Diana Noris, Actress, Model, Philanthropist and Artist
Diana Noris, Actress, Model, Philanthropist and Artist | Foto: Diana Noris, Actress, Model, Philanthropist and Artist

Diana Noris, Actress, Model, Philanthropist and Artist

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23, June, 2022 en Lust Affair

Diana Noris has made a name for herself by mastering a diverse set of skills. Actress, artist, model, spokesperson, author, columnist, animal activist & advocate. These are just a few of this Puerto Rican beauty’s many talents. Showbiz spoke with the Renaissance woman about her love for animals, life and her career after moving a year ago from Miami to live in Washington DC and New York and making her colorful mark with vigor. Diana shared with us that it was a kind of a “culture shock” moving fro Miami to the northeast because the culture is way more conservative and the film industry is extremely hard to get into, especially for a Latina. The actress tells us she is also working as a casting associate which she adores because she gets to experience the other side of the industry. Also, we learned part of her goals is to become one of the main Casting Directors in the North East and would love to share her time between Boston and Los Angeles. “However, in the meantime, I am adjusting and getting used to DC. I am enjoying the rich and exquisite culture and absolutely loving the history, monuments and making new memories with new friends and colleagues”.
Experiencing the best of both worlds, Diana Laura considers Puerto Rico and Argentina home. Born and raised in Puerto Rico, her mother’s family lives in Mendoza, Argentina, from where this starlet’s culture and essence stem.

Diana Noris, Actress, Model, Philanthropist and Artist
Diana Noris, Actress, Model, Philanthropist and Artist


Diana Noris is an Actress, Artist, Writer, Animal Activist, President of Women in the Arts Miami and a very active Philanthropist. The actress combines her genuine nature, philanthropy & humility…..it equates to a Q-rating that is rising very, very rapidly!!

Diana has grazed the covers of about 20 magazines. She has been working in over 50 films and soap operas in the American and Latin Market. The actress has a non-profit organization called “Women in the Arts USA’ which hosts the yearly awards since September 18th, 2009.

Diana has not only held her own in major motion picture productions but gained the respect and praise from industry colleagues. Diana was born and raised in Puerto Rico with Argentinean and German family. She resides between Washington, DC and Los Angeles. Her acting education started in New York City at the demanding acting school “Stella Adler” where she polished her craft,

Noris, who has always been characterized as being a genuine woman, has been busy working on productions all over the nation, she recently worked on her character “Countess Natal” bringing it to life in the TV series “Sangre Negra” (starring Erik Estrada, Eric Roberts, and Antonio Mckay). Stay tuned and catch up with “Sangre Negra” this winter airing on “El Rey Network”.

Last year Noris was a part of Dwayne Johnson’s hugely-anticipated new project, HBO’s Ballers. You can also find her starring in The Familia, a mafia story. These days, the hot actress was part of the Premiere “Devil’s Five” in Seattle, WA in September- she plays a principal role as Vala Schneider (a woman possessed by the devil). “It was such a beautiful moment to share with our Director. the attendees that came to support us to the Premiere in Everett, WA. gave us such amazing reviews and feedback.! and Everett is such a beautiful town.” The film was directed by Terry Reid Wickham in New York and set for distribution in early 2020, Diana shared the spotlight with Ralf Scheepers, the lead singer of the European band “Primal Fear.”

Diana Noris, Actress, Model, Philanthropist and Artist
Diana Noris, Actress, Model, Philanthropist and Artist

As part of her new upcoming projects, Diana shared with us that she was just cast to play Sasha Cooper in the horror film “Mary” who starts filming soon. The thespian also said she feels ecstatic about working on the set of “Henri” a local film who took place in Fort Pearce, FL. She played Maria, the girlfriend of the talented and seasoned actor Eric Roberts (Julia Robert’s Brother). Recently finished filming “The Rack Pack” in North Carolina, “The Mountaineer” in West Virginia, “La Vida en Negro”, “Decay” with Spanish Director Arturo de la O and currently om pre-production for a film that she has been very close to “Scarlett and the mobster” which pilot will be filmed in Los Angeles this winter, followed by the horror film “Shriekshow” currently filming in Maryland and directed by Brad Twiggs.
Between the amazing news, she also shared with us her recent award from the Florence Film Associated Press at the People’s Choice Awards. The press was captivated by our Miami Based actress’s participation in the film “Love Deepens”, which will Premiere in February of 2017 in Italy.

