Nacho, Manny Cruz and Daniel Santacruz join in merengue
Nacho, Manny Cruz and Daniel Santacruz join in merengue "Dame Una Noche" cover | Foto: Nacho, Manny Cruz and Daniel Santacruz join in merengue "Dame Una Noche" cover

Nacho, Manny Cruz and Daniel Santacruz join in merengue “Dame Una Noche”

Por: Karen Limón

2, February, 2022 en Sleb

Miami, FL, January 25, 2022.- For the first time in their musical careers, brothers Manny Cruz and Daniel Santacruz join their voices in “DameUna Noche,” a collaboration that also includes Venezuelan multi-award-winning artist Nacho.

“Dame una noche” name of the new merengue is a composition by Manny and Daniel themselves, with arrangements by Richy Rojas and mixing and production by Antonio González. With its premiere the song managed to be placed immediately in important playlists of different platforms.

“I have a good feeling with this collaboration. It transmits an incredible strength to me and having Nacho also with us because it gives him an even more magical touch. The fact of connecting cultures, especially the Dominican with the Venezuelan is very special for me because there is a lot of love that I receive from Venezuela,” said Manny.

“Dame una noche” has a video directed by Rodrigo Rodríguez,better known as Rodrigo Films,whichexceeded the expectations of the artists managing to capture the magic and complicity they had in the subject. It has been evidenced in the reception of the public that before completing the 48 hours of its launch on YouTube had already reached the first million views and continues to rise.

“Very happy to present the first song with my brother Manny, something that we had been pending for a long time. And how good to do it together with Nacho, who is an artist we admire and love very much,” added Santacruz.

The single is available since last Friday on all digital platforms such as YouTube, Spotify, Altice Music, Apple Music, Tidal, Deezer, Amazon Music, among others.

It should be noted that the single premieres within the framework of the concert of Manny Cruz, Dominicano De Corazón at the Teatro la Fiesta of the Jaragua hotel, this February 12. Tickets are on sale Uepa Tickets, CCN Stores (Supermercados Nacional and Jumbo).

Manny Cruz has on schedule his concerts “Dominicano de Corazón” next Saturday, February 12 at the La Fiesta Theater of the Jaragua Hotel in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, also on Saturday, February 19 at La Scala in the city of Miami and saturday, May 21 at the Lehman Center in New York City.