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Billy Rovzar, the producer who made tequila a television hit

Por: Edward Rueda

19, April, 2022 en Business Concept

The Mexican opens his life in a pleasant interview with Spanish presenter Mar Saura for “Vivir es Increíble” by @gnpseguros

Tequila is a drink that, just by drinking it, is able to awaken passions and accelerate hearts. Thus, it is not surprising that this Mexican distillate has generated a revolution by jumping to the screens through Monarca, the successful Netflix series released in 2019.

To talk about the process behind the story of intrigue, romance and power that envelops the Carranza family (the protagonists of the blockbuster), Spanish actress, entrepreneur and presenter Mar Saura chatted with Mexican producer Billy Rovzar, one of the creative minds behind the project.

This is what he revealed to him during the live stream of “Living is Amazing”, broadcast through the Instagram account of @gnpseguros

Billy Rovzar y Claudia Álvarez
Billy Rovzar y Claudia Álvarez

Pioneers worldwide

Since its launch, Monarca captivated Spanish-speaking viewers thanks to its intricate plot, powerful characters and colorful audiovisual production. So, when introducing Billy Rovzar, Mar Saura did not hesitate to praise the efforts made by this producer and his team. “You were talking so nice about Monarca that I thought ‘I better let him talk nice about the series before saying anything else,'” Billy said jokingly, continuing the friendly and relaxed tone established by the renowned Spanish celebrity at the start of the live.

Describing his experience making this series, Billy Rovzar confessed, “It’s one of our most incredible projects. I think it was very fatherly to tell the story of a Mexican family and tequila, something that had not been done in the format in which we did it.”

And it is that Monarca follows in the footsteps of the powerful Carranza, a dynasty of tequila businessmen that will have to overcome numerous difficulties, both within its own nucleus and abroad: a dramatic bet that had not been made around the most Mexican drink.

Is the producer born or made?

Thus, when Mar Saura questioned Billy Rovzar about the lessons and learnings received during the making of the series, he replied: “It’s a bit contradictory, but we have found that people like to see the characters suffer.”

In addition, he also emphasized that, in addition to learning to develop a lot of patience, the producer’s job is to remain in a constant search. “As a producer you can’t say ‘this is my project or I’m dying with this one’. It’s like when you go to the sea and you think ‘I’m going for that gigantic sea monster’, but on the way you throw the fishing rod into the water,” Billy Rovzar offered as an example.

Once the importance of cultivating patience was defined, Mar Saura asked his guest if in his work it was more important to be lucky or to be prepared, to which he replied: “I believe a lot in being prepared, in reading a lot. I believe very much in always soaking up new tools so that when the opportunity comes you can call luck to your aid,” Rovzar said as he pointed to the books behind him, a sign of his commitment to constant learning.

Finally, close to concluding the streaming, Mar Saura launched his closing question: “Is there something you would like to produce in the future that you have not done so far?” Without much thought, the Mexican producer stated, “I’ve always wanted to do something about time travel; I am passionate about time travel and hope to one day work on such a project.”

Thus, the broadcast from the @gnpeseguros account ended with a last reminder by Billy Rovzar “Living is incredible!” .

About Billy

RovzarBilly Rovzar is a Mexican television, film and theater producer. In 2003, together with his brother Fernando Rovzar, he founded the production house ‘Lemon Films’, which has changed its name to ‘Lemon Studios’. Just one year after its creation, Billy Rovzar makes one of the most successful Mexican films in the country: Matando Cabos (2004), starring Tony Dalton and Kristoff Raczynski. In 2006, he produced the most acclaimed Mexican horror film, Kilómetro 31 (2007) and the action film Sultanes de sur (2007). He was the producer of hits such as Salvando al Soldado Pérez (2010), La última muerte (2010), Después de Lucia (2012) and Hasta que la boda nos separe (2018). He has also been a producer of successful Mexican television series such as M13DOS, El diez, Paramédicos, La piloto and Señor Ávila, with which he won an International Emmy. Producer of the staging The work that goes wrong and the successful series Monarch for the Netflix platform, among others.

About Mar Saura

Born in Barcelona, Mar Saura began her career as a model on the catwalk and as the protagonist of important advertising campaigns nationally and internationally, such as Bulgari’s global campaign for “Save the Children”, in which she was portrayed by the prestigious Italian photographer Fabrizio Ferr.

Photo Mar Saura courtesy: @LideresLatinosMx
Photo Mar Saura courtesy: @LideresLatinosMx

After finishing a solid and important career as a model, Mar Saura continued to collaborate with great designers, while moving to television, as a presenter and actress. After two years as presenter of “Mírame” on Antena 3, Saura was the image of the network for six years, presenting various programs and campaigns of the years 2000, 2001 and 2002, as well as host of the special program of end of the year for Spanish Television, the years 2004, 2005 and 2006. In 2015 and 2017 he presented the gala of the Special Kings of Spanish TV.

His foray into Spanish cinema came from the hand of Asegarce with the film “El Rey de la Granja”. In 2009, the actress, requested by HBO, travels to Mexico to record “Cappadocia”, a leading series in audience throughout Latin America. That same year, HBO chose her to represent the network at the “Emmy Awards” in New York, delivering one of the awards and thus being the first Spanish in history to deliver an award of such category. It is then, when the director Antonio Serrano, chooses her to be part of the cast of the film “Hidalgo Moliére”.

His latest works in Spanish cinema have been The Beginning by Benito Zambrano (2016), La Puerta Abierta by Marina Seresesky (2016), El mundo es suyo by Alfonso Sánchez (2018) and ¿Qué te juegas? by Inés de León (2018).

Currently, in addition, her work as an actress and model has taken charge as image and director of the advertising campaigns of the insurer GNP encompassed in the last four years #VivirEsIncreíble

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