ADRIANA COVALEDA cover for Latin Affair
ADRIANA COVALEDA cover for Latin Affair | Foto: ADRIANA COVALEDA cover for Latin Affair

Adriana Covaleda tells us her story

Por: Susana Beltrán

19, January, 2022 en Lust Affair

I was born in neiva-Huila I am the oldest of 3 brothers, I am a dreamy, passionate, sincere woman who has faced the world as it is without fear of anything, being realistic and always having her feet on the ground where she has had to fight for what she wants that is me!!! I am of sign leo therefore I am a woman of character and extrovert, the truth very few things affect me, I have a strong heart but the things that move me without a doubt is my family and everything that has to do with it, there are things that also touch my heart as a beautiful love story and I can also say that I am affected by the strong news that happens in our country, that’s my sensitive side. I love to travel, I think I have given myself pleasure doing always I choose as a destination the beach for me is paradise, I am a good daughter, sister, friend, companion therefore I am sure that all the blessings that come to my life is for it, there is no doubt for me that you are what you are here in life is where you pay everything you do, I believe in God and in our Lady as the good Catholic that I am. I like to be as I am, I like my body and if I were given to choose to change some part of my body I would not do it, I am a grateful woman for what I am and what I have, it fills me with pride to see myself as a model and every time I finish a photo shoot I feel more confident to do what I do, I like to recognize my talent.

Adriana Covaleda for Latin Affair