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Exclusive interview with Aylin Mujica

Por: Karen Limón

23, November, 2021 en Luxury Trending

This beautiful and talented actress, singer and presenter, began her artistic career at the age of eight years in her native Cuba, where I study ballet and performance and was highlighted in various plays, feature films and documentaries as Así Es, ¿Os Parece?, Girón Bajo la Tierra Inundada and La Bella de la Alhambra.

In 1994, the year he arrived in Mexico, he dabbled in the soap operas and became known internationally. Due to his impressive interpretation of Fabiola’s character in his first novel La Dueña, Aylín received the ACE Award as Latin Revelation of the Year and the Golden Sun as a youth actress revelation.

After this great success, continued standing out in various productions such as Canción de Amor, Señora (his first protagonist), Yacaranday, Agua y Aceite, and La Heredera. In Mexico, he also stood out in film and theater in films such as El Jinete de Acero, Trinidad and La Bella de la Alhambra, and works like, El Protagonista, Drácula y Cinderella.

In addition, she received great acclaim by Incursing as a host of the ” Tempranito ” program, which was why he was awarded the best revelation tv hostess and Gold Microphone Award.

In the 2004 Mujica fulfilled his dream of presenting his first album called “Aylin”, a 12-topic CD completely addressed to Latina women. Aylín joined the Telemundo network in 2006 in the successful novel “Marina”, where he also represented two characters with great public welcome.

We invite you to enjoy the interview made by our team, so that you know a little more about this stunning woman.

If you were your reflection in the mirror, how would you describe Aylin Mujica?

A brave woman who has not stopped being a girl, with fears fear of failure and death.

How is a normal day of your life?

I get up early to leave my daughter at school, then to the gym to my spinning class, then manicure, pedicure or facial, then I come home to cook something healthy, Cuban food.

What do you like most in your free time?

In my free time I like to go to the beach, sometimes go sailing on the boat one of my favorite hobbies is being on the boat, and being with my little daughter violet.

We always see you shining, stunning, and dressed in perfect fashion for every occasion. What do you have in mind when selecting your clothes when you go shopping?
When I go shopping in a normal day, I always think of buying comfortable clothes for the day, as I also love to dress casual and above all be very comfortable, unless you i am looking for some specific look for an event.

What are the beauty tips you would give to the readers to look as spectacular as you?
Drink a lot of water, drink natural juices, I love spinning because I really enjoy music, you know how to find balance, body, soul, never go to bed without removing makeup ,sunscreen, i’m a self-proclaimed sunblockbully and of course using beauty products from HG kosmetics.

After such a delicate situation, like the one you lived in the Mexican earthquake, what words would you give to those who have lost everything in similar situations?

In those moments it is very difficult, to say something that can alleviate that type of pain, what I always say is that the most important thing is to be alive, and to be able to tell it, I know it is very hard I lived the last earthquake of September 2017 and there is no words that describe the panic that you feel, it is as if you feel that you are going to die at that moment, but if you survive we have to give thanks that we are alive, you have to get up, the material comes and goes, to live is the most dangerous thing that life has ,but it is the most valuable thing that we have, and even she does not belong to us.

Who is that person you identify as inspiring for your career?
My mother is the woman I admire the most in this life, she is a warrior, she sees the positive side of life all the time, she is an example to follow.

Do you think being a public figure is a means to give a positive contribution to the development of our society?

100% Yes, the public follows you, imitates you, wants to be like you, so by having power with my voice I always give positive messages and encouragement.

If you could bring to happy end a single thing of many that you have wished, which of them would be?

Be eternal and never leave this world, I love LIFE a lot.

What are you most passionate about in your profession?

The applause of the public, the beautiful words you hear when they recognize your work.

What does it represent to you, to be part of our cover?

For an artist it is always a pleasure to be in the cover of a magazine, especially if it is a magazine that talks about women, talent and beauty.

What do you attribute to the success you have had in each of the projects carried out?

Working with dedication and passion always brings success and represents each character with truth, if that happens in the end it is inevitable the applause and recognition.

If at some point in your life, would you have had the opportunity to dedicate yourself to another profession, what would you have liked to do?

I would be a psychologist, I love working with the human mind and going beyond, it’s very complex.

What do you consider to be the sweet and sourness of: acting, dancing, modeling and singing?

The sweet thing is to let your imagination fly and become different people using the same body, it’s a dance to freedom, is a very funny type of neurosis, it sounds crazy but that’s the way it is.

How do you perceive the fact of being so admired and loved in this age of social networks?

I’m scared you know, and nobody looks at your eyes at a table in a restaurant, everyone is aware of how many likes you have in your last picture, but if I have to admit that it makes me happy to realize that I have more than 30 k views in a photo, although I think I have to admit that it is also a way to share cultures, and now it’s definitely a place of inspiration for me. I turn to social media often for ideas for my looks.

What do you think has been your greatest learning in the last five years?

My greatest learning: Each morning we are born again, what we do today is what matters most,the secret to living well and longer is eat half,walk double, laugh triple and love without measure.

Tell us some of the projects you can talk about, that you have for this 2018

2018 theater tour, two series and continue with projects in social networks.

What are the tips and recommendations that a Successful person like you, would give to the girls and guys Who dream of coming there?

Perseverance and that there is nothing more important than following your dreams, if there are no goals to follow, there are no achievements. You can never be sure what the future will bring but i can’t wait to find out.

Thanks a lot Aylin To be part of our magazine, we are very proud that you are our image in this edition. Millions of blessings and successes countless for you, and of course we hope it’s not the last time you’re on our cover.

It has been a pleasure for me to answer these questions and be part of the cover of this edition, thank you very much I hope to see you soon.