The new Diavel becomes V4
The new Diavel becomes V4 | Foto: The new Diavel becomes V4

The new Diavel becomes V4

Por: Diego Cerón

31, October, 2022 en Luxclub

-Adopting the V4 Granturismo engine, performance and riding pleasure of Ducati Diavel become even more exhilarating

-Spectacular lighting system and a bursting exhaust render the muscular and organic style typical of Diavel even more distinctive

-13 kg lighter for even more surprising riding performances

The new Diavel becomes V4
The new Diavel becomes V4

Borgo Panigale (Bologna, Italy), October 28, 2022 – Ducati World 2023 Episode 6 Ducati presents the new Diavel V4 as the first web series.

Diavel V4 is unique, distinctive and has an explosive personality. With the introduction The advanced V4 Granturismo engine makes Diavel’s performance even more amazing. Ducati’s 1,158cc V4 is the ideal engine for muscle men, with 168 hp and 12.8 kg of torque Cruiser is able to combine low-rev linearity with powerful full-range torque from delivery.

Muscular, sporty, exaggerated and graceful coexist to catch the eye In context, Diavel V4 synthesizes these distant technical, dynamic and stylistic features From sporty nudes to muscle cruisers. It caters to the wishes of many different motorcyclists, From sports enthusiasts looking for more comfortable and stylish bikes to those who want Experience motorcycles in a more urban and relaxed environment for performance enthusiasts and Imagery related to drag racing.

The Ducati Diavel V4 surprises with its dynamic and pleasing performance, its capabilities Enjoy sporty driving, impressive acceleration and deceleration, and low-speed parry thrills Speed ​​doesn’t go unnoticed thanks to the unmistakable presence of the stage. Not to mention this bike Surprisingly it is suitable for mid-range touring and provides a truly amazing comfort for rider and rider passenger.


Unmistakable line

At first glance, Diavel V4 conveys a significant presence. Muscular, tenacious, The broad “shoulders” and proud quad tailpipes immediately underline the complex engine architecture. The Diavel V4 draws inspiration from muscle cars, Superhero aesthetics, recreating the image of an athlete ready to sprint Blocks, central mass in the front, nimble and streamlined in the rear.

The signature front and rear lights and apparently full LED indicators also contribute to this The obvious look of Diavel V4. Front daytime running lights* change shape with a double C-profile, Developed from previous stylistic features. The taillights consist of a dot matrix The LEDs located under the rear, also have a distinct Ducati optical signature: unique and Spectacular solution that makes the bike instantly recognizable. Dynamic Indicators *Yes Integrated into the handlebar, in front of the brake and clutch actuation reservoirs.

Another unique element of the Diavel V4 is the massive 240/45 rear tire. wheel is a Five-spoke alloy with contoured decorative machined surface, one of the most refined alloys Aesthetic elements of Diavel V4.

The new Diavel becomes V4
The new Diavel becomes V4

The Diavel inherited the 1,158cc V4 Granturismo engine, the A technology choice that enhances performance, power and driving pleasure at the same time Thanks also to the cleverly chosen counter-rotating crankshaft gyroscopic effect while increasing the agility of the bike.

Powerful (168 hp), high torque per revolution (12.8 kgm peak at 7,500 rpm, 0.5 Not just the Multistrada V4), but also very light and compact, the V4 Granturismo ( Desmosedici Stradale from Panigale V4 and Streetfighter V4) at the same time Smooth, regular and enjoyable from the lowest revs. Another feature of it is the low operating cost, Major service every 60,000 km (world record value) and at Advanced shutdown system brings fuel economy and emissions. This feature will be disabled The rear seats are not only at rest, but also at low speeds Reduce engine load.

The dual-pulse firing sequence has been greatly developed along with the dedicated exhaust system The focus on “sound quality” is a clear hallmark of the V4 Granturismo. That An advanced rear cylinder deactivation system that enables the engine to function as Two or four cylinders have imperceptible transitions due to their smoothness Changes in exhaust tone when switching from one mode to another. a deep If there are only two front cylinders, the sound, lower in frequency, is characteristic of the V4 Granturismo is active. On the other hand, when all four cylinders are on, the frequency becomes higher operate.