This mover & shaker woman is also the President of the “Women in the Arts USA”. Noris founded Women in the Arts Miami in 2009 and she will be hosting the Awards for the fifth time this year. Her Organization Recognizes and honors the wealth of talent in our state pursuing excellence in their craft. An organization by and for individuals in the Fine and Performing, their purpose is to promote and offer exposure to those working in the Arts, Theater, as well as the entertainment industry.

Her fans and followers can read more details about her projects at her new website DianaNoris.com.

Diana Noris, Actress, Model, Philanthropist and Artist
Diana Noris, Actress, Model, Philanthropist and Artist


World renown artist, Diana Noris is sought after for the most personalized and custom Artwork. Diana captures people’s memories and favorite things with her paintbrush. Her distinct three-dimensional creative concepts and style brings life and charm to any room.
Time grew up in San Juan, PR with her mom which is a Fashion Designer. Being surrounded by creativity, Diana had the confidence to play with art and create her own style. She attended FIT in New York and INTFA in Miami where she graduated with a degree in Fashion Design concentration in Fine Arts as well as studied in Puerto Rico a Bachelor’s in Communications.

Diana began by painting and personalizing Art as a way to earn additional money in college. She had gotten the idea while creating her “croquis” which are the figures used for designing clothes and combining it with Painting on a Canvas. She needed a personal touch to make the art different so she decided to add a three-dimensional touch with rhinestones, fabrics, lace, leather, pearls, Swarovski crystals, paper, feathers and even make up! sealed on the canvas, which she uses to make the face more real. Diana Laura soon began taking orders for her custom Artwork and was ready to take her talents to the next level. She had an Art Gallery in Hollywood Florida but because of her career as an Actress booming, she had to close it down to divide her time between Miami and Los Angeles. Some of the repeated customer’s clients of Diana Laura are Carmen Electra, Pamela Anderson, Enrique Iglesias, Supermodel Christy Turlington, Linda Evangelista, and many Supermodels, Boutiques and Restaurants that order their artwork custom made.

Diana Noris, Actress, Model, Philanthropist and Artist
Diana Noris, Actress, Model, Philanthropist and Artist


Diana Noris is a strong believer that the more you give, the more you get back. She supports as many Charity events as she can. She loves volunteering and giving back to the Community. “I encourage you to give and volunteer as much as you can”. Diana adds “ It’s a very rewarding and amazing feeling.
The animal activist has an undeniable joy and passion for animals. With a weakness for cats, she supports a myriad of causes. She frequently donates her time to the Humane Society of DC and Baltimore, Urgent Cats of Miami, and works hand-in-hand with Peta in Washington DC.
In May 2017, Diana was honored by the Boys and Girls Club as one of the 100 Outstanding women of Broward, FL.
Mrs. Noris also volunteers her time with these organizations:
Miami Rescue Mission.
Every fall, they serve over 250,000 life-transforming meals to hungry, homeless people here in the Miami-Dade area.
Humane Society of Greater Miami, DC, and Baltimore.
The Humane Society is a limited admit, adoption guarantee facility dedicated to placing every dog and cat into a loving home, and to promoting responsible pet ownership and spay/neuter programs.
Volunteer with Kids – StJude.org
Help St. Jude Children’s Hospital. Finding Cures. Saving Children.
Ranked #1 Hospital for Pediatric Cancer
Boys & Girls Club
Volunteering at a Boys & Girls Club is a great way to help teach young people valuable life lessons and learn something about yourself in return.


About Women in the Arts Miami (WITA)
Diana Noris founded WITA in 2009, with a purpose to recognize the wealth of talent in South Florida and to help artists and filmmakers pursuing excellence in their craft.
Recognizes and honors the wealth of talent in our state pursuing excellence in their craft. A non-profit organization by and for individuals in the Fine and Performing our purpose is to promote and offer valuable exposure to those working in the Visual Arts, Media, Music, Theater, Dance, as well as the entertainment and Literature.

“I am very excited about our annual event. Every we expect a Red Carpet ablaze with local press and media coverage, admiring fans of the many popular Artists, Designers, Models, and devoted Philanthropists that will be attending. It will be a great night where we will be able to recognize the wealth of world-class talent right here in our own backyard!” Diana says.

It is the goal of WITA to raise the visibility of local professional talent and encourage increased production of television, film and stage projects in the whole nation, as well as to become a valuable network resource for aspiring creative professionals.