Luisa Escobar for Latin Affair MAgazine cover
Luisa Escobar for Latin Affair MAgazine cover | Foto: Luisa Escobar for Latin Affair MAgazine cover

Interview with Luisa Escobar for Latin Affair Mag

Por: Susana Beltrán

19, January, 2022 en Lust Affair

I consider myself a dreamy and persevering person with a strong character, I am 23 years old and I am an international businessstudent. I am a woman who enjoys family time, a good book and a coffee. I am passionate about photography, good music and traveling. I lead a healthy lifestyle, with good nutrition, exercise and healthy habits.

An important aspect in my life is that I try to put into practice the teachings of KABBALAH, where what I should focus on is being a good person and helping others. One of the most difficult moments was to abandon my studies of Public Accounting to study Photography outside the country, without knowing the risks I ran since I decided to orient myself towards my goals to be able to become a film producer. I feel appalled and I am clear that I cannot stop because I have to achieve my goals both personally and professionally.

My biggest motivation is my mom and my children; my mother because together we are one and is my unconditional support and my children because they are my strength to build my future and see them happy fills me with joy. I enjoy traveling because I like nature and being able to learn from new cultures.

At the moment I am a student of international business,in 2015 I started studies at Contaduria Publica, but a year later my life had a 180-degree turn leading to make radical decisions within which I am settling in Chile to study photography. When I returned to Colombia I found the opportunity to enter the modeling industry, since then modeling became a new challenge and now it is my passion, in which I hope to go very far. Nowadays I set out to undertake a new project which has to do with creating a place where women can relax, pamper themselves and feel beautiful and confident in themselves.

Luisa Escobar photo for Latin Affair Mag
Luisa Escobar photo for Latin Affair Mag


What does it mean to you to be an entrepreneur?

For me, being an entrepreneur means achieving my goals and dreams with the maximum effort necessary.

What was your motivation for becoming a cultural entrepreneur?


What does your company do?

My entrepreneurship project is to create a place where women can relax and pamper themselves so that they can feel more beautiful and confident in themselves.

What have been the biggest difficulties as a woman you encountered in this job?

One of the most difficult things has been the competitiveness that exists in the environment.

There will be those who think you are very lucky, so also tell us about the difficult times you have lived until you got here. One of the most difficult moments was to leave my family to travel to another country fulfilling a new challenge.

Some time ago you commented that you would like to inspire people, make them believe in the success of their ideas and projects. Don’t you think that, somehow, you are achieving it by your own example?

Of course, one of the objectives of every entrepreneur is to inspire others to feel that fulfilling their goals and dreams is possible after a great effort come the joys to enjoy your achievements.

What is the most sacrificial thing to fulfill your dreams?

One of the biggest sacrifices is the time with my family since in the execution of these projects and in the marketing tasks there are trips and events in which I must choose between continuing with my dreams forward or enjoying with my family;butobviously when I can have the time to share with my children I dedicate 100% to be an excellent mother and to give them my quality time showing them the example of dedication that mothers must do.

Luisa Escobar and her pink mac
Luisa Escobar and her pink MAC

Did you never think about abandoning it?

Of course there are difficult moments, especially at the beginning of the projects but in order not to give up you must think about the satisfaction that will offer you to achieve your goals and being a persevering woman the last option is to abandon what I propose.

A question: what did you want to be “when you grow up”?

Since she was a child, she dreamed of being a fashion designer, being an independent and a

You have opened many doors, but have others been closed to you?

In life I have gone through difficult times in which many doors have been closed to me as to everyone, but that has not taken away my motivation to abandon my dreams so much so that they have given me strength to move forward

Do you think there is an objective formula that allows any entrepreneur to achieve success?

No formulas do not exist, the only action plan is known by each one and depends on the attitude of entrepreneurship that each person has,and more than a formula it is about being a good butsna and helping others.

How far would you be willing to go to achieve your career goals?

When you are on the way to fulfill your dreams you do not think about limits, but you must always be clear that limits do not exist as long as they are acts that are within the law.

Could you give us a definition of what you mean by success?

You achieve success when your project stands on its own for a long period, when you can already feel calm and begin to enjoy the blessings of what you have achieved.

How do you define your style, who inspires you?

My greatest inspiration is the people who fight unattainably for their dreams and purposes.

What have you learned from your previous successes?

That obstacles always arise, but you must be persevering and not give up easily.

Can you imagine yourself in the future without working? How would you like to see yourself in a few years?

Not without working I do not imagine, because in the future my project will be successful I will always be at the forefront of it, thinking about improvements and any opportunity for growth and expansion.

Are you satisfied with how often you receive recognition for your works?

Yes although there are not yet many recognitions but each small recognition drives me to move forward.

Do you consider recognition to have real value when you receive it?

Of course, a recognition has no value since as I told you before all recognition means one more impulse to move forward with your project.

To almost finish the interview, being so young, what goals would you like to achieve?

In the short and medium term my only goal currently is to launch the launch of my spa of which I want to have several locations where my clients can satisfy their needs and feel it as a pleasant place.

What advice would you give to women entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs or those who want to become entrepreneurs?

That they make the decision to start a business, is not an easy path but it is the most satisfactory path for a woman and especially because with your effort your children will be the most grateful and happy.