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Mika Kubo actress | Foto: Mika Kubo actress

Raising star actress Mika Kubo breaks stereotypes and racial barriers in a new role

Por: Karen Limón

23, November, 2021 en Sleb

California-born up and coming actress Mika Kubo, is no stranger to the limelight. Kubo, a classically trained dancer and seasoned theater actress, appeared in 2018’s Transformers movie “Bumblebee,” has high-profile gigs in her portfolio – including Netflix’s animated series “Monkart” and “Float” on Disney+ – and has been featured in a string of T.V. commercials for world-renown brands such as Apple and Pepsi. Her latest? A fun, vibrant spot for the beverage company which aired during the 2020 Super Bowl playoffs.

Now, Kubo whose acting chops are on full display in Tinder’s interactive mini-series “Swipe Night,” a mobile-specific show in which viewers can select alternate endings and receive notifications and vibrations on their phones as part of the immersive storytelling experience, and who is bilingual, is taking her talents to the Spanish-language television market, marking her debut with La Suerte de Loli.

“At first glance, I play somewhat of an antagonist. Angie may seem intolerable and conniving but at the end of the day, I think she’s just an extremely competitive person and unwaveringly loyal friend” Said Kubo. “I don’t know why but I always get cast in these mean or cunning roles. But it’s fun, I feel like it really allows me to step outside my own personality” said Kubo.

In La Suerte de Loli, the mexican-japanese actress, shares the screen with telenovela actresses Silvia Navarro and Gaby Espino and actor Osvaldo Benavides. Navarro portrays Loli Aguilar, a successful executive producer at Global Radio Group, who puts career first and everything else on the back burner. She loves her fun, commitment-free life, but has her world flipped on its head when her best friend Mariana (Jacky Bracamontes), suddenly dies leaving her everything: including her two children. Kubo plays Angie, the best friend and confidant of Paulina (Gaby Espino), who’s married to Rafael (Osvaldo Benavides) who’s also *gasp* Loli’s love interest!

“The opportunity to play characters who aren’t playing into stereotypes, that are more complex, and have more depth [as a Latina and as an Asian] is very exciting,” said Kubo. “From a very young age, acting has allowed me to be anyone I wanted to be, to walk in someone else’s shoes and use performance to embody the full range of human emotions which I find to be so beautiful. It lets me be a vessel to tell other people’s stories, to cry, to laugh, to feel.”

About Mika Kubo

Born in California, to a Japanese mother and Mexican father, Kubo’s innate passion for the performing arts led to years of extensive professional contemporary dance and theater training. Her upbringing in Cancún, Mexico, and her love of her Latino roots gave way to her early involvement in theater, T.V. and film projects in both English and Spanish. The University of California, Berkeley, graduate has already been part of big-name casts such as in 2018’s Transformers “Bumblebee” movie and is ready to take on more, with the mission of breaking stereotypes imposed on Asian/Latino characters while she does it. With Kubo’s outgoing personality, on-screen charisma and A-list acting chops, the up-and coming star is well on her way. For more on where to catch Kubo’s on-screen action, follow @MikaKubo on Instagram.