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The process that Valerie Domínguez has had to overcome insecurities

Por: Edward Rueda

10, June, 2022 en Lust Affair

The process that Valerie Domínguez has had to overcome insecurities

The renowned actress of Te la dedico said that she has lived a constant struggle to feel comfortable with herself.

Valerie Domínguez is one of the actresses and presenters with the greatest recognition in Colombia, as the Barranquilla has stood out in remembered productions such as Hasta que la Plata nos Separe and “El último matrimonio feliz”; and now we see the actress in the role of “La Mona” in I dedicate her to you.

The former queen is enjoying her stage of being a new mom with her partner, the also model Juan David El Pollo Echeverri, because the birth of Thiago Echeverri Domínguez has been a great event for this couple, who have not stopped sharing their happiness and part of the growth of the baby on social networks.

valerie dominguez
valerie dominguez

Also, the actress after her pregnancy has taken her influence on social networks to share messages of self-improvement, self-love and empowerment, because it is something that her followers enjoy to the fullest, proof of this was her most recent publication on her official Instagram account.

Valerie Domínguez’s message of self-love

The Barranquillera decided to publish some photographs in which she wears a modern and sensual outfit, which was composed of a crop top, shorts, a transparent dress, leather boots and a hat, which highlight her stunning figure and make her look empowered woman.

Along with the attractive photos he shared a message of self-love in which he expressed part of his experience in his constant struggle of self-acceptance, as he expressed that everything is part of a process.

“Feeling comfortable in your own skin is a process! No one is free of insecurities (believe it or not) the key is to have compassion in the process, but the reality is that we are all gaining perspective.”

Her outfit stole all the looks and praise from her more than two million followers who took advantage of the publication to highlight her beauty and safety.

“The one who can, Pretty; Mamacita linda; There are legs but YOUR LEGS; The leg so defined God… greetings to thiago; You are Divine and it is not the physical… we see and appreciate that many of us. It is your essence; How beautiful and beautiful; Nothing better to start the day, than a good hot coffee and a beautiful and sensual hot woman; apart from being the best actress she is the most divine; Delicious cosota.”

Definitely this beautiful actress always surprises with her content on social networks, where her beauty, charisma and essence makes more than one sigh.