Dj queen cover for Latin Affair
Dj queen cover for Latin Affair | Foto: Dj queen cover for Latin Affair

Juliana Cadena aka Dj Queen for Latin Affair

Por: Susana Beltrán

26, January, 2022 en Lust Affair

DJ QUEEN, is a renowned Colombian artist, a pioneer in presenting herself as a female DJ in an environment dominated at that time by men, opening the way for all those young people who venture into this career, yes, putting a very high bar for those who take risks to it today. Juliana began her career as a model at the age of 18 and was the image of hundreds of advertising campaigns, worked for years as a protocol model in positioning and launching of different brands recognized nationally and internationally, to later have her own modeling agency called STAR GROUP She studied acting and worked in different productions on the small screen, she was also a dancer for different reggaeton groups and orchestras in Colombia. DJ QUEEN never thought being a DJ was a road hit that definitely changed his life. A dj who knew her at that time proposed to teach her and I assure her that it would be a HIT since at that time there were no female djs and even more so with her characteristics, dancer, model, actress, she had everything an artist needed to be successful and famous … and that’s how it was, that’s how DJ QUEEN began. In 2010, the director of PLAYBOY Colombia magazine proposed that she appear in the magazine in a musical edition, being the cover and catapulting herself as the 1st Colombian Playboy DJ, for later in 2015, she would be invited to become a Playmate Venezuela, additionally in the 2012 was the special cover of the international publication LATINA Magazine, by PLPG – Publicom Latina Publishing Group.

DJ QUEEN was cataloged by SYBARITE magazine as one of the 10 sexiest DJs in the world along with PARIS HILTON, being the only Colombian DJ to have been awarded this title.

Nominated as Best New Female DJ 2015 and Best DJ House 2016 by the Colombia Dance Awards.

DJ QUEEN has performed in 16 countries including Ecuador, Panama, Guatemala, Peru, El Salvador, the Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, Aruba, Honduras, Nicaragua, Mexico, Israel, France and the United States, among others, and has played on platforms being the opening act for artists such as DJ Tiesto, Tego Calderón, Alexis y Fido, Pipe Peláez, Don Omar, Mr. Black, De La Guetto and Tony Dize.

DJ QUEEN has been controversial for her work since she is the only Colombian DJ who plays with very sensual outfits and with a different and very striking staging, she has caused commotion and has left her mark for her good music, her great performance and her spectacular show, being a pioneer as the first FEMALE DJ within this wonderful career.

Currently DJ QUEEN is writing her book “LIVING WITH A PSYCHOPAT.”

And her free time (which is little, given her intense musical activity) is dedicated to doing charity work for street dwellers and waste pickers, bringing them a plate of food a week.

During the quarantine, and after overcoming the COVID-19 virus, she has prepared to resume her national and international tours hand in hand with her life as an artist, and a model for several magazine covers in Colombia and the United States.

Photography: Giorgio Del Vecchio