Laura Franco driving a BMW cover Latin Affair
Laura Franco driving a BMW cover Latin Affair | Foto: Laura Franco driving a BMW cover Latin Affair

Laura Franco: a young model from Medellin

Por: Karen Limón

19, January, 2022 en Lust Affair

Laura Franco, a 26-year-old model born in the city of Medellín, a student of business administration and photography, has lived part of her life outside of Colombia where she has worked in the world of modeling and has returned to continue her career in the country. Laura is convinced that success is achieved with talent and discipline, so she takes care of and trains her body daily without neglecting her intellectual and spiritual part. She enjoys traveling the world, eating sushi, seafood and pasta, but values much more to reunite with his family in Medellin and enjoy a bandeja paisa. His life motto “Take advantage of every day that the universe gives you, being aware that life has an end”. Photography is a complement to her modeling career that has helped her understand that when time runs out, only an image can bring you back to that moment. Laura firmly believes that doing business in Colombia is the best contribution to the country, so she is preparing hard to make her business project a reality. She defines herself as a persevering, noble and risky woman, who knows that the dreams that come true are those that involve her own well-being and extend to more people. You can follow her on instagram

Laura Franco and a red BMW
Laura Franco and a red BMW photo for Latin Affair