La Bouteille Noire Bugatti and Champagne Carbon collab cover
La Bouteille Noire Bugatti and Champagne Carbon collab cover | Foto: La Bouteille Noire Bugatti and Champagne Carbon collab cover

Bugatti and Champagne Carbon Reveal ‘La Bouteille Noire‘

Por: Karen Limón

23, December, 2021 en Luxury Trending

In 2019, Bugatti presented the ultimate expression of its uncompromising approach to supercars with “La Voiture Noire”. Handcrafted to represent perfect form and finish, this unique bespoke piece is inspired by one of Bugatti’s most iconic historic models, the Type 57 SC Atlantic. Now, Bugatti and Champagne Carbon’s latest unique creation: “La Bouteille Noire”.

Bugatti and Champagne Carbon have been collaborating since 2018, both from the Grand Est region of France, both committed to transforming the knowledge and expertise accumulated during their proud history into an innovative present and future, always striving for perfection . The first manifestation of the collaboration was the launch of “ƎB.01”, a champagne composed of 90% Chardonnay and 10% Pinot Noir. Since 2002, only grapes from the best terroirs of the Champagne region are used; it was the year in which Bugatti went all out for a modern revival and Veyron, while the Grand Est region has perfect climatic conditions, high ripeness and champagne flavors Full-bodied.

Inspired by the couture designs of La Voiture Noire, Bugatti and Champagne Carbon now present the world’s most spectacular handcrafted champagne bottle and box: the one-off La Bouteille Noire. A 15-liter carbon fiber bottle itself is the result of a 150-hour, 37-step process, firmly housed in a sculptural case inspired by the fluid elegance of La Voiture Noire and the 57 SC Atlantic. With sheer finishes and clean lines, the visual flow of the handcrafted case is completely undisturbed, save for the microfiber structure hidden beneath the deep gloss black finish.

The chassis itself is a masterpiece, constructed from 314 individual pre-impregnated carbon fiber panels, just like the materials used in Bugatti’s advanced range of supercars. Cutting-edge technology inside includes an automatic solid-state thermodynamic cooling unit – typically found in orbiting satellites – and 14 high-end fans that circulate cool air throughout the enclosure.

La Bouteille Noire sits on a bright red base, itself a miniature reimagining of La Voiture Noire’s elegant taillight – a flowing lighting panel without seams. It is here recreated from a piece of cut acrylic glass, illuminated by red LEDs, and contains the jewel-like lettering of BUGATTI on a brushed natural aluminium surface.

The stainless steel case opens and closes at the touch of a button and is bathed in soft blue light. The doors themselves are adorned with a piece of laser-cut aluminum that mimics the 57SC Atlantic’s center spoiler, and open with engineered hinges and custom transmissions to reveal the luxurious interior. Another automatic system releases the bottleneck when the door is gently opened, and it is fixed when closed. The interior is in fine-grained Havana leather – as in La Voiture Noire – softly illuminated by aluminium LED lights, creating a dramatic stage that puts the bottle and its contents right in the foreground.

Alexandre Mea, CEO of Champagne Carbon, said: “With a creation as spectacular as ‘La Bouteille Noire’, it was only right to pair it with one of our most spectacular vintages. This time we chose a 60% Chardonnay A 2000 cuvée made from Lilac and 40% Pinot Noir. Celebrating the start of the new millennium, 2000 was marked by a relatively mild winter, followed by a series of summer temperatures during the flowering season. It is characterized by intense vegetable, Aromas of pepper and white fruit, the result of the best grand crus that the Champagne vineyards have offered us. Each brings its own surprise to beautify this cuvée.”

Alexandre Mea, CEO, Champagne Carbon, says: “With a creation as spectacular as ‘La Bouteille Noire’ it was only right that we pair it with one of our most spectacular vintages. On this occasion, we have chosen a 2000 Vintage blend of 60% Chardonnay and 40% Pinot Noir. Celebrating the beginning of a new millennium, the year 2000 was marked by a relatively mild winter followed by a succession of summer temperatures throughout the flowering period. It’s characterized by rich notes of vegetables, pepper and white fruits – the result of the finest Grands Crus that the Champagne vineyards offer us. Each one brings its own surprises to magnify this cuvee.”

La Bouteille Noire was revealed this week at a private event at The Londoner, London’s newest five-star hotel and the world’s first super boutique residence. Exclusive restaurant “8 at the Londoner” lists ƎB.01 as the most exclusive champagne bottle in its cellar. Bugatti ‘La Voiture Noire’ will be on display in a luminous glass case in front of The Londoner Hotel in Leicester Square until 1 December.