Angelica Florezz for Latin Affair cover
Angelica Florezz for Latin Affair cover | Foto: Angelica Florezz for Latin Affair cover

Angelica Florezz and her interesting life

Por: Susana Beltrán

19, January, 2022 en Lust Affair

Angelica Florez is a mother, professional model and business administrator, she is 26 years old, she was born in Villavicencio where she currently lives. She began her modeling career from the age of 15 where she began to participate in catwalks and reigns as an Elite model, EXPOLLANO in Villavicencio and the fashion circle in Bogotá During her career she has participated in different events of modeling, photography, advertising campaigns and protocol; as well as being the image of several brands such as the company Fit 2 Go and clothing stores in his city. Her life develops between being a mother, a model and an athlete. Exercise is part of her life, she loves to dance, enjoys Zumba and trains for two hours from Monday to Friday. As a professional he also plans to develop his own businesses, currently runs an online sportswear store and is working on a new business idea.

Angelica Florezz for Latin Affair
Angelica Florezz for Latin Affair

Angelica considers herself a woman with character, entrepreneurial, competitive, she likes challenges and excelling in what she does although she also recognizes that she is impatient and does not like unpunctuality. She loves to share with her family, she loves going to the movies with her friends, traveling, going to dinner and resting. Her favorite food is Sushi, vanilla ice cream, and chocolates. Each project is a new challenge that Angelica is obsessed with fulfilling, dreams of having a home, traveling the world, creating her own company and reaching the peak of her career as a professional model.

Instagram: @angelicaflorezz