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Audi’s gastronomy service supports the European Chicken Commitment

Por: Susana Beltrán

23, December, 2021 en Luxury Trending

Ingolstadt/Neckarsulm, December 14, 2021 – Audi has always focused on sustainability and animal welfare in its gourmet products. Audi is now the first automaker to join the European Chicken Pledge. This means that until 2026 at the latest, Audi will only buy chicken for its restaurants in Germany that meets animal welfare standards and exceeds minimum legal standards.

Audi is further expanding its commitment to gastronomic sustainability. To improve animal welfare in the supply chain, Audi has now joined the European Chicken Pledge. The initiative sets livestock standards that go beyond minimum legal standards. Among other things, they provide animals with more space and daylight and are designed to counteract over-breeding. Habitat and easy-to-manage pecking material support breeding that is more beneficial to welfare. In addition to the Albert Schweitzer Foundation, around 30 non-governmental organizations (NGOs) join forces with companies in the food industry to address the most pressing problems facing broilers across Europe.

Audi and European Chicken Commitment

Consistent sustainability strategy from Audi’s gastronomy service

With respect to feeding its staff, Audi makes sustainability a central component of every strategic decision. “By joining the European Chicken Commitment, we are sending a clear signal to meat producers and assuring them that we are available as a buyer,” says Victoria Broscheit, head of Audi’s gastronomy service. “In order to address the improvements, we are now entering into a dialog with our suppliers.” The signatories ensure transparency through audits with annual public reports on our progress toward implementing and complying with standards.

Audi’s food and beverages are always based on sustainable standards: nutrition, environment, animal welfare and social well-being that promote employee health. In this way, Audi also continuously reduces CO2 emissions, food waste and packaging materials in its cuisine, and ensures compliance with social standards in the supply chain.

In the spirit of good-neighborliness, Audi also relies on regional producers from the region around Audi’s large Ingolstadt and Neckarsulm sites for employee catering. In addition to feeding around 60,000 employees at its German plants, Audi Catering also makes an important contribution to sustainable and healthy nutrition in the workplace.