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17, March, 2022 en Luxury Trending

The Financial Coach
by Geraldine Zialcita

Are you confused about the right balance when it comes to your investments? Are you unsure about having enough money for retirement? Are you ready to take the first step toward financial freedom? If you answered yes to all these questions, you’re not alone. Amy Wasser, Founder, WWM & Wealth Advisor, RJFS, serves as a guide that examines your financial health, develops a detailed plan customized to your needs, and strives to deliver favorable solutions to
enrich your life and help ease your financial stress.

Amy’s childhood dream was to be a singer acknowledging that the power of music can evoke positive emotions in people. “Musicians give a piece of themselves to create art for the whole world to enjoy. I never realized it back then, but creating that happy space for people and giving back has always been a part of me. I didn’t understand that when I was young, but it makes more sense now. My husband always jokes with me, ‘You’re the giver, and I’m the taker.’
It seems to work out for us,” she shares. “As for singing, unfortunately I’m tone deaf so I’ll stick to financial planning.”

Amy draws inspiration from helping and pleasing people especially when it comes to public speaking. She values keeping the audience interested by teaching in a way that captures and keeps their attention. She started her career in the marketing industry but had her first taste with numbers as a newlywed couple in the military overseas. “My husband was an officer in Germany. We did not buy the latest and greatest things but instead invested small amounts of money every month. Our small investment added up to be a nice nest egg, which allowed us to make life decisions and changes, like getting out of the military. I wanted to coach people to achieve that same financial freedom. So many people just need to learn to treat themselves like a bill, pay themselves and save money for their future,” she informs.

AMY WASSER for Luxury Trending Magazine
AMY WASSER for Luxury Trending Magazine

Amy acquired her bachelor’s degree from Colorado State University and bears an AAMS® professional designation and CFP® certification, which are authorized by the Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards, Inc. She spearheaded Wasser Wealth Management, aligned with Raymond James Financial Services which is one of the largest independent financial services firms in the country. Wasser Wealth Management offers financial & retirement planning, portfolio management, longevity planning, and succession planning. The company caters to individuals and families, business owners, retirees, sudden wealth recipients, widowers and women investors.

Decades of experience, ample research, and effective guidance have helped Amy and her team to build and establish strong relationships with their clients. They harness their clients’ ability to organize their wealth, realize their goals, secure their future and extend their legacy.

Her personal approach, keen assessment and customized strategies have paved her way to success. While working with Edward Jones, this remarkable woman served three years in an advisory role for the Edward Jones Investment Policy Advisory Committee. Amy also attended all of the Edward Jones Women’s Conferences, an annual event that celebrated the success of the firm’s top women financial advisors across North America.* Amy wore multiple hats serving numerous regional leadership roles, coaching, and providing financial advice to regional financial advisors to cultivate their client experiences.

AMY WASSER for Luxury Trending Magazine
AMY WASSER for Luxury Trending Magazine

Amy is a Wealth Advisor who works with her clients in a personalized manner, treating their situation as their own and creating plans to suit their own goals. She values the relationships she has established with her clients. “My team and I develop new systems to enhance our client’s experience. We set weekly, monthly, and annual goals and prepare tomorrow today (thank you, business coach, Jason Selk.) I love customizing plans for each client as well as watching those plans manifest into reality— to be able to retire comfortably, travel more, buy properties, thrive after a divorce, and carry on after a loved one passes away. I get to be there with my clients during these life events. It’s rewarding to assist them in their path to financial freedom,” she relays.

Over the years of being a Wealth Advisor, Amy has gained knowledge, acquired wisdom, and honed her skills. She has learned that it’s not all about the money, but about the valuable relationships she has built with her clients. “Listening is so important. I’m not just a money manager, I’m a coach, a therapist, and a guide. People are funny when it comes to their money, they prefer to do the opposite of what they should do when market downturns occur. Some investors will exercise the wrong decision with investing if they don’t have proper guidance – very rarely buying low and selling high,” she describes.

Her greatest achievements are being a mother, a wife of twenty-eight years and building a business from scratch twenty-two years ago where she has positively influenced the lives of her clients. To express her gratitude and celebrate her blessings, Amy has coached and mentored many women in the financial planning industry. “I’ve spent the last twenty years giving back to those in my industry to include an initiative to increase the number of female financial advisors in our territory,” she says. As a leader in her field and an empowered woman, Amy believes in being authentic, caring, and bringing her best attributes to the table. She leads by example, listens more than talks, and enables her team to take ownership in this journey they have with clients. “Leaders inspire and care for the people they work with. It’s about doing the best job and doing what is right. It’s about embracing opportunity with fierce optimism and maximizing individual talents for the benefit of the team.”

Despite her success, Amy has encountered some challenges. “It was less than optimal to enter the industry when there weren’t many women and it was a ‘good old boy’ network. Despite that, I was welcomed, and had the opportunity to prove my worth. Surviving and thriving through four major market downturns and building my business from scratch in a town where I had no previous relationships was difficult, but it is something that I am proud of. I continue to be energized by connecting with clients and celebrating small and large accomplishments. I
choose to focus on the positive and spend time with the people that make me happy,” she imparts.

Known for her thoughtfulness, kindness, and generosity, Amy is an avid supporter of the Alzheimer’s Association, the American Cancer Society, and the Parkinson’s Foundation. She was also the previous president and current member of the Rotary Club of Pleasant Hill, and a board member of the Pleasant Hill Rotary Foundation. When she’s not working, Amy spends time with family and friends, loves horseback riding and traveling with her husband and
daughter. Amy embraces her core values of integrity, passion, humility, and kindness. As she evolves in her career and continues to reinvent herself, she hopes to be the best she can be. “I plan to keep on doing what I’m doing, learn something new every day, lift the people around me, and enjoy every step of the way. I hope to have a positive impact on as many people as possible.


I believe in giving back,” she concludes. With her personalized approach, Amy utilizes her extensive planning skills, creates a solid foundation that involves understanding her client’s needs, provides critical analysis exploring a range of favorable options, and calculates risks to build a strong portfolio. Amy Wasser acts as a financial coach and guide helping clients to reach financial freedom.

AMY WASSER for Luxury Trending Magazine
AMY WASSER for Luxury Trending Magazine

*Membership was based on fiscal year production and required an advisor to be in the top 250 women financial advisors in the firm. Re-qualification was required annually. The ranking may not be representative of any one client’s experience, is not an endorsement, and is not indicative of an advisor’s future performance. No fee was paid
in exchange for this award/rating. Raymond James is not affiliated with Edward Jones.

Securities offered through Raymond James Financial Services, Inc., member FINRA/SIPC. Investment advisory services are offered through Raymond James Financial Service Advisors, Inc. Wasser Wealth Management is not a registered broker/dealer and is independent of Raymond James Financial Services.

Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards, Inc. owns the certification marks CFP®, Certified Financial
Planner™ and federally registered CRP (with flame logo) in the U.S., which it awards to individuals who
successfully complete CFP Board’s initial and ongoing certification requirements.

Writer: GERALDINE ZIALCITA @geraldineauthor

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