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Amanda Lauren: a perfect inspiration for luxury brands

Por: Karen Limón

23, November, 2021 en Luxury Trending

How would you define the word “LUXURY”, Amanda?

Beyond what is necessary and something that not everyone can afford. Extravagant.

This is our September issue. What’s your first fashion memory?

As a child I remember Jellies. Maybe this isn’t really a thing in the international world of fashion, but as a kid, I remember these shoes called Jellies. They were all different colors made out of gel-type material, and some even had glitter. I had a pair in every color to match every outfit. This was the beginning of my love for shoes! Shoes truly can make or break an outfit and change it entirely. I rocked all the Jellies (side pony included). I just dated myself… lol.

Amanda Lauren photoshoot
Amanda Lauren photoshoot

Jellies gave you joy. Can you tell us about the wardrobe you used for the shooting?

Sure. We shot on location in the U.K. on this beautiful farm called Shirkoak, and I wore many different pieces from Italian luxury brand Collini Milano… which were all fantastic. Every scene had its own unique theme. For example, in one set, I was watering plants outdoors while wearing this pink bodysuit with puffed shoulders. In another, I am on a tree swing while wearing a Collini red fur coat, a gold harness, black hot pants, and some badass green knee-high (which could be thigh-high) boots. Those boots were like my modern Jellies.

One that sticks out was wearing the gorgeous feather dress and orange heels while sipping tea. It was a very high glam British high tea. As this was shot in Ashbury in England at a farmhouse, this was quite fitting. The thing I like about Collini is that all of the pieces allow you to feel something different. Some, like the feather dress, gave off a more sophisticated vibe with a hint of flamboyancy with the feathers. And then, on the contrary, the red fur coat with the green knee-high boots really brought out the fun, sexy side of me. This is what I love about fashion and Collini; there is truly something for every mood.

Amanda Lauren Photoshoot Blue dress
Amanda Lauren Photoshoot Blue Dress

How would you define the Collini Milano brand?

For me, the essence of Collini is about freedom. Freedom to be bold, to express yourself, and to be whom you want to be- whatever that may be. It’s a bold brand in every sense of the word. In today’s social climate, I think this is really in line with a lot of the transitions we see concerning equality and gender identity. Let’s not forget luxury… the brand screams luxury!

Where do you take your inspiration from?

It sounds ridiculous to say, but when it comes to modelling, I’m inspired by strong, sexy and smart women. Sharon Stone is a great example of this, and she truly inspires me. As for model inspirations, I am a huge fan of Hailey Bieber, for her street style and Bella Hadid is just an icon of our time. They are both inspiring, but way out of my league!

How did the inspiration from these women show up on your cover shoot?

I channeled Sharon Stone all the way! Sharon Stone would actually be a great fit to model Collini, I think. In the shoot, it was all about embracing femininity for me. Some scenes, like the tea, the mood was sophistication. In the boat scene, which I think is the cover, I played more of a sombre yet fearless runaway bride. The scene where I swang on the tree swing was sexy and bold while embracing my inner child. It all roots back to freedom of expression and being bold enough to be yourself, whatever the occasion. This is the essence of Sharon Stone and the essence of Collini as well.

Amanda Lauren photoshoot garden
Amanda Lauren in a garden

What did you like most about working with Collini?

The obvious is the clothes, but I must say apart from the obvious, the team is extraordinary, starting from the top with the owner, Carmine Rotondanaro. Carmine is a creative genius and has a deep appreciation for art. He encompasses equal parts of both the left and right part of the brain. He’s also not afraid to express himself, and that’s evident in everything that he does and says. Globally, the team is very welcoming and non-judgemental. There is so much creative freedom allowed, and it manifests in some really great content. I think that’s what I love the most – the people, the freedom of creativity and self-expression.

What has been the funniest moment of this photoshoot?

Honestly, that’s a very hard question! We may have spent more time laughing than anything else. There was a tree swing involved, and I can say that for me, that was the most fun and carefree. We also had a lot of one-liners throughout the process. At one point, they covered me in tulle on a boat and Paulo the videographer mentioned the word “unveiled” and “bride” to which I then said “and she’s never coming back” which is in line with something very historically accurate (I was a runaway bride myself). We had a great crew, and it was undoubtedly one of the most adventurous and fun shoots yet.

Amanda Lauren photoshoot
Amanda Lauren photoshoot

Were you a runaway bride?

I was, yes. I was engaged to a man I was with for four and a half years. We lived together for 3.5. Unfortunately, both the man and the life were not for me, so I decided to end the engagement six weeks before the wedding date. It wasn’t easy, and I disappointed some people, but also I inspired others to be brave in the face of difficult decisions. If you aren’t true to yourself and authentic, then you’re living a lie, and it affects everyone. All that said, I wish him well and hope he’s living his best life!

What do you think is the perfect outfit for a romantic date?

That really depends on what you’d like to imply in the date. Suppose the objective is to be provocative and seductive. In that case, the dress or outfit may look entirely different than the first date with a gentleman you’re meeting for the first time or plan to pursue the prospect of something serious. The setting also matters.

What’s a jewel that should never be missing for an important date?

Diamonds are great for some things as are pearls. However, they lack color. If you want to add color to a white or black ensemble, it’s always lovely to have jewels in all sorts of colors. I love emeralds and rubies.