ladybug” exemplifies the extent to which Bugatti is able to intricately customize its supercars. Over the course of 18 months, a highly complex geometric dynamic algorithmic decay pattern was developed for the body of the Divo, showing how Bugatti continues to push the boundaries to achieve the client’s vision.

Bugatti Chiron Pur Sport
Bugatti Chiron Pur Sport

A source of inspiration

Now, Bugatti Sur Mesure presents its first client project, inspired by the exploits of the famous 20th century racing driver Louis Chiron. The legend of the Bugatti brand continues to resonate with customers and passionate fans of the brand around the world. The early racing pioneers who drove Bugatti prototypes are still fascinated and admired for their courage and talent on the track. Her spirit lives on today and is the true source of the unique Chiron Pur Sport personalisation. Louis Chiron’s numerous Bugatti victories include his legendary victory with Achille Varzi at the 1931 French Grand Prix in a Bugatti Type 51 (numbered “32”). This completely hand-painted figure now proudly adorns Bugatti’s modern supercar as one of many bespoke designs developed exclusively for this client. Two new exterior colors were created to pay homage to the legendary Grand Prix racing Bugattis of the ‘20s and ‘30s.


The Bugatti Sur Mesure team has also developed a new faded ‘EB’ paint pattern, meticulously hand-applied, with multiple layers of ‘EB’ embroidery on the door panels. Both require the development of new technologies and processes by the Bugatti Sur Mesure team. The “32” and “Grand Prix” themes run throughout the cabin, including the special black anodized aluminum center console insert with hand-painted inscriptions in silver. The pattern extends to the door sill trims, headrests and entry lamps. Subtle branding can also be found, identifying the model as a rare and unique item in the collection.

Hendrik Malinowski, Managing Director of Bugatti Sales and Marketing, commented: “We have been working with our customers over the years to develop their personal vision of the ultimate supercar. It has always been a highly bespoke process, but as we increasingly Customers crave detailed and intricate customization and the introduction of the Bugatti Sur Mesure will ensure that we can meet their wishes with the perfect level of detail that Bugatti requires.

“Our clients are often deeply intrigued by Bugatti’s motorsport lineage, and it’s fitting that the first Sur Mesure commission should pay homage to one of our great racing icons. We’re so taken with this creation that we intend to make many of this customer’s ideas available to more of our clients with the Chiron Pur Sport.”