Chassis and ergonomics

The exhilarating performance of the V4 Granturismo engine combines with astonishing agility and the power of this motorcycle. The fuel-free kerb weight of the Diavel V4 is 223kg, Saves over 13kg compared to Diavel 1260 S (engine -5, vehicle -8), This is thanks to the lightness of the V4 Granturismo and the specific operation of its many components. All this with improved and effective components, featuring an inverted 50mm fork and Cantilever shock absorbers, all fully adjustable. Braking systems rely on Brembo Stylema calipers and dual 330mm discs up front.

The result is a motorcycle capable of amazing acceleration and deceleration. actually 168 hp V4 Granturismo combines the performance of 240/45 rear and special tires The gearbox can go from 0 to 100 km/h in less than 3 inches, a very impressive boost. ® Super Sport Brake System with 330mm discs and Brembo Stylema calipers On the other hand, ensuring record-breaking drivability with peak deceleration values ​​up to 11.5 m/s: general eigenvalue for racing cars, only a very good 2 can achieve Precise calibration of the ABS system.

Riders – can enjoy a low seat (790mm off the ground), center and high pedals The handlebar is 20mm narrower than the Diavel 1260, making it easier to handle, especially when Motorized – Located in the center of the bike, the seating position also conveys a visual feel control and confidence.

Firmer rear wheel suspension also significantly improves comfort on long journeys 15mm of suspension travel and, most importantly, a wide, well-defined seat designed for maximum freedom Freedom of movement in all directions therefore also offers the efficiency advantage of a sporty driving style. Passengers can rely on spacious and comfortable seats and footrests under the rear and a retractable rear handle. Foot pedals and handlebars are barely visible when closed position, and together with the standard and easy-to-install passenger seat cover, In just a few simple steps, the Diavel V4 can be converted from a two-seater to a single-seater.

The new Diavel becomes V4
The new Diavel becomes V4

Drivers can appreciate the performance of the Diavel V4 thanks to the comprehensive The electronic kit accentuates the sporty, naked soul of this motorcycle. Diavel V4 provides three Performance mode and four riding modes: Sport, Touring, Urban and new Wet, designed for Grip surface. Ride modes allow riders to customize engine performance and Intervention of driver assistance systems (Ducati Traction Control in Cornering Version, ABS Cornering and Ducati Wheelie Control) to suit the rider’s situation and preferences.

Cruise Control makes highway transfers easier, while Launch Control takes care of hot weather Start-up and Ducati Quick Shift up/down make shifting less tiring and more efficient overall Competitive riding.

The rider can control all electronic systems via the handlebar and backlit controls on the handlebar The new 5-inch colour TFT dashboard also offers Bluetooth connectivity to pair with a smartphone and use it for calls, texts and music, or to use the turn-by-turn navigation system (available as an accessory) via the Ducati Link app.



Enthusiasts looking to improve the Diavel V4’s touring capabilities will Ducati Performance catalog, starting with semi-rigid cabinets with a total capacity of 48 liters, the Diavel V4 is ready (no frame required), together with the passenger backrest and The Touring Plex makes driving comfortable, even with passengers. The sportier side of the Diavel V4, On the other hand, it is reinforced by a street-legal muffler with cover and four titanium end cap. Billet parts, carbon parts, forged wheels and red or black brake calipers Expand the personalization possibilities of the new Diavel V4.

The new Diavel becomes V4
The new Diavel becomes V4
Colors and availability

The new Diavel V4 will arrive in European dealerships in January 2023 (February 2023). 2023 USA) Classic Ducati Red or Thrilling Black.

A video of the Diavel V4 in action can be seen on Ducati’s official YouTube channel. press kit For more information, all pictures of the new model can be found on Ducati Media a house.

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