Luis Ernesto (El Güero) Franco
Luis Ernesto (El Güero) Franco | Foto: Luis Ernesto (El Güero) Franco

Luis Ernesto (El Güero) Franco: from naughty boy to screen figure

Por: Edward Rueda

29, June, 2022 en Sleb

Luis Ernesto (El Güero) Franco: from naughty boy to screen figure
During the most recent streaming Living is Incredible, broadcast from the @gnpseguros account on Instagram, actress and presenter Mar Saura chatted with the actor in a pleasant interview

Self-constancy and conviction are two fundamental elements to fulfill the desires and goals that we have set. In the case of Mexican actor Luis Ernesto Franco, this takes on special relevance, as we learned in the most recent interview conducted by the Spanish actress, model and businesswoman Mar Saura.

This was what “El güero” Franco shared with his audience through the Instagram account of @gnpseguros:

Luis Ernesto (El Güero) Franco
Luis Ernesto (El Güero) Franco

A crucial decision

Originally from Tepic, Nayarit (western Mexico), Luis Ernesto Franco had to consider from a very young age what his vocation and profession would be, which he had to play outside his hometown in order to achieve the dreams he had set. This is how he let Mar Saura see it when she asked him: “Do you remember the day you told your parents that you wanted to be an actor?”

“I became independent very young. He was very irreverent and very naughty. When I finished high school, my dad, may he rest in peace, asked me what I wanted to do and I told him I wanted to be an actor. Televisa did not answer me, but the CEFAC (Acting Training Center) did, so they invited me to do a casting. They put me to sing and I didn’t sing; I was put to act and I didn’t act; they put me to read a poem and I didn’t read poems. Then I said ‘no, I didn’t stay'”, confessed Luis Ernesto Franco with humor and at the same time grateful to have received the opportunity to train in that acting academy.

Before the mirror of the past

Before the exercise of memory and reflection, Mar Saura asked the actor of film, theater and television: “If you could look back 22 years, what would you say to the güerito who came to Mexico City?”, to which he replied:

“For many years of my life and my career I was thinking about the goal, And that’s why I missed out on wonderful things and relationships. I would tell that little boy to slow down a little bit and enjoy the present,” he said emphatically, showing that today he has a more mature perspective on life and his artistic career, which is composed of dozens of productions in Mexico and Latin America.

The role that transformed Luis Ernesto Franco

So, to make known a little more about his acting work, Mar Saura questioned him about something we all want to know about our favorite actors: “Which character has touched your heart in a special way?” he asked.

“Felix, from the movie I don’t know whether to cut my veins or leave them long. I don’t say it for the character itself, but for everything that involved representing that character, “he replied convinced of his interpretation of a soccer player who must face an unusual confusion among neighbors, all in the midst of a depression to see his career cut short and the little support from his partner.

As is already tradition in these broadcasts, which during the last two years has placed the most visible faces of the Ibero-American artistic field in front of his followers, Mar Saura asked his interviewee if he has also made the phrase of Living is incredible? of GNP Seguros, to which he replied:

“Life is beautiful, it is the greatest gift we can have,” he concluded.

To meet the next interviewees in Amazing Talks, you can go to Instagram right now and like @gnpseguros to enjoy all their content Living is Amazing

Photo Mar Saura courtesy: @LideresLatinosMx
Photo Mar Saura courtesy: @LideresLatinosMx

About Mar Saura

Born in Barcelona, Mar Saura began her career as a runway model and as the protagonist of important advertising campaigns nationally and internationally, such as Bulgari’s global campaign for “Save the Children”, in which she was portrayed by the prestigious Italian photographer Fabrizio Ferr.

After finishing a solid and important career as a model, Mar Saura continued to collaborate with great designers, while moving to television, as a presenter and actress. After two years as presenter of “Mírame” on Antena 3, Saura was the image of the network for six years, presenting various programs and campaigns of the years 2000, 2001 and 2002, as well as host of the special program of end of the year for Spanish Television, the years 2004, 2005 and 2006. In 2015 and 2017 he presented the gala of the Special Kings of Spanish TV.

His foray into Spanish cinema came from the hand of Asegarce with the film “El Rey de la Granja”. In 2009, the actress, requested by HBO travels to Mexico to record “Cappadocia”, leading series in audience throughout Latin America. That same year, HBO chose her to represent the network at the “Emmy Awards” in New York, delivering one of the awards and thus being the first Spanish in history to deliver an award of such category. It is then, when the director Antonio Serrano, chooses her to be part of the cast of the film “Hidalgo Moliére”.

His latest works in Spanish cinema have been The Beginning by Benito Zambrano (2016), La Puerta Abierta by Marina Seresesky (2016), El mundo es suyo by Alfonso Sánchez (2018) and ¿Qué te juegas? by Inés de León (2018). Currently, in addition, her work as an actress and model has taken charge as image and director of the advertising campaigns of the insurer GNP encompassed in the last four years #VivirEsIncreíble

About GNP Seguros

GNP Seguros is the Mexican multi-branch insurance company with 120 years of experience that support it, it is also part of one of the most important business conglomerates in Mexico GRUPO BAL, which is made up of prestigious and outstanding institutions in each of its sectors: insurance, pensions, financial, commercial, industrial and educational.

His multi-branch experience and his commitment to Mexico has allowed him to be a reference of information for the Insurance Sector.

